First ‘Swedish’ Test!

It was a gloomy afternoon when I received a post in my mailbox. The letter was fully written in Swedish and I could just grab a few words here and there. But hey, no fear when technology is here! Taking out my phone, I snapped a shot of the letter and opened it with Google Translate. And what I found next gave me few moments of surprise. It was an invitation to SFI office to have a meeting regarding my application to take Swedish language classes.

Well, after waiting for almost a month, I certainly was glad to get my chance. Given that it was a meeting to determine my fluency level, I wasn’t really concerned. So on the decided date, I took my cycle and rode off steadily while mumbling few Swedish phrases I knew.

‘Vad heter du?’ (What is your name); ‘Jag heter Redwan och jag kommer från Bangladesh’ (My name is Redwan and I come from Bangladesh) and some similar ones! In a confident attempt to make myself feel that I got this, I mumbled harder, making few passerby, with their alarmed look, assume that I might have actually lost my mind.

Anyways, after a journey of around 20 minutes, I was greeted by a Swedish teacher at the SFI and she asked me, ‘how much can you do Swedish?’. ‘Not much but I manage a bit’, I replied. ‘Perfect! Take this paper and attempt as much as you can’. And guess what, it was a Swedish language test paper. I stood for a second wondering how a supposed meeting had become a language test. However, the good part was the paper wasn’t too complex and had easy-to-grasp words which I could relate to from all the ‘knowledge’ I gathered from online materials and Google Translate! Managing to finish before time and upon submission, the teacher asked me from where did I previously learn Swedish. ‘Errm, just the internet ’, I replied with a don’t-know-what-to-say tone and grin.

‘You certainly did well and I can see that you have some good idea about Swedish’, she said with a smile, helping me finally ease my nerves. And then she just showed me the mistakes that I had made and took a short interview regarding my background and ambition. Finally she handed me the location of a school where my Swedish classes would start and said, ‘welcome on board, lycka till!’

Lycka till to me indeed!



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  • Nasim Ahmed • 6 Nov 2014 at 1.23 pm Reply

    Hi Redwan,
    This is Nasim from Dhaka. Hope u are doing fine brother. The reason i am knocking u is,i just completed my BBA from BRAC university and university of Stockholm is one of my choice for masters label. However, if i get chance in any subject which taught in English, do i still need to learn Swedish. To be frankly, my intention is returning back to bd. However, if it is mandatory to pass in Swedish Language, where is the best place to study Swedish in Dhaka. Finally, do u have any idea, if there is any Bengali community reside is Stockholm. thank you bro.

    • Redwan
      Redwan Hasan • 6 Nov 2014 at 2.05 pm Reply

      Hello Nasim,

      I am doing well and hope you are fine as well.

      Well, learning Swedish is an option if your degree program is taught in English. This especially helps if anyone wants to stay in Sweden after their degree and work. But in order to integrate with the Swedish society and get to know more about its people and culture, learning Swedish is also a great way!

      In your case, if you wish to return back home, learning Swedish would be an extra experience for you and I believe it will be a good one as an additional language fluency always enriches your profile and skills. Moreover, learning Swedish in Sweden is free (through SFI) and there is no expenses involved. So why not give it a shot?!

      There is also a quite a big Bengali community in Stockholm and therefore, finding people of our tradition and gathering wont be an issue.

      Good luck in your process!

  • Lot Kaduma • 1 Nov 2014 at 5.01 pm Reply

    Hello Redwan,
    Where would you recommend that I find an online Swedish language course because It’s quite difficult finding my way around.
    Thanks … keep up the wonderful ambassadorial work!
    … from Nigeria.

    • Redwan
      Redwan Hasan • 3 Nov 2014 at 4.52 pm Reply

      Hey Lot,

      You can check this site. Its where I initially started off –

      Thank you and spread the news and information about studies and opportunities in Sweden!

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