How I applied to master’s studies at Chalmers Automotive Engineering program

NB! Sorry guys, I have left StudyInSweden and hence won’t be able to answer your future questions /gimmy 2016/09

It has been one year since I applied to school in Sweden. I want to give you a quick overview of my application process. It is easier than you think. You can do it!


I looked around and I found vehicle engineering particularly attractive. I wanted to come to Chalmers because it has a lot of close collaboration with automotive companies, such as Volvo and Scania.

Application is a two part process. First, you gather the documents required by Chalmers. Then you organize the files and mail it to unversityadmissions.



Part 1. Chalmers documentations

Preparing required documents was a painful process. Chalmers required many specific items that were difficult to obtain.


So go through the detailed list:


1. Cover sheet (Difficulty level: 1/10)

It is found in your account in

When I was sending off my application at the post office, I couldn’t figure out the post code system in Sweden. It is 83873 in this case. Cover sheet looks like this:


2. Certificates/diplomas from previous university studies (Difficulty level: 8/10)


Biggest headache! I presume you are an international student. Chalmers demanded a long list of things to be stated on your transcript. My university’s official transcript lacked half of the items. So I went to the registrar’s office and asked them to write a letter containing all the demanded information. In the end, my school policy did not allow my birth date to be written on the letter… how strange.

3. Transcript of records (Difficulty level: 6/10)


Chalmers wanted a syllabus “issued by the university”. I can understand why they want it. Course code “Math1” and “Calc2” does not give much information. But since my university constantly changed its syllabus, we did not have an “official syllabus” with a big “University of Waterloo” stamp on it. So I went on Google and found our syllabus online. I guess that counted as “issued by the university”.

And I wrote this in my “content page” that I submitted along with my application:


4. Documentation of English language requirement (Difficulty level: 1/10)

Pretty straight forward

5. Proof that you meet the specific entry requirements (Difficulty level: 6/10)

The only issue I had was the aforementioned syllabus.

6. Relevant pages of your passport (or other valid ID) (Difficulty level: 1/10)

A copy of your passport: make sure it is clear. That’s about it.

You might want to double check with the school if you have dual citizenship.

7. Curriculum Vitae (CV) (Difficulty level: 5/10)

I had a few internships during university. But I still went to my university’s career services to get some professional critique. It did wonders

8. Project Portfolio

I did not have one.

9. Letter of intent / motivation (optional) (Difficulty level: 10/10)

Although this is optional, I still highly recommend it. I think it makes your application more “human”. I wrote about why I wanted to study in Sweden. Be honest about it.

10. Work experience (optional)

Just a resume.

11. Letter of recommendation (optional) (Difficulty level: 8/10)

Again, although it is optional I would still recommend it. It makes you more “trustworthy” in the admission judge’s eyes. Professors are very protective of their reputations. So, they will not write you a recommendation letter unless you are a good student in their eyes.

To be frank, I had difficulty finding the right references. Since I did not have many opportunities to work closely with any particular professor, I didn’t feel confident asking any of them. I ended up approaching professors with a portfolio that I prepared.

My portfolio included:

–          Transcript

–          Resume

–          Motivational letter (item #9 comes in handy now)

–          Description of the Chalmers Automotive Engineering curriculum. Professors might want to see this. So they know what you will be doing and why you are a good candidate for it.

I approached two professors, one from a materials engineering course and one from a design project course. It turned out they were very enthusiastic and encouraging towards my decision of applying to master’s degree. So, I guess participating in class and being interested in the subject helps.

12. Certificate of cumulative average grade (optional)

I didn’t have this because I was still completing the final year of my bachelor studies.

13. Check list (optional)

I like checklists. I think all engineers like checklists.

On top of the check list that was provided by Chalmers, I also made my personal “content sheet”. I thought this will make things more organized. I also included a page number on the bottom to keep things in order.


Part 2.

This website gives you general information about the applications process. This is where you will:

  • Print your cover page (the first page of your application package)
  • If your submitted documents have been received
  • Any new messages (check frequently for messages)
  • Updates on application process
  • Pay application fee (if you are from outside of EU/EEA)


Part 3. What happens next?

Pretty soon Chalmers asked me to fill out this “Specific course requirement portal” questionnaire. It will ask you which courses have you taken during your undergrad studies that fulfills specific areas of learning. It looks like this:





Now you have worked hard during your undergrad years, and you prepared a strong application. Just wait for a few months, stay positive and good news will come.


