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Swedish 101!

Ok, so you plan to come to Sweden for studies or probably have already landed here a month back? Either ways, it’s cool and I would like to tell you that you must be excited to be in this amazing country. You started with your studies, gradually mingling with new people or wondering what to […]

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“I need to catch the last bus home.” “I must go home before I go to the gym.” “I left my lunch at home!” “I am cleaning everything now so I don’t have to do it when I come back home.” “No, I can’t join for fika, I need to get home.” (Ok, no one […]

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One Last Semla Huzzah!

Semla sure have been basking in the limelight  these past few weeks, what with Dena’s informative Fatdagsbulle post, Francesca’s quirky post about facial trauma and pastries, and Marta’s InstaSemla love affair. Well, never ones to actually do something while it’s at its peak hype, some friends of mine recently decided it was time to have […]

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Swedish students and their spelling mistakes

I have praised the Swedish students in the past about their wonderful English. When it comes to report writing, the written professional English is (sometime) a nightmare. I have been warned by a fellow Canadian during the first few weeks after I arrived “don’t proofread their reports, because it doesn’t matter”. I can understand the […]

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Through Thick and Thin

I was a slightly naive, dewy-eyed African boy, and she was a beautiful, picturesque European city that wooed countless poets, artists, writers, scientists, adventurers and others who sought to make her their home. Falling head over heels for this thousand-year-old beauty was inevitable. One languid weekend, as I walked down the streets of my beloved, […]

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