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Traffic directly proportional to sunlight!

Weird heading, isn’t it? Not really. Even though you haven’t ever come across this absurd type of relationship or logic, trust me, it’s evident in everyday life in Sweden. So this is how it goes. Apart from the mid-year summer sunshine, the beautiful scorching light that is compact with a lot of vitamins for happiness, […]

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A Bright (Bright) Sunshiney Day

Soooo… As you may have noticed from the posts of fellow bloggers Dena and Gimmy, it’s all gloom, doom and dreary coldness here in Sweden with the sun apparently off on Swedish paternal (maternal?) leave. But every once in a while you get a glorious day like today, when that lovable ball of seething nuclear energy decides […]

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Swedish Microwave Matrix

It is very interesting to notice a variety of microwave matrices on campus. They are typically 2×4, 3×4 and occasionally 4×4. At 12 o’clock, these matrices light up. I really should cook more regularly. I admire the Swedish student’s self-independence. Most of my Swedish friends cook their meals and bring them in a bright coloured […]

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Surviving the darkness: a guide

OK, you’ve probably seen a lot of survival shows on TV like Bear Grylls and others. I have too. And you are probably wondering what that has to do with anything this blog is about. Bear with me. (see what I did there?) Moving to a different region and climate brings changes to your lifestyle. […]

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Student Perks in Sweden

Being a student in Sweden has many perks! Students can get rebates and discounts on books, electronics, apparel, food, travels and more. Mecenat is a student card that offers student rebates. For full-time students without the Mecenat card or would like another student card, you can sign up for Studentkortet, a FREE student card with many discounts. If you have a Swedish […]

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51 days left until application deadline…

“How did it get so late so soon?”  That’s not me grumbling about another almost-dark Swedish afternoon…  It’s actually a quote by somebody called Dr. Seuss, the author of Green Eggs and Ham. Well, irrespective of whether you heard of this guy Seuss or whether you are likely to grouch that 3 pm is way […]

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