Don’t forget to save the PDF of “Notification of Selection”. I forgot to save it and it is not accessible when the second round of selection process is running. I got a little nervous, since I needed it for applying for the Swedish study permit (residence permit). Don’t sweat if you did forget, because it came back two days later.


Final comments:

Preparing the entire application took some work. It will take some more time to make it shine. So start early! Good luck!




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  • Sriharsha SV • 8 Nov 2016 at 8.32 am Reply

    Hello Gimmy,

    This is sriharsha from India. I have applied for masters program in Automotive engineering at chalmers university.
    I completed my bachelor degree with 65% in 2012 and i am currently working as a automotive CAE engineer. what about the chances of getting admission? Since my entire bachelor degree was in English medium, i have submitted my transcripts as a proof for english proficiency.
    Waiting for your response.


  • Subrat Raman Singh • 12 Sep 2016 at 5.10 pm Reply

    Hey, I am an Indian student applying for few universities in Sweden. Do i have to upload my transcripts or can i send them directly via post. If i am uploading the documents should i upload seperate package (CV,LOR,SOP,Transcripts..etc) for each of the universities or just uploading a single package on will be fine?

    • Gimmy • 13 Sep 2016 at 9.34 am Reply

      Hej, best if you check with as I did mine two years ago. If you are really worried, just send and upload. Can’t hurt. /g

  • Nikhil • 7 May 2016 at 10.17 pm Reply

    Hey Gimmy. Just wanted to know the future aspects after completing MS in automobile n vehicle engineering at Royal inst. of tech? Future as in career opportunities etc. And most importantly what are the chances of getting admit into these universities with 69% marks, 3 projects and 2 internships?

  • adi • 5 May 2016 at 6.37 am Reply

    are there spring admissions (automotive)for chalmers tech??
    or is it only autumn admissions??
    I thought both spring and autumn have admissions so I neglected autumn

    • Gimmy • 5 May 2016 at 5.12 pm Reply

      Hi Adi, Sorry, only autumn admission. /Gimmmy

  • ADI • 5 May 2016 at 6.30 am Reply

    are there any spring admissions for automotive in chalmers tech?
    or is it only autumn admissions??
    I thought there were both autumn and spring so I neglected for autumn 2016

  • Shatjit yadav • 19 Apr 2016 at 3.31 am Reply

    Hey i am a final year student studying mechanical engg in india. I have applied for masters in energy system. But i was not selected. I had my transcripts upto 6th semester. The reason was ” i didn’t met the basic entry requirement”. And also it showed ” missing 180 ECTS”. Kindly clear my doubt, so that i can apply next year.

    • Gimmy • 19 Apr 2016 at 11.21 pm Reply

      Hi Shatjit,

      I am really sorry to hear about your application, but good for you – you are not giving up yet! Hopefully you will gather some work experience and have your full transcript, next year’s application will be much more smooth.

      Frankly, I really don’t know what went wrong. I am not working with the admissions people, and I have no knowledge about the Indian educational structure. Perhaps you can ask your alumni? Someone one in India you know that has successfully applied to Sweden? (I presume you checked with Did you meet all the pre-req?)

      Good luck! I will see you next year!


  • mohammad shahin ahmed • 19 Dec 2015 at 2.16 pm Reply

    assalamualikum.hi im from Bangladesh.I want to come sweden from student visa how can i apply and how can i achive offer letter and admission letter.please mail me and help me

    • Vipin • 15 Jan 2016 at 11.03 pm Reply

      You may check the universities in Sweden for the course you want to study. Making an applicaiton is a pretty straighforward process, However I recommend you approach a Foreign education consultancy in your country. They could help you to make your dream come true.

      Good Luck

  • vinith kumar • 12 Dec 2015 at 11.36 am Reply

    In my application for KTH vehicle engineering, they have a few columns in the summary sheet asking for the local credits and ECTS of a few specific subjects. Do we have to convert our local credits to the ECTS system or that column is reserved for EU students.

    • Gimmy • 14 Dec 2015 at 12.56 pm Reply

      I suspect local credits are meant for students that have any local credits (perhaps attained during exchange, etc.) good luck /gimmmy

    • Srivignesh • 23 Dec 2015 at 7.17 pm Reply

      Even I am stuck there. Did you find out on how to fill that table?

