Part time jobs in Sweden

I get a lot of texts and emails asking me about part-time jobs in Sweden. Many students wish to enquire regarding it, especially to help them cover their living expenses here. Though every applicant’s situation is different, hence it is always tough to provide a conclusive answer. However, from an almost-an-year experience here in Sweden, I would like to delve a bit deeper in this topic.

To the question ‘Are there part time jobs in Sweden?’ the simple answer is – Yes, there is.

But, the more important question, which I don’t see many students asking is, ‘Are part time jobs enough to cover my expenses in Sweden?’ The answer to that unfortunately is – No, it isn’t.

Then the next logical question that naturally arises is ‘Why not Sweden if you can do it in other countries?’ Answer – Sweden, my friend, is a very expensive country!

Keeping all these in mind, I would like to advise prospective students to look into alternative sources of funding. Remember that the expenses here includes your entire tuition fees AND your living expenses. In this case, it would be next to impossible to cover the entire cost just through part time jobs. If in case you receive a scholarship from your respective universities that cover your tuition fees, you still have to manage your living expenses. Frankly and honestly, even this is going to be extremely hard for couple of reasons –

* Part-time jobs in majority of the cases, requires you to know Swedish fluently. You have to be very lucky to find one that requires English.

* It is simply hard to find one. You are likely to try fast-food chains, restaurants or other possible places. But according to an advisor I met from Swedish Public Employment Agency, McDonalds in a small city like Växjö, for instance, receives 400-500 applications just for the front-end services. Not to mention, nearly all of them knows Swedish or have similar experience, which you don’t.

* The hourly rate will not be enough to cover your expenses. Let’s just consider for the sake of argument that you end up getting a part-time job and that too in English. But it simply will not be feasible for you in terms of payment and time. At the end of the day, please do not forget that you are here in Sweden to study, get good grades and build a career. Part-time jobs are a means your end and not the end itself!

Therefore, to sum up, I would highly encourage you to confirm a source of funding for yourself before moving here. It can be fully-funded scholarship from Swedish Institute (covering all expenses), government scholarships from your home country, any private organization scholarship, support from the company you work for if possible or from your personal fund. Regardless, you have to provide these information at the embassy while applying for visa anyway. Thus, don’t base all the planning on something that is not guaranteed to you in the first place.

So now you may ask, ‘Does that mean I cannot come to Sweden?’ Cheer up! You definitely can and I am confident that you will. Just put in some effort and make an organized plan, consider all alternatives and you will find yourself having come a long way towards being in Sweden!


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  • Abdul Jaleel • 24 May 2016 at 5.32 am Reply

    Hey Redwan,

    I’ve gotten into Jonkoping university for MS in product development and materials engineering. Is it a good university and worth doing the course there? I just want to be sure as I’m investing a lot.

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 2 Jun 2016 at 1.59 pm Reply

      Hello Abdul,

      Yes it is a good university. I am sure you will enjoy the course and learn a lot!

  • Ali • 24 May 2016 at 3.52 am Reply

    hi i want to know if we come for 6 month language programe can we get right to work with that 6 months program thanks for any help

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 2 Jun 2016 at 1.48 pm Reply

      Hello Ali,

      It is difficult to say as the rules keep changing. But I suggest to plan for longer degrees and then look for jobs. That will improve your chances.

  • Paul Mergin • 12 May 2016 at 7.51 am Reply

    Hi Team,
    I’m Paul. Got admitted in lund univ for logistics and supply chain management!
    Your view on the the course doing in lund ? Awaiting for your reply

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 12 May 2016 at 10.24 am Reply

      Hello Paul,

      Lund is a great university and I am sure you will have a fantastic time, both in terms of academics and social life.

      Good luck!

  • latha priya • 9 May 2016 at 2.10 pm Reply

    very nice articles …use full information…thanks for sharing….

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  • Sami • 7 May 2016 at 10.53 pm Reply

    hallo, Iam a civil engineer(construction.buildings) 25 years experience I had worked in lebanon Africa and the Arabian Gulf “Saudi Arabia” my question is if I traveled to live in Sweden can I find job in my field there? I can live there with my daughters which they will continue studying there and I can cover all expenses for all of us (university .housing .food etc…….) please can u advice me . thanks alot

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 12 May 2016 at 10.25 am Reply

      Hello Sami,

      Finding a job in Sweden depends on lot of factors. I am not an expert in this field and unfortunately, cannot help you with solid information. However, I can recommend you to check the Swedish Public Employment Agency website, which is a database for all jobs in Sweden.

  • Nishanth • 5 May 2016 at 3.23 pm Reply

    [5/5, 18:49] Nishanth: I have got Industrial Engineering and management in Linkoping University
    what are your comments, is the course in the Univ worth taking?

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 5 May 2016 at 4.37 pm Reply

      Hello Nishanth,

      Its a good university as well! Work hard, keep networking and look for opportunities. You will surely do good!

  • Atiqur rahman • 3 May 2016 at 5.43 pm Reply

    I have already gotten admission on textile value chain management but now at this moment could I apply for My scholarship? ?semester will be started on auguest ..

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 3 May 2016 at 8.56 pm Reply

      Hello Atiqur,

      For university specific questions, kindly email them directly to receive the best response.

  • Md. Atiqur Rahman • 1 May 2016 at 3.21 pm Reply

    Hi brother
    I am from bangladesh.I have taken addmission in boras university on texlite value chain management for My MA.I will give My tuition fee between two or three days & My 1st semester fee is SEK 37500 so I have some question to you that are 1) there is no extre deposite sek in My account to give rest three semester tuition fee in this situation, will I be able to carry My study to do part time job? On the other hand I do not know how much available in part time job in boras ?please advise me I will be glad on you…how much SEK will be cost per month Approximately?will be the right desicion for me to go in sweden at boras

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 1 May 2016 at 10.25 pm Reply

      Hello Atiqur,

      My simple advise would be to manage your funds before you come to Sweden. It is almost impossible to work part time and cover for your expenses. So do not depend on it to pay for yourself.

      • Md, Atiqur Rahman • 2 May 2016 at 12.06 pm Reply

        could i appeal for scholarship after completing my 1st semester ??

        • Redwan
          Redwan • 2 May 2016 at 12.37 pm Reply

          Hello Atiqur,

          Usually it is possible after the first year. But it depends on the university’s scholarship policy. I recommend you to contact them individually and seek further information.

