@ Linnaeus University – things that you will probably end up doing!

When you finally become a student at Linnaeus, in a city well known as the ‘greenest city in Europe’, apart from amazing sightseeing and travelling..the following includes a list of few things that you might actually fail to avoid. So here it goes –

* Walk to ICA to buy grocery because Willy’s is a bit far and you feel lazy (even though ICA is a bit expensive!)

* Feel like a time traveler.  Confused as to where your class location is as it keeps changing all the time! And yes, they hardly take place in one permanent location.

* Sprint against an invisible Cheetah, to catch Kristina open because you need to buy dinner!

* Curse out all your morning frustration if you happen to find Pressbyrån closed. No coffee = no life!

* Hail the ATM behind library as your financial backbone. It’s just that often the backbone ditches with no money left!

* Deciding to be money-conscious but still end up going out eating every other day.

* Prepare to spend sleepless nights during weekend. 3 reasons – studies, assignments, exams … parties, parties and even more parties.

* Manage in making quite a few good friends at the Olympen gym.

* Get annoyed when it snows and rains at the same time. Well, welcome to Sweden my friend!

And finally..

* Look at all the pretty ladies and wonder why you are still single. (..if you are that is!)

Now come to Sweden quickly, start studying and tell me what else can be added to that list, will ya?! 😉



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  • Nafis • 10 Mar 2015 at 7.56 pm Reply

    Dear brother,
    I am Nafis from Bangladesh. I have applied for MBA programme in Supply chain Management at Linnaeus University. As you are a student of Linnaeus University I need some help from you. How many seats are there for international students in supply chain management? Is it difficult to get admission in supply chain management? What types of job opportunities is there in Vaxo? It will be very much helpful for me if you informe me.
    Thanking you

    • Redwan
      Redwan Hasan • 10 Mar 2015 at 8.46 pm Reply

      Hello Nafis,

      Its good to know that you have applied to Supply Chain Management program here. I am not exactly sure about the number of seats but they usually take in a lot of students. Few of my international friends are studying in it so you can expect to have a good mix. About admission, as long as you fulfill the admission requirements and any special conditions, I believe all should work out good.
      There are jobs all over Sweden and as like any other places, you have to put in some effort to find the right one for you. Once you are here, you will get to know some more information which will help you in your endeavors.
      Good luck and see you soon here!

  • i need th einformation pour etudier et vivire en swden svp aider moi ; c mon gmail: omar.elkamali@gmail.com • 5 Feb 2015 at 3.13 pm Reply

    je peux connais cooment faire pour postuler

  • md. redwanul karim • 4 Feb 2015 at 5.43 pm Reply

    I want to study in sweden very much

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