  • Mohammad • 28 Nov 2015 at 3.22 pm Reply

    do I have to pay 900 SEK for each application.

    • Gimmy • 8 Dec 2015 at 5.04 pm Reply

      Hi Mohammad, it costs 900sek for the entire application (you can apply up to four schools with one application). Good luck! Gimmy

  • Mohammad • 28 Nov 2015 at 3.20 pm Reply

    do I have to pay 900 SEK for each application or it is one time for all applications.

  • Sparsh Sharma • 17 Nov 2015 at 7.51 pm Reply

    How do we provide the LOR ? Do we get the professors to write a separate email to the university ? Or do we take a print out of the LOR written by them and get it attested, scan it and upload ? Kindly help, Thank you 🙂

    • Gimmy • 24 Nov 2015 at 1.48 pm Reply

      The way I did it was I asked the professor to write a physical letter of reference. They sealed the envelop and signed over the seal for authenticity purpose. I sent these envelops along with my application. Hope it was clear. Good luck! /Gimmy

  • Maxwel Jose • 22 Oct 2015 at 8.36 am Reply

    Thanks for ur info.After applying, how many days i have to wait for a reply

    • Gimmy • 10 Nov 2015 at 8.02 pm Reply

      You should check your account at periodically to see updates on application status. I don’t think they email you updates. Lycka Till!

  • shriraam • 16 Sep 2015 at 3.44 pm Reply

    I’m from india and I majored in mechanical engineering.My cgpa is 6.47 and I’m willing to do masters in Chalmers university.Kindly guide me with the necessary steps,expecting your reply asap.

    • Gimmy • 8 Oct 2015 at 3.53 pm Reply

      Hi, please let me know which steps in this blog are not clear, I can dive further.

      Best, Gimmy

    • Vipin • 15 Jan 2016 at 11.06 pm Reply

      HI Shriram. You may check out the How to apply sections in different university websites. You could also approach a foreign educational consultant for a detailed advice

  • A run kumar • 13 Sep 2015 at 8.01 pm Reply

    hi bro,
    I’m planning to pursue master’s from sweden in Automotive engineering.Could please enlighten me ,what exactly the universities see in applications n what is the criteria to get scholarship.I am non EU STUDENT.

  • Arun • 20 Aug 2015 at 6.05 pm Reply

    can someone tell ,what is the criteria for scholarship(non EU) ?

    • Gimmy • 8 Oct 2015 at 3.52 pm Reply

      Hi, I’m sorry I have limited knowledge to this subject. Please refer to specific scholarship websites.

      Best wishes, Gimmy

  • Aman Lalwani • 30 Jan 2015 at 3.59 am Reply

    Hi, my query is that what is the cgpa required for ms in both chalmers and KTH?

    Thank you.

  • Aysa • 15 Jan 2015 at 12.23 am Reply


    I’m final year student at my bachelor degree but I am sure that I will be graduated on June, 2015. I’ve taken all documents from my university which include information and date with respect to my graduation before the master in Sweden. Anyway my question is that is being final year student disadvantage for me to be chosen by universities? Do you have any idea about it?

    Thanks a lot. 🙂

    • Gimmy Liu • 15 Jan 2015 at 10.37 am Reply

      Hey Aysa,

      I have no idea about this. However, I know there is a fair mix of students with and without work experience. So my guess is that it is pretty neutral.

      BR /gimmy

  • Mira • 11 Jan 2015 at 2.19 pm Reply

    Hey! 🙂

    I sent my documents via regular post and according to, my documents is received on 2014-12-10. How can I know if everything is okay with the documentation I submitted? When can I see my documents on “my pages” on Can you remember your application process? Thank you so much. 🙂

    • Gimmy Liu • 11 Jan 2015 at 6.23 pm Reply

      Hey Mira,

      That’s great! They received all your documents already!
      I also remember being very quiet and not saying if the documents are ok. Frankly, I told myself that I prepared my docs best I could, then it should be fine/nothing I can do.

      But I remember seeing somewhere that says the university you applied to will notify you if something is wrong with the documents (because university admission officers are the ones looking at your documents and they are the ones that decide if your docs are ok).

      I hope it helps!