  • Kamrul Hasan • 25 Apr 2016 at 5.34 pm Reply

    Hello brother, i am from bangladesh. I got admitted in jönköping university for a pathway semister. Now my question is… 1. After complete the pathway semister, can i stay in sweden and apply for work permit? 2. In jonkoping city is there available part time jobs? 3. Can i work during my pathway semister? If you answer these questions it will be very helpful to me. Thanks

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 25 Apr 2016 at 8.13 pm Reply

      Hello Kamrul,

      I am not sure about pathway semesters. It depends on if you have completed 30 credits of studies. In that case you can apply for work. I dont live in that city so I have no idea about work there. I dont think you can work during path semesters.

      Hope that helps.

    • Ahmad Chowdhury • 8 May 2016 at 2.42 am Reply

      Hi ..Brother Kamrul Hasan. I am also going for pathway program in Jonkoping University Sweden which is starting on 29th August 2016. If you have any information about that I’ll be glad if you share with me

  • Trevor Malambo Simbayi • 22 Apr 2016 at 3.09 pm Reply

    I was accepted at KTH for a masters in chemical engineering for energy and environment. I applied or SI scholarship but unfortunately I did not get it. Redwan does it mean that I can find a way jobwise that is, to pay for my tuition and living expenses in Sweden? What other funding opportunities are still open now for application

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 22 Apr 2016 at 6.25 pm Reply

      Hello Trevor,

      There are no funding opportunities right now unfortunately. Regarding jobs, it is nearly impossible to work part time and cover for your expenses as you have already read in my post. Its better to manage your funding from elsewhere before moving to Sweden.

      Good luck!

  • Siddikur Rahman • 18 Apr 2016 at 10.32 am Reply

    …..i am siddikur Rahman.i able to take full tution fees for two years.but i need to bear my living expenses.whsts your suggestion.??plz…..

  • Camilo • 14 Apr 2016 at 12.06 pm Reply

    This is very helpful. Thank you. I got admited into a Master’s Degree in Lund. However, the cost of living has always been a concern to me. Due to the impossibility to afford it I think I will have to find another university in another country.

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 14 Apr 2016 at 12.59 pm Reply

      Hello Camilo,

      Thank you for your comment. Cost is always a vital issue that influences decision. Best wishes.

  • Siddikur rahman • 11 Apr 2016 at 10.08 am Reply

    .Hi.i am siddikur Rahman from Bangladesh. How difficult is it to get a job after study in sweden.will i be able to star my life in sweden.

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 11 Apr 2016 at 11.28 am Reply

      Hello Siddikur,

      There are jobs available. It all depends on how much efforts do you put on finding one, how well do you network and of course, how well do you present yourself to the potential employers.

      • Siddikur rahman • 11 Apr 2016 at 5.36 pm Reply

        I got admitted at jonkoping.if i can take semester for three semester and acommodation for first semester.i meant will i be able to pay for my acommodation from 2nd semester.tution for last semester.Besides…after my study period what about my future?how easy to manage job within six much will i be able to earn.i know its not posdible to ans exactly.just give me some after my study i will have to pay to my sister.plz……

      • Siddikur Rahman • 19 Apr 2016 at 5.25 am Reply

        Is it posdible to transfer credit to another country or university after completing one semester.

  • Munavar Ali • 8 Apr 2016 at 1.19 pm Reply

    Hi Redwan,

    I am from India and i got selected for my masters in Chalmers university for Automotive engineering. I do have some doubts regarding job opportunities after graduation .
    What are the chance of getting jobs for Automotive engineers. Is swedish language compulsory for getting job?
    I don’t have any work experience till now, So will I be able to get job because am a fresher.

    Awaiting for your response.
    Thank you

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 11 Apr 2016 at 8.41 am Reply

      Hello Munavar,

      I can suggest you to contact our blogger Gimmy, who studies the same degree at Chalmers and have recently secured a job at Volvo. Please find him in our bloggers page and he would be glad to help you out!

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 11 Apr 2016 at 8.44 am Reply

      Hello Maruf,

      Yes, its party true that its very difficult to find a part time job in Sweden. Moreover, the Swedish language is often a requirement. So I can suggest to manage your finances before coming to Sweden.

  • Maruf • 7 Apr 2016 at 9.23 pm Reply

    Hi Redwan,
    I am Maruf from Bangladesh. I have been accepted in Jonkoping International Business School (JIBS) and the program is MS in International Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Would you please tell me what is the probability getting part time job in Jonkoping? I am too much worried that because some of my friend told me that there is too much job crisis and I have to take money from my home for my living expense there.
    Thank you in advanced.

  • vummenthala venkatsai • 7 Apr 2016 at 4.22 pm Reply

    Hi I want to know about part-time minimum payment per hour in sweden it helps me alot ………thanks

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 11 Apr 2016 at 8.46 am Reply

      Hello Venkat,

      It highly depends on the job you are doing and I do not have specific information about this unfortunately. But my guess it that it can be between 60-130 SEK.

  • Ahsan Ameen • 7 Apr 2016 at 4.10 pm Reply

    Thank you very much for the informative article. It covered up almost every question I have in mind regarding working in Sweden. However, one thing that I want your help in is that can I not work from the movement I enter Sweden? Do I have to wait for a certain time period, or the completion of a semester?
    You answered to one of the comments by the prospective student that you can only work after the first semester. Can you please provide me with a link where I can prove such information?

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 11 Apr 2016 at 8.47 am Reply

      Hello Ahsan,

      Well, you can check the Migration Board Sweden website. To obtain work permit in Sweden, you have to complete 30 credits of studies minimum – and that basically equals to 1 semester.

  • Rupok • 7 Apr 2016 at 2.34 pm Reply

    Hello Redwan,
    How are you? i am from Bangladesh. I got admission in a Swedish university for the autumn 2016 semester in a int. masters program. now my question is,
    # will i have to wait for 1st semester or finish 30 credits before to do any part time job (not full time)? don’t i can begin within 2 months of my arrival in Sweden?
    # if i will get 50% tuition fees scholarship from my university then it is possible to manage rest of the study expense and my living cost through part-time work and full-time work in summer break and winter break.
    please inform me .

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 11 Apr 2016 at 8.49 am Reply

      Hello Rupok,

      Good to know you got admission to Sweden. Here are your replies –

      # Yes, you have to complete 30 credits (1 semester) of studies before you are eligible to obtain work permit.
      # That is going to be extremely difficult. First of all part time jobs are very hard to find and the payments aren’t that great either. So I would highly recommend you to manage your finances before you come to Sweden. If you however end up with a part-time job, that can be bonus.

