Accommodation at Linnaeus University

First and foremost, congratulations to all who have been admitted to Linnaeus University, for the upcoming autumn semester. I can assure you that you will be having an amazing time once you are here in Sweden. And even better news, it’s getting warmer! So by the time you reach, you would still be able to catch the beautiful Swedish summer.

However, now you must all be worried about where to live. Its true for most of the students and I had been there too. But fear not, Linnaeus University has got your back!

Keep your eyes on your emails regularly as the university will be sending in important information about your enrollment and accommodation soon. Follow the guidelines that would be provided to ensure that you end up getting a place to stay. Linnaeus University covers the 1st year housing for all the incoming students as they would be doing all the hard work to arrange it for you. Thus, I advise that you accept any housing offers made to you from the university. Overall in Sweden, there is a shortage of accommodation and it can get extremely tough for any international student coming here for the first time. Thus it’s always safe to be ready and contact the university administration in case of any confusion.

The accommodations here are of high quality and affordable. You have all the necessary things required to ensure you enjoy your living here. There are dedicated personnel around to always offer you help in case you face any sort of problems. So don’t worry too much! A home away from home but it’s going to be nice and enjoyable.

I will write more about what are to come next to the best of my ability, so that it may help you all waiting to come here! Adios!

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  • Rabia Sadiq • 30 May 2016 at 10.01 am Reply

    I am from Pakistan.I got admission in Business Process and Supply chain management, at Linnaeus University Växjö . I am coming to Växjö on 10th August 2016. i need an accommodation or a shared flat with a girl. please help me out in this matter. i have tried Boplats Växjö but m unable to understand it that how to find accommodation there even i have logged in on the site.

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 2 Jun 2016 at 2.21 pm Reply

      Hello Rabia,

      Well did you not receive the link that allows you to register for accommodation at Linnaeus University? Finding shared accommodation can be difficult as its not done officially and you have to know students personally if they are willing to share. In my opinion, that would be difficult until you come here.

  • Maksud • 7 Apr 2016 at 12.31 pm Reply

    Hello Redwan Via,
    This Maksud from Bangladesh. Thank you so much for your helpful writing. Recently I got confirmation for Maters Program in Jonkoping University. I am married and i would like to take my spouse with me. I am very much worry about the accommodation. Can you suggest me to come alone or come with my wife at the beginning of the study.
    Thanks again.

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 11 Apr 2016 at 8.55 am Reply

      Hello Maksud,

      It is completely up to you yo decide that. Usually universities give 1 year of housing guarantee to new students. So I can recommend to contact the university accommodation office to discuss your details.

      Hope that helps!

  • Alessandra • 30 Mar 2016 at 2.59 am Reply

    Hi Redwan,
    I am from Brazil and I’ve got admission for the masters in business process and SCM and I would like to know if there are any website or link so to be able to see pictures, etcc of the accommodation? I have been looking in the uni’s website without much success. Thank you berforehand !!

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 30 Mar 2016 at 8.21 am Reply

      Hello Alessandra,

      Congrats on your admission. As for pictures, you can check the Boplats Växjö website as they are the major landlord here and owns the student housing.

      Good luck!

  • elsa victoria • 10 Feb 2016 at 5.03 am Reply

    please I would like to have contact with a student of DESIGN + CHANGE Program at Linnaeus U. in order to have more information. Kind regards and thanks for your help.

  • sujan thapa • 31 Jul 2015 at 6.49 pm Reply

    hello i am from nepal and want to complete my bachelor…so i am applying??i want scolarship what kind of qualification should i have??

    • Redwan
      Redwan Hasan • 1 Aug 2015 at 6.04 am Reply

      Hello Sujan,

      You can directly check which degrees are available in Bachelors degree in English on the website –
      Once you have decided your degrees and chosen your universities, please check the respective university webpages to find information about scholarships at Bachelors level.

      Good luck!

  • Nafis • 28 Apr 2015 at 8.17 am Reply

    Dear Redwan,
    I am Nafis from Bangladesh. I got admission in Supply chain management, MBA programme at Linnaeus University. I am coming on Vaxjo on 15th August 2015. So how can i book my accommodation. Would you please tell me the process. What about the costing?

    • Redwan
      Redwan Hasan • 28 Apr 2015 at 1.17 pm Reply

      Hello Nafis,

      Congrats on your admission! If you have read this blog post of mine, I mentioned that the university will send you an email with instruction about your accommodation. It will be a link where you need to sign up. Later, they will send you a housing contract offer with the pricing and other details. Check your email regularly and contact university in case of any confusion.

      Good luck.

  • Byron • 23 Apr 2015 at 7.49 pm Reply

    The university covers the 1st year even for non-fee paying students? Thank you

    • Redwan
      Redwan Hasan • 23 Apr 2015 at 8.55 pm Reply

      I am not exactly sure but as far as I know, they do. In order to confirm, kindly contact the university.

  • solomon misgina • 21 Apr 2015 at 3.39 pm Reply

    hello. I would like say hear you now. I am very interested eduction university swden it. But i have problem my learning university ethiopian it and i want importion my student is high school here. You can help out visa application document me please

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