Mushroom Hunting

It is the mushroom hunting season right now which occurs around late summer and autumn. I never heard of mushroom picking till I came to Sweden. Mushroom picking is a common and popular activity among Swedes. A couple of my Swedish friends are really into mushroom picking and they invested in proper hiking outfits, picking tools such as the mushroom knife and brush and of course, the mushroom picking guidebook. GPS tracker is also essential to mark and locate the favorite spots. Funny thing is many of them have their own secret mushroom hideouts and they don’t usually share cos its rather sacred. Chanterelles is one of the top favorites. Checking those fungi out in the woods is pretty interesting especially I’m new to this. Watch out for the poisonous ones like Death Cap, False Morel, Destroying Angel, Deadly Webcap. I don’t pick mushrooms but I took photos so that maybe I can get around to verify the species at some point.


21 days ago: Apart from mushrooms hunting, I like to spend time outdoors. The woods is only 2 minutes walk from my place. Perfect! I usually bring my picnic mat out and read my course literature outdoors, either by the garden or woods, enjoying the sun and having fika with a warm cup of tea and snacking kex away. Embracing nature. Missing those sunny days 3 weeks back.


21 days later:  Weather changed drastically in a short span of time. Drizzling almost everyday and consecutively for the past 3 weeks. Dark by 5pm. Took the photo below yesterday at 3pm at the same spot as the photo above. Yesterday’s weather was actually nice and sunny. I feel obligated to be out whenever the weather is sunny. Blame the effects of sunshine scarcity. 




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