      • Adeel • 30 Apr 2016 at 2.43 pm Reply


        I’m confused with 30 credits limit. It is clearly written on this link

        “A student who has a residence permit for studies at a university or university college in Sweden may work without a work permit while studying.”

        Please clarify, if I’m wrong

        • Redwan
          Redwan • 1 May 2016 at 10.32 pm Reply

          Hello Adeel,

          Yes you need 30 credits for sure to be eligible to even apply for a work permit. However, I am not too sure about your second statement. My suggestion would be to email the migration board about it. They will provide you with the correct information.

  • Dev • 7 Apr 2016 at 12.31 pm Reply

    What types of jobs are available for student there and how long does it takes to get a job for a fresh person ? And what is the rate per hour ?

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 11 Apr 2016 at 8.50 am Reply

      Hello Dev,

      There are different part-time jobs but keep in mind that they are very difficult to get and the payment is not that great either. You are eligible to work after you have completed 30 credits of studies. The rate depends on the job you are doing and I do not have any specific figure unfortunately.

    • Divya • 2 Jun 2016 at 9.12 am Reply

      Hi everyone, please anyone help me out.
      My husband gonna study Ms(information technology) in halmstad university, swedan. Is there any scope for this MS. And I am dentist from india, Iam gonna come as a dependent for my husband. Is there any job opportunities for me to do as a full time. And what kind of job I can get. And what is the procedures to work as a dentist. Please help me to find a way
      Thank you

      • Redwan
        Redwan • 2 Jun 2016 at 2.18 pm Reply

        Hello Divya,

        It would be difficult as per my knowledge. That is because these are strict rules for dentists and doctors in Sweden and you have to follow them before you are permitted to work. But I dont have any further information on that.

  • fawad khan • 4 Apr 2016 at 7.18 am Reply

    Dear i have found that i am conditionally admitted in admisdionsweden .sc and i want to pay fee how many chance sweden ambassy give me visa and resident permit

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 4 Apr 2016 at 9.09 am Reply

      Hello Fawad,

      If you submit all the requested documents with the correct information, then there are very good chances you will get the visa without any problem.

      Good luck!

  • Rahul K • 2 Apr 2016 at 9.13 am Reply

    Hello Redwan,
    First of all, highly informative article. Specially for all newcomers opting for Sweden.
    I am Rahul from India. I recently got acceptance from Uppsala University for Masters program in CS.
    Though, I have read your article thoroughly, there are few queries I still have in my mind. (Assuming I will learn partial Swedish by the time I reach Uppsala.)

    1. Is there any working hours limit while working part time?
    2. After completing my Masters, will I get to work part time during my six months of stay?
    3. (One off the topic question) – Do I require some excellent technical skills to secure an IT job in Sweden?

    Thanks in advance. You guys are doing really good job. God bless all.

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 2 Apr 2016 at 10.17 am Reply

      Hello Rahul,

      Appreciate your response. Here are the replies accordingly –

      1. There are no working hour limit while you study. But for obvious reason, you cannot work all the time as you should be studying.
      2. Yes you can get to work in those 6 month.
      3. Well, having good technical skills are quite desired in Sweden as they have a shortage of graduates to fill up the IT/CS roles around.

      Hope that helps.

      • Rahul K • 3 Apr 2016 at 7.55 am Reply

        Thanks for clarifying all my doubts. Highly appreciate !!

  • Adnan Wahid • 1 Apr 2016 at 5.30 am Reply

    Hello Bro,
    i want to know that How long I have to wait to get the permission by the university or Government as a new student?

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 1 Apr 2016 at 10.24 am Reply

      Hello Adnan,

      I dont clearly understand your question. Can you elaborate?

  • Chibuz • 31 Mar 2016 at 12.35 am Reply

    Upon completion of ur studies covered by the scholarship, is it ur intention to settle or work in Sweden or any other OECD country?
    What do you make of this question, shall answer yes or no? I indeed need this scholarship. Please if you can give me a reply via my email, that would be nice.

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 31 Mar 2016 at 10.12 am Reply

      Hello Chibuz,

      Its up to you as completely. Its your plans and you should answer that you really want to do.

      Good luck!

  • Arnob Khan • 30 Mar 2016 at 11.44 am Reply

    Hello Redwan,
    I have been offered a place at Stockholm University for Masters program in Information Security. It was also my first choice in the national portal. I have couple of questions…It will be really helpful, if you kindly answer those questions in your free time-
    1. How much living cost is needed at Stockholm?Is 25000 BDT per month enough or not?
    2. How is the after study job prospect in Sweden? What about the field of Information Security or IT?

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 30 Mar 2016 at 3.44 pm Reply

      Hello Arnob,

      Congrats on your admission. Here are your replies according to points –

      1. Stockholm is a very expensive city. It would be a good idea to have 8000-9000 SEK per month for your expenses.
      2. Its very good. IT opportunities in Sweden are immense. And IT Security is a growing field, so the outlook is quite positive.

      Hope that help. Good luck!

      • Arnob Khan • 2 Apr 2016 at 9.16 am Reply

        Thanks a lot.

  • razon • 28 Mar 2016 at 12.28 pm Reply

    hai redwan,
    my name is razon ,i am from Bangladesh. i have completed master and applied for sweden 4 university for master programme and i have qualified for sweden 2 university which are johnkophin ,boras university .i want to know from which university is better for me and part time job is available for me .

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 28 Mar 2016 at 3.25 pm Reply

      Hello Razon,

      Both universities are good. However, about part-time jobs I am not too sure as I have personally not lived in those cities. But do keep in mind that, solely basing on part-time work to cover your expenses is going to be extremely difficult.

  • nazrul islam • 28 Mar 2016 at 8.35 am Reply

    hlw bro.i am nazrul islam from bangladesh.i have offered a place in stockholm i want to know that from begaining of my semester starts can i work part time jobs or i have to wait for one semester means 6 months .i am egerly waiting for ur answer.

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 28 Mar 2016 at 3.24 pm Reply

      Hello Nazrul,

      To be eligible for work permit you need to complete minimum 30 credits of study. So yes, you will probably have to wait for one semester.

    • johar • 29 Mar 2016 at 12.31 am Reply

      Hi, Result is supposed to be published today. How did you get so early. Btw, congratz 🙂

  • Hitesh Tantod • 26 Mar 2016 at 4.40 pm Reply

    Hi redwan
    I would like to apply for a student visa for bechalor degree.and also I m from India.can you please suggest me about universities
    Which university have a lower tution fees and also I m a technical guy from VoIP industry. Is there any scope for this?.cz of m not able to pay all expense so I need job if you can suggest me.

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 27 Mar 2016 at 12.34 pm Reply

      Hello Hitesh,

      You can check for the programs available here on the website under “programmes”. Once you find exactly what you wish to study, check their respective university page for availability of scholarships. In that way you can try to fund your education.

      Good luck!

  • Shuvo • 19 Mar 2016 at 12.12 pm Reply

    Hi Redwan..
    i am a student of Bs in Electrical & electronic Engineering. i want to take ms in EEE from Kth Or Chalmers.. and i also want to live in sweden and take a job there after study..A request to You that please tell me , is it possible to live there and take a job…and how much cost for living in stokholm in a month to lead a normal life..i search my question for many time but i cant find a believable answer….so, if u dont mind pls tell me just answer of my 2 question.

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 19 Mar 2016 at 5.24 pm Reply

      Hello Shuvo,

      It depends on your life style but 8000-9000 SEK per month could be a general estimate of living cost in Stockholm. About working, if you are talking about part time jobs then it is very difficult to get one and finance your studies. However, full time jobs can be found after you graduate if you put in good effort to look for one.

      Hope that helps. Good luck!

      • shuvo • 20 Mar 2016 at 1.38 pm Reply

        thank you very much…I am also a bangladeshi student….I wanted to know only this…..I know dannish…and now I learn swedish from dhaka university as a preparation to go sweden….

    • Rajib Hossen • 20 Mar 2016 at 4.44 am Reply

      hey bro i’m from bangladeesh and preparing to go to sweden for masters. i need to know that is there enough available part time jobs so that i can manage my living expenses only. and is it possible within 2 or 3 months after getting in sweden?

      • Redwan
        Redwan • 20 Mar 2016 at 11.18 am Reply

        Hello Rajib,

        I have written a detailed blog post here about part time jobs in Sweden. In short, it is very difficult to find one and there are high chances of not being able to cover for all your expenses as well.

  • bishal • 12 Mar 2016 at 5.33 pm Reply

    dear redwan
    I read about the PR process though how it will be possble for students to meet the requirements is it eassy or almost impossible?

    • Redwan
      M Redwan Hasan • 13 Mar 2016 at 10.22 am Reply

      Hello Bishal,

      Yes if you meet at the requirements of admission and paperwork for visa, it should not be difficult to get the visa to study in Sweden.You can contact your nearest embassy for more information.

  • bishal • 12 Mar 2016 at 5.09 am Reply

    I am a Nepalese student.I got offer from Denmark and Sweden for bachelor degree.which will be better for me especially I have to manage my expense myself.moreover how many days the college will open in a week and hour per day.

    • Redwan
      M Redwan Hasan • 12 Mar 2016 at 11.41 am Reply

      Hello Bishal,

      Your classes and hours will depend on the faculty and the university in general. Also, keep in mind that you have to dedicate time for yourself to study, do assignments and go exams.

  • Mahbub • 21 Feb 2016 at 4.03 pm Reply

    hello bro, I am from Bangladesh. I have applied in Sweden for completing my Bachelor. Now i would like to know that how the embassy of Sweden assesses a student for giving him or her visa? By the way, i have heard that if i get chance in the central admission process and if my bank statement is clear i will definitely get visa. Is it true or not?

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 21 Feb 2016 at 5.09 pm Reply

      Hello Mahbub,

      Yes that is true. If you get admission and all your financial documents are correct, along with the other requested docs., then I dont see why there should be any problem.

      Good luck!

      • Mahbub • 21 Feb 2016 at 6.35 pm Reply

        Thank you very much for your prompt reply.

      • bishal • 11 Mar 2016 at 9.24 am Reply

        iam a Nepalese student and got offer from two countries Denmark and Sweden for bachelor degree.I read your post it is very beneficial for student. could u suggest me which country be better for me. especially I hve to manage my expense of living and study.I hope u give me a suggestion as you know

        • Redwan
          Redwan • 11 Mar 2016 at 11.15 am Reply

          Hello Bishal,

          Well the thing is both these countries are quite expensive and if you want to work to manage study + living expenses, then it would be almost impossible. Hence, I would suggest first to analyze your financial ability to fund your studies here for the full duration and then decide where you want to go.

          Good luck!

  • Vijay • 6 Feb 2016 at 2.09 pm Reply

    Hello redwan I have some doubts regard Sweden university as I went to consultancy office today the person who gave seminar for doing masters in Sweden said that cost of living include house rent and food wil cost around 4500 per month is it true and he even said finding part time job is so easy in Sweden for students who go for masters and the starting pay for part time job will be around 24,000 per month is it true ??????

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 6 Feb 2016 at 2.20 pm Reply

      Hello Vijay,

      In one word, not true in any of the cases. I suggest you do more independent research to get the right information.

      Good luck!

  • Mohamed Taher • 4 Feb 2016 at 3.35 am Reply

    I am an Italian citizen an I am transferring to Stockholm next week to complete my bachelor at KTH ,I don’t have any source of income so I really need to get a part-time job so if you can give me any suggestions on how to find it ,it will be appreciated.
    As an EU member I should get a fund from the European union is it true? And how can I apply for this?
    At the end I would like to know how much are the salaries for local jobs like waiters or labours and how could I mange my expenses?
    Tack så mycket

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 4 Feb 2016 at 11.33 am Reply

      Hej Taher!

      I am not aware of the EU funds as I am myself a non-EU student. You should check that with relevant authorities.
      About part-time jobs, as I have mentioned its difficult for couple of reasons. But you can still have a look, may be check with the Swedish Employment Agency if they can help. Given that you are a EU citizen, it could be possible to score something based on this fact. However, I am not sure.

      Hope that helps. Good luck!

  • San • 28 Jan 2016 at 10.44 pm Reply

    Hi Redwan,
    thanks for this informative post. right now I m in Sweden. I have a scholarship. Still I need some extra money. I am not aiming for making huge money. extra couple of thousand SEK will be enough. I cannot speak Swedish as you can guess. But I am trying. However, I am in complete darkness about looking for partime jobs. Where should I search first. I am interested in writing jobs like writing web content or Freelance writing for a news paper etc. which could be done from home. I cannot spend more than 4 hours a week. Will it be sufficient for earning 2000 SEK/month? Thanks

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 29 Jan 2016 at 1.22 am Reply

      Hello San,

      Well I am not too sure what can you find as I myself have not looked for any. But I can suggest you checking it out with the local employment office in your city. They can provide some relevant information.

      Good luck!

  • Nuwan • 22 Jan 2016 at 9.17 am Reply

    i m nuwan and 20 years old k
    i need to know some thing about the course fee
    my visa agent said if i apply , i can get the visa card for one year but the thing is that visa card only valid for the six month studys in sweden , and they told aftr six month i have to pay the uni fee again

    so i cant undestand what is that , its mean my visa only vaild for the six month right ?and if i had visa for 1 year ,aftr six month i can stay in there with out again pay , right ?
    after six month i have to recover it right ?

    main thing is i want to know is that tru that ma visa agent said k

    thank you and try to give me some explkain about this 🙂

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 22 Jan 2016 at 11.24 am Reply

      Hello Nuwan,

      You will get the residence permit (visa) for 1 year regardless. However, after 6 months (1 semester), you will then have to pay tuition for the next 6 months (2nd semester). Once 2 semesters are over, you will then have to apply for visa renewal if you are coming for a 2-year program.

      Hope that helps! Good luck.

  • Ziad Boutros Tannous • 22 Jan 2016 at 3.47 am Reply

    Hello Dr. Redwan,

    I’m a 37 years old Lebanese guy. I have a bachelor in Business from Lebanon and an MBA from France. I would like to apply for a masters in Marketing in Sweden and would want to apply for a scholarship to cover the tuition fees cost. As for the living cost I secured enough funds to sustain myself financially for the one year program (60 credits). Question is let’s suppose I managed to provide all the necessary documentation required by each university to grant me the scholarship do u have an idea what would be the probability of getting it? And also in terms of job placement after graduation, do you have like a statistical chart on how many graduates in average are able to secure a full time career post graduation? As I’m planning to get my degree from Sweden and secure a job there in order to stay there and live for good. Please advise accordingly. Appreciate your kind response in advance. All the best,

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 22 Jan 2016 at 11.28 am Reply

      Hello Ziad,

      Thank you for your query.

      The probability of getting scholarship depends on the university criteria and also on the number of students who have applied for it. Thus, there is no mentioned chances. As long as you have made a solid application, you can surely be positive.
      About jobs, there are definitely opportunities here. Lot of multinational firms look for foreign graduates with good English skills. Thus, you have to put in effort and look for one. I do not have any statistical chart but my outlook on this matter is positive.

      Hope that helps! Good luck.

  • wickra • 20 Jan 2016 at 7.04 pm Reply

    Dear Redwan
    I’ve already send my application to University admission at Sweden for Masters. I would like to come there with my wife. I have enough funds for my 2 year tuition fees but not enough for living expenses.
    I have 6 year experience as an civil Engineer also my wife has 3 year Quantity surveying experience.
    could you please tell me about the part job opportunity for me and my spouse in our related categories or other paths.
    What is the type of resident permit for my wife in Sweden? Is it same as my permit?

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 20 Jan 2016 at 10.27 pm Reply

      Hello Wickra,

      As you have read my post, I did mention that getting part time job is difficult. Plus there is no guarantee you will get paid enough to cover your expenses. Hence, I highly recommend to manage other source of funding.
      About permits, please check the Migration Board Sweden website. All information is provided there.

      Good luck!

      • shawon • 24 Mar 2016 at 12.00 am Reply

        Your comment …Hello Redwan, the agency which is processing our visa said to me that there is no time limitation in case of working… any student can work full time is that true???
        second question is will it be possible for me to work while studying first semester??? some people says I wont be able to work before completing first semester. is that true???

        • Redwan
          Redwan • 24 Mar 2016 at 1.43 am Reply

          Hello Shawon,

          Yes that is true. You can work as long as you want and only after first semester. To get work permit, you have to complete 30 credits of education.
          However, keep in mind that you also have to study and therefore, working full time will hamper your academic progress.

          Good luck!

  • samrat • 13 Jan 2016 at 7.45 am Reply

    dear Redwan brother, ASSALAMUALIKUM.
    I m from Bangladesh. I completed my bba now i want to complete my mba in sweden. so my query is, after completing my mba can i stablish my carrer in sweden by getting a official job?

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 13 Jan 2016 at 10.35 am Reply

      Hello Samrat, walaikumsalam.

      There are job opportunities here in Sweden if you put in sincere effort to look for one. Many multinational forms look for English-speaking candidates and hence, it is always possible to commence a good career.

      Good luck!

  • adesuyi • 11 Jan 2016 at 11.48 pm Reply

    good evening Mr Redwan, please when it is right time to start submitting our transcript for students applying for. swedish institute scholarships

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 12 Jan 2016 at 11.26 am Reply

      Hello Adesuyi,

      Please refer to the scholarship page or contact SI to get the right information.

  • adesuyi • 6 Jan 2016 at 3.53 pm Reply

    Weldone Mr redwan. my name is emmanuel from Nigeria. please am currently applying for masters at linnaeus university in the department of forest and wood engineering. I would like to know more about the scholarship given to international students. I was told that the scholarships include 1. free tuition fee. 2. 9000SEK monthly allowance for feeding. 3. work permit after 2 month of arrival. for the master programme. 4. 15000 SEK travelling ticket from our various country. please shed more light on this.. thanks

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 6 Jan 2016 at 4.16 pm Reply

      Hello Adesuyi,

      Yes that is the Swedish Institute Study Scholarship benefits. You can read more about it on our “scholarship” section here.

      Good luck!

      • Darshan raval • 8 Jan 2016 at 8.24 am Reply

        Hi redwan
        M darshan from india.
        I m a mechanical engineer.
        I want to do master in sweden.
        I only ask the 1 que. That it is possible to fullfill my tution fees and living expence from part time job in sweden? Basically i don’t knw swedish language.
        Because my financially condition is not able to full fill all this expence from back in india.
        Ple. Reply as soon as poss. B.coz dead line for applicatin is 15 jan.

        • Redwan
          Redwan • 9 Jan 2016 at 2.26 pm Reply

          Hello Darshan,

          Well, if you have read my post then my answer is there. No, you cannot. Hence, it is advisable that you find a scholarship or any other form of finance.

          Good luck!

  • Sneha • 3 Jan 2016 at 6.56 am Reply

    Hi Redwan,

    I am a prospective student from India. I have done my graduate studies in information science from India and have been working as a software developer for almost 3 years now. I would like to pursue my masters in information systems or HCI from Uppsala university. Can you please tell me what are the chances of me getting in are? And if there are any good chances to get scholarship? The last day of application is Jan 15th so I have very little time to get all my facts right. Your comment/views will be of great help. Thanks!

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 3 Jan 2016 at 11.11 am Reply

      Hello Sneha,

      Well I am not an admissions expert but I believe if you have met the admission requirements at Uppsala, getting in should not be an issue. About scholarships, kindly contact Uppsala administration. If you have lodged a good application, sending in all the required documents, then you can always be positive about receiving it!

      Hope that helps. Good luck!

  • Erandi • 3 Jan 2016 at 5.31 am Reply

    Hi Redwen,
    I am Erandi from Sri Lanka. I passed A/L exam in 2007 under the Art stream with three B passes and I have IELTS 5.5 overall band score. Actually I have intention to continue my higher studies in Sweden and I want know those questions from you.
    Can I get a Student visa from this qualifications?
    Can I get a Scholarship from Sweden Uni:?
    My husband have more than 5 years work experience as a computer hardware technician and can’t he find a job?
    Thank u

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 3 Jan 2016 at 11.15 am Reply

      Hello Erandi,

      Getting a student visa is completely subject to the approval of the Migration Board. If you have sent in all required documents as asked by them, then usually getting a visa is not that hard.
      About scholarship, I would advise you to contact the university separately. Each of them have different criteria and thus its difficult to say beforehand. But I would highly encourage you to apply.
      Getting a job is also subject to effort and domain of work. There are jobs in Sweden but the challenge is to find and approach them. If he can do that well, I dont see why he cant secure one!

      Good luck!

  • Channa Wijeratne • 2 Jan 2016 at 4.40 pm Reply

    Hello Redwan!
    Please let me know how can i contact Gimmy-liu!

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 3 Jan 2016 at 11.16 am Reply

      Hello Channa,

      He is a member of this blog as well. Just go to the section ‘our bloggers’ and you can find this contact there.

  • Farid • 30 Dec 2015 at 8.23 am Reply

    Hi first i want to express myself my name is farid beyramzadeh and I’m 17 years old and I live in Iran east Azerbaijan malekan and I study in high school and this year i finish my education and give my diploma and I study mathematics .my dream is that in the future I want to immigrate to another country for continue my education because generally I don’t like my country education system and anyway .accidentally I read the condition of education in Sweden in a site last week so I concluded that if sweden allow me to continue my education in it easily l can live in sweden. So I decided to find my answer from you . my guestion is that please tell me really can I get a student visa from Sweden and tell me the condition and please send the answer because actually I’m serious about this and for this I go to tofel and ielts classes and I try to immigrate from anyway please help me and by the way I have relative from Sweden

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 30 Dec 2015 at 9.51 am Reply

      Hello Farid,

      Good to know that you want to move to Sweden.

      You surely can get a student visa if you submit all required documents properly as requested. But before that, please find the Bachelor course you wish to study under “programmes”. They will then navigate you to the respective university webpages where you can find more information on admission requirements and procedures to apply.

      Hope that helps. Good luck!

  • Alex • 30 Dec 2015 at 3.49 am Reply

    Hello Redwan,
    I’m Alex and I’m from Italy. I’m currently 16 years old but I’d like to conduct my Bachelor and hopefully Master’s studies in Sweden. Being an EU citizen, I don’t have to worry about tuition fees or application fees, but life expenses are still very high and I don’t think I could be sustained from home. (We aren’t exactly rich…) So family funding aside, what are other possible options for me to get funding for my life there as an EU Uni student? Thank you very much 🙂

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 30 Dec 2015 at 9.55 am Reply

      Hello Alex,

      We appreciate your interest in studying in Sweden.

      I understand what you mean but getting a part time job would be quite difficult. I can recommend you to look for funding from Italy that may support your living cost here. Also, if you move in as a group of friends to Sweden, staying together can cut your costs to a significant extent as well. So surely there are ways to handle the issue.

      Good luck!

      • Alex • 30 Dec 2015 at 8.21 pm Reply

        Hello again,
        Thank you for the quick response. Is it possible to find a student with whom to share an apartment before going there? If so, are there any ways you know of to find and contact said students? Thank you.

        • Redwan
          Redwan • 31 Dec 2015 at 12.41 am Reply

          Hello Alex,

          Well I can suggest to join the student groups of these universities on Facebook and discuss it there. I have seen many get around through this way.

  • karthikeyan • 29 Dec 2015 at 12.57 pm Reply

    HI, I’m karthikeyan from india, i wanna persue my masters in “Production Engineering” in JONKOPING University. May i know the job availability in my field after my masters.

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 30 Dec 2015 at 9.56 am Reply

      Hello Karthikeyan,

      As I am not from that field, I have limited knowledge. In general, however, Sweden does have good job opportunities. All you have to do it put in effort and find the right one for you.

      Good luck!

  • Ajay • 29 Dec 2015 at 10.36 am Reply

    I m from India doing 4th year now and planning for sweden for masters .
    I am good at my technical stuff , i dont know swedish language.So
    1- >Is 6 months enough after my Ms to find a full time job
    2->could u sugget me a better programme for Ms which is trending in sweden(Embeded or artificial intelligence)
    3-> what would be the average full time job pay for a person with ms in cs(no swedish language)

    Thanks in advance 🙂

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 29 Dec 2015 at 10.44 am Reply

      Hello Ajay,

      Sweden has good opportunities in the field of IT/CS and for people with technical skills.

      1. I always say that its not the person looking for job. If you put in sincere effort, getting a job is not an issue IMHO.
      2. It highly depends on you as your domain of interest. Research more and you should find what you want.
      3. It also depends on company and job. But in Sweden, the pay rate is always very standard keeping in mind the rich living standard and work-life balance here in Sweden. You dont have to worry about it much.

      Hope that helps. Good luck!

  • Anila • 13 Dec 2015 at 7.56 pm Reply

    Hi I am from Pakistan I want to apply for student visa for Sweden & want to admission in Swedish language courses please tell me the process and how much money and time the whole process will take

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 14 Dec 2015 at 12.47 pm Reply

      Hello Anila,

      Actually for Swedish language courses, you have to contact the specific universities for their requirements. You can check our database of programs on this website and see which universities provide them. They will also have information on requirements and costs.