      BR/ gimmy

  • Krishna • 7 Jan 2015 at 8.33 pm Reply

    My doubt is about deadlines. When they say application deadline is jan 15th,does this mean only fee payment? because i did not find any application to fill out my details,like how you do when you apply for US universities.And it is ok if our documents and Letter of recommendation reach before feb 2nd rite? because thats the deadline for documents.

    kindly help,please
    thank you.

    • Gimmy Liu • 8 Jan 2015 at 2.33 am Reply


      If I remember correctly, for last year my application meant pretty much selecting the program, ranking it and paying for application fee. Chalmers emailed me some electronics forms to fill online later (this is similar to the US applications you are referring to). But make sure you get all your supporting document (which is 99% of my application) in on-time.

      Now, it seems there is some uploading function that is new this year. So please double check.

      Frankly, I wasn’t too aware of the deadlines. University admissions received my package in late November.

      Good luck!

      15 January 2015: Admission application deadline at midnight CET
      2 February 2015: Deadline for receipt of supporting academic documents (all applicants) and documentation of fee exempt status (if required)
      2 February 2015: Deadline for receipt of application fee (if required)

  • Krishn • 7 Jan 2015 at 8.13 pm Reply

    I’m uploading my files onto the site .I needed to know how to send letter of recommendation.Will the university send links for flling up recommendation to proffesors? or should I get a soft copy done and upload myself on portal?

    thanks a lot

    • Gimmy Liu • 8 Jan 2015 at 1.32 am Reply

      Hi Krishn, the way that my professors did was write their letters sign the envelope. (They signed on the seal) This way the receiving party will know that the letter is authentic.

      I mailed these envelops with my supporting documents. Hope it’s clear to you. Let me know if you have further doubts.


  • Purichmun Low • 22 Dec 2014 at 1.22 pm Reply

    Hi there, I have a question on uploading the documents. I have to write a couple of motivation letters because I am applying for a few programs at on of the university. So do I just upload it all of my motivation letters on the website? Do I need to specify which motivation letter is for which program? Do I upload all my documents online or do I need to send some documents through post?

    • Gimmy Liu • 22 Dec 2014 at 11.44 pm Reply

      Hi, I don’t recall uploading any motivation letters online. Things might have changed since I applied. I recommend checking with the official website. BR/gimmy

  • Purichmun Low • 19 Dec 2014 at 4.21 pm Reply

    Can you give me some guide line in witting a motivation letter for this program? For the scholarship must i write a separate motivation letter?

    • Gimmy Liu • 19 Dec 2014 at 7.03 pm Reply


      If you do a quick search on the internet on motivational letters, you will find thousands of hits… But my opinion is keep it simple, clear, and honest. Don’t brag and exaggerate. Not everyone is a start up entrepreneur or has worked on something epic. Ask a friend or even better ask your school’s career counsellor to read through it.

      I am not sure if you have to write a separate motivation letter. I didn’t, not for Chalmers at least. (but please double check)

      Merry Christmas Purichmun!


  • Purichmun Low • 18 Dec 2014 at 9.50 pm Reply

    So if I want to go into designing field eg: designing an exterior of a car what programme would you recommend?

    • Gimmy Liu • 18 Dec 2014 at 9.55 pm Reply

      Umm… I am not an expert in this field. Shop around Umeå Institute of Design. They might have the program you are looking for. We were there a few weeks ago, and we were very impressed by it!

  • Purichmun Low • 18 Dec 2014 at 6.27 pm Reply

    Is automotive engineering about designing a car or more about the engines of a car? Cause my interest is in designing a car. Is this program more on designing? Master’s programme in Engineering Design KTH and Master’s programme in Integrated Product Design KTH. And what is the difference between this 2 program

    • Gimmy Liu • 18 Dec 2014 at 6.59 pm Reply

      Automotive Engineering has its focus on application of solid/fluid/dynamic engineering principles (ie. equations), rather than sketching. (More can be found at

      From what I read on the KTH website, Engineering Design is more of an engineering program (similar to Applied Mechanics). It looks at design of engine and other complex systems. (How to optimise a certain system: increasing the engine output by 1 horsepower)

      Integrated Product Design seems more like Design Engineering. It looks at design strategy and design philosophy. But it doesn’t sound like it goes into engineering details. (eg. should the turbocharge and the engine be build into a single unit (integration), or should we bolt them together (two modules))

      Hope it offers some insights. BR/gimmy

  • Mira • 18 Dec 2014 at 12.38 am Reply

    Is GPA is the most important thing to choose? I have a reference from University of Gothenburg. Can that reference provide me to choose for Sweden?

    • Gimmy Liu • 18 Dec 2014 at 12.49 am Reply

      Hey there,
      GPA is important, but other as factors (personality, references, motivational letter, CV, etc.) are probably just as important.
      Your reference from GU will be helpful for sure. It adds “personality” to your application and will strengthen it.
      Good luck 🙂 /gimmy

  • Purichmun Low • 16 Dec 2014 at 2.19 pm Reply

    Vehicle engineering at KTH or automotive engineering at Chalmers?

    • Gimmy Liu • 17 Dec 2014 at 1.57 am Reply

      Hey! I applied to both, Vehicle Engineering at KTH and Automotive Engineering at Chalmers. Both are great programs. KTH one has a bit more research focus, while Chalmers is a bit more industry oriented.

  • Robin • 1 Dec 2014 at 3.20 pm Reply

    Hey, I got a question concerning the letter of motivation.
    Did you write 4 different letters for the 4 programmes you were applying for?
    I don´t really know how to do it because I think it would´t seem to be very authentic to send in four letters of motivation, each stating that you really want to go to university A, B, C and D since they are all scanned.
    Thanks for your help 🙂
    And thank you for the posts in general, they´re really helpful!!

  • Robin • 1 Dec 2014 at 2.56 pm Reply

    Hey, I got a question concerning the letter of motivation.
    Did you write 4 different letters for the 4 programmes you were applying for?
    I don´t really know how to do it because I think it would´t seem to be very authentic to have 4 different letters, each stating that you really want to go to university A, B, C and D.
    Thanks for your help 🙂
    And thank you for the posts in general, they´re really helpful!!

    • Gimmy Liu • 1 Dec 2014 at 3.26 pm Reply

      Hi Robin,

      I actually wrote different letters of motivations.

      Reasons were:
      1. I think different schools had different word limits.
      2. Chalmers was more of an “industry connected” uni, whereas KTH was a bit more “theoretical”. So I tailored my essays to that.
      3. I don’t think will send all your applications to all universities you applied to… I’m not 100% sure on this. In my opinion, that sounds like a lot of paperwork…

      Frankly, for the most part, I copy & pasted my essays and replaced the university’s name. We have others things to do.

      Hope it helps 🙂 //Gimmy

  • Aysa • 26 Nov 2014 at 10.21 pm Reply

    Hej! Can I ask something? =)

    I will apply 3 different universities in Sweden. I will send different specific required documents for each university. However do I have to send 3 copies of general required documents (for example, transcripts, copy of passport etc.) ? Or one copy of general required documents is enough for all universities?

    Tack! =)

    • Gimmy Liu • 27 Nov 2014 at 12.07 am Reply

      Hey there!

      As far as I remember, will digitalize your files and electronically forward them to various universities you applied to.

      Since you will be sending your documents in as one package, I think it will create confusion rather than clarity if you send in the same files x3.

      Instead, I recommend

      1. create a clear “Table of Content”
      2. insert a page between supporting documents for different universities and clearly state “Supporting Documents for XX University”
      3. create a header for different motivational letters , e.g. “Motivational Letter for XX university YY program”

      Good luck 🙂


  • Mira • 12 Nov 2014 at 1.46 am Reply

    My university’s official transcript doesn’t include some of items in the list (for example birth date, type of degree etc.) What should I do in this situation? Also, thank you for perfect post. It is really useful and clear.

    • Gimmy Liu • 14 Nov 2014 at 9.42 pm Reply

      Hey there,
      “Type of degree” might be an important one in my eyes. I recommend going to your university’s registrar’s office and discuss with them in person. My university flat out told me that birth dates are not allowed to be shared…so I had no choice. Some of the other missing items, I asked them to write a separate letter.

      I hope it helps! Good luck! You can do it! 🙂

  • Dena
    Dena Dervanovic • 25 Oct 2014 at 1.48 pm Reply

    Such a great, informative post!

  • Raghuraman
    Raghuraman Rangarajan • 21 Oct 2014 at 9.11 pm Reply

    So detailed! Great!

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