      Good luck!

  • Rahul • 3 Dec 2015 at 3.09 pm Reply

    am planning to do my masters in automotive or mechanical in chalmers… may I know the job prospects after completing. and how about studying in linkoping university?

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 10 Dec 2015 at 1.55 pm Reply

      Hello Rahul,

      Our Digital Ambassador Gimmy Liu is a student at Chalmers and can provide you with in-depth insight. Please contact him. You can find his details in our blogs section.

      Good luck!

  • Saiyeed • 28 Nov 2015 at 10.18 am Reply

    Dear Mr Redwan,

    I am working as cabin crew. Now I am intend to do Masters on Aviation studies in Sweden. Do you mind to give some suggestion on it?


  • gi • 19 Nov 2015 at 8.32 am Reply

    Hello ,
    I expect to migrate Sweden next year to do MBA.Already i have a bachelors degree in BBA in English medium.can i apply for MBA without IELTS hence i completed my degree in English medium.
    also my husband will come with saying he will get full time work rights.Do you think he could find out a job at least a labor job there to cover our expenses.

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 19 Nov 2015 at 12.49 pm Reply

      Hello Gi,

      Well usually you still have to prove your English proficiency by doing an IELTS. That is usually the requirement from most of the universities. However, there can be exceptions. Please clarify with the university of your interest.
      Regarding job, all I can say is once has to put in his own effort to secure one. Sweden is an expensive country, therefore moving here without a proper financial backup can be risky.

      Good luck!

      • gi • 20 Nov 2015 at 8.55 am Reply

        do you think it is not a good decision to migrate Sweden to live there by doing a job by my husband and me studying without any financial help from our country?

        • Redwan
          Redwan • 20 Nov 2015 at 1.21 pm Reply

          Hello Gi,
          It is not for me to decide. If you think you can your husband can come and find a job and stay, you are most welcome. But do keep in mind the challenges of finding a job in Sweden and I hope you have then done all your research regarding it.

          Good luck!

  • desilva • 16 Nov 2015 at 5.38 pm Reply

    I’m planing to come Sweden do my masters.but I’m bit confuse about the part time jobs,It is hard to find a job.Even construction site labour job.pls let me know.because I got average money,

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 17 Nov 2015 at 11.14 am Reply

      Hello Desilva,

      As you have read my post, I did mention that it is very difficult to secure a part time job. I would thus highly advise to guarantee your source of funding through scholarships etc.

      Good luck!

  • Shawn Nayem • 12 Nov 2015 at 1.17 pm Reply

    Hello Mr Redwan ,
    I am shawn from Bangladesh and I am planning to go Sweden for completing my masters degree. I have just completed my Under-graduation( BBA ) from Independent University. I have searched many universities general information and admission process. The official admission website ( states that student exempt who have studied a Bachelor’s degree from a reputed university where English is the only language of instruction, in that case student are not required to submit a formal English test (IELTS OR TOEFL). On the other-side most of the Swedish University website indicates that applicants are required to meet the standard English language requirements corresponding to English 6, or English course B in the Swedish upper secondary school system or equivalent( IELTS OR TOEFL, ETC). So i am getting so confused on that. Now should i take IELTS or not??? And one more thing is which area has more flexibility to get a part-time job for a new comer student? However as you mentioned it is really hard to find but I would like to know a little bit from your experience at Sweden.

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 12 Nov 2015 at 3.39 pm Reply

      Hello Shawn,

      You still have to do IELTS and it is specifically requested by most of the university. About part-time jobs, as I have mentioned, it would be very wise to not depend on it for your expenses. Most of them are customer facing and requires excellent Swedish skills.

      Good luck!

  • Nanziba • 11 Nov 2015 at 8.33 am Reply

    Hey Redwan,
    I’ve just finished my GCE o level examination in this 2015. I was wondering if you could give me a quick guide on how to study at Sweden for my a level there. And what are my requirements as a student?
    In addition I’ve heard a rumour sth with students gets paid for studying in sweden is it true? My uncle lives there and what can I know from him any suggestions?
    Thanks for listening 🙂 Hope to get my answers quick.

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 11 Nov 2015 at 9.56 am Reply

      Hello Nanziba,

      I am not exactly sure about A-levels because its a different sector we are talking about. However, if you wish to pursue your Bachelors degree here, we have some programs in English. Kindly check them on this website under ‘programmes’ and fit your suitability.
      And only Swedish citizenship holders get paid for going to school. This doesn’t apply to other nationalities.

      Good luck!

  • rahad • 4 Nov 2015 at 11.31 am Reply

    assalamu alaikum . dear brother, l’d like to know about diploma in sweden. has gavle university english course with 30 credits? if it completes, what can a student do?

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 4 Nov 2015 at 1.31 pm Reply

      Hello Rahad,

      Kindly contact Gavle university in that matter as they would be the one best poised to provide you with that information.

      Good luck!

  • Sthita Prajnya Nayak • 2 Nov 2015 at 1.52 pm Reply

    What is the possible chances of getting a job in sweden as an international students in sweden?I am from india and i want to do a masters programme in sustainable energy developement.

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 2 Nov 2015 at 3.20 pm Reply

      Hello Sthita,

      Yes, there are many opportunities of getting a job after your studies. All you have to do it put in sincere effort and look for them. There are many multinational firms that are interested in international students.

      Good luck!

  • arif • 31 Oct 2015 at 8.22 pm Reply

    i am arif . i want to konw that is that possible to stay sweden after completed master degree . how many days actually i want to stay .
    as you mention that get odd job is very difficult . if i found job then how much i can earn

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 31 Oct 2015 at 10.29 pm Reply

      Hello Arif,

      Yes it is possible to stay in Sweden after you graduate. You have to secure a full time job for that. After graduation, Sweden also allows you to stay for six months to find a job.

      Good luck!

  • Arefin • 25 Oct 2015 at 11.40 pm Reply

    I ame sultam, someone told me that…. In sweden after completing 1semester we can take 6 months brake. That men’s 2 year course will take 4 years. is it true? t

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 26 Oct 2015 at 10.27 am Reply

      Hello Sultan,

      I am not aware of such possibilities. However, you may wish to consult with the university you are interested in to know more about it.


  • ali • 24 Oct 2015 at 11.23 am Reply


    I am coming to jonkoping for 2year master program. I have paid fees of 1semester. Now after coming there I have to get odd job to bear the expenses of university for next three semester plus living expenses for two years until I graduate. Is it possible that income from odd job I will bear my educational expense plus accommodation.? How long it will take generally to acquire job after arrival as I will be having only 6 months and after that university will ask me for next semester fee? Is there any other alternative through which I can manage university fees? Please note that I am not on scholarship.

    thank you

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 24 Oct 2015 at 5.07 pm Reply

      Hello Ali,

      Please note that it is going to be next to impossible to secure a part time job and then covering all your expenses (tuition and living) with it. I have stressed this enough in my post as well, which I believe you have read. So I highly recommend you manage other sources of finance before moving to Sweden. If you are not on scholarship, the alternative possibly available is your own money or support from your home country.

      Good luck.

  • paro • 17 Oct 2015 at 12.32 am Reply

    hi my name is paro me and my husband wants to move in sweden my husband wants to do his further education we have one baby also can u plz tell me that can we do the job there because we have baby alsoy husband wants to do his bachelor and how much husband can earn to run a house in part time job and one more question can he get the job easily
    we have one more option can we start a small business there so we can live easily job is butter or business

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 17 Oct 2015 at 9.31 am Reply

      Hello Paro,

      If you have read my post, I did mention that it is extremely difficult to get a part-time job here. Therefore, I highly suggest you secure a different source of funding before moving to Sweden – more so because you also have a baby to take care of.
      About doing business, there are good opportunities here in Sweden. Many organizations assist aspiring entrepreneurs with their idea and guide them in implementing it.
      Good luck!

  • Jerin • 15 Oct 2015 at 1.50 pm Reply

    I live in sweden now .I came Sweden last year on september . And now i want to get a part time job. .I read in class 9 .. & i cant swdish so good . i dont know English good too . But next year i am going to Gymnasium . And now i am finding a job . Because i need a job .

    so now how i can get a simple job?? which i can do well. .
    Can you tell me something about my job ??

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 15 Oct 2015 at 1.56 pm Reply

      Hello Jerin,

      If you have read my post, I did mention that it is very difficult to secure a part-time job. As you are in class 9, I highly suggest you focus on your studies and at the same time, learn the language well. There will be better opportunities lying ahead of you.

      Good luck!

      • Jerin • 15 Oct 2015 at 2.58 pm Reply

        You are right … & Thank you so much …..

  • Oya • 9 Oct 2015 at 10.50 am Reply

    Hello Hasan,
    My name is Oya and Im from Turkey, I would like to get master degree in media&communication.
    As it takes 2 years to graduate, I dont want to be away from the market, so already have been working for 4 years. Is it possible to find part – time job in companies and keep up both sochool&job at the same time? Moreover, I would like to know thah if Swedish required for qualified jobs and how possible find a proper full time job after graduation?


    • Redwan
      Redwan • 9 Oct 2015 at 10.55 pm Reply

      Hello Oya,

      That is a good decision. Please bear in mind that, part time jobs are extremely hard to get. It is highly advisable that you secure a source of funding first and then move to study in Sweden. Please check this link where scholarship for Turkish students are available –

      About getting full time job after graduation, I dont see why you cannot secure one if you put in genuine effort. You surely can.

      Good luck!

  • hasan from bangladesh • 7 Oct 2015 at 2.44 pm Reply

    Thanks for ur co-operation.How about the accomadation cost stockholm/uppsalalike (1 room or 2 room) per month for a couple?
    I just want to get idea about that.
    is there expensive to buy a old car than english speaking country or has difficult situation there procceed to have personal car?
    May allah bless u

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 9 Oct 2015 at 10.58 pm Reply

      Hello Hasan,

      Well it highly depends from area to area. I cannot provide specific information as I do not stay there. However, it should not be too high for anyone to bear. It is easy to buy a car here if you already have a license. Depending on the car you want, the prices may vary. However, second-hand cars are reasonable and can be maintained easily. However, I highly suggest you make a bit more research on sites like

      Good luck!

  • hasan from bangladesh • 4 Oct 2015 at 5.43 am Reply

    thanks for ur opinion. so u r suggesting so that must have at least 1yr tuition and living expenses? there is a problem for bangladeshi student that they are looking for part job to bear rest of expenses by themselves.
    i want to consult with u another thing,
    if i come to sweden with my wife as a dependent i may get work permission full time is that right?
    she completed bsc in microbioogy with CGPA 3.99 out of 4.she likes to study msc in biotechnology to ranked and reputed university.
    actually we are thinking to settle there
    what is the prospect of subject and priority in sweden?
    how is possibility to get a job after completing Msc in Biotechnology?we all know immigration gives time only 6 month to find a job.
    if you overcome language barrier, still easy to get a job?

    • Redwan • 4 Oct 2015 at 9.58 am Reply

      Hello Hasan,

      It is highly advised to make sure you have proper funding for your full duration of your studies, may that be one or two year. You anyway have to show your financial statements at the Swedish embassy while you apply for visa. They will then decide what to do.
      Rules regarding work permit is given in the Swedish Migration board website. Kindly check it for detailed information.
      If you put in sincere effort, it is not difficult to find a job. You just have to network well and keep finding jobs. Knowing the language is definitely helpful and will increase chances of getting a job. However, there are many english-speaking jobs as well.
      Good luck with your endeavours!

  • Nkalubo Vicent • 29 Sep 2015 at 12.29 pm Reply

    Hello,What could be the cost of abachelor’s degree in accounting and finance in some recognised universities in sweden?

  • hasan from bangladesh • 10 Sep 2015 at 9.01 pm Reply

    dear redwan,
    thanks for ur co operation here i want to know that can bangladeshi apply for scholarship? another things are,
    1.lots of international student concern about part time job
    2.student who is fee paying can he just pay for 1 semester tuition,after arranging by job for rest of semester.
    what could be your clear opinion?
    thank u again

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 10 Sep 2015 at 10.06 pm Reply

      Hello Hasan,

      Yes, Bangladeshi students can apply for the ‘Swedish Institute Study Scholarship’. Please visit for further information.

      As for your questions –

      1. Yes part time is very difficult to find here in Sweden.
      2. I would highly suggest not ding that because you also have to pay for the rest of the semesters plus your living expenses. Sweden is an expensive country and it is next to impossible to entirely fund your studies through just part time jobs. Look for other sources of finance before you plan to move here. That would be my suggestion.

      Good luck!

      • Nkalubo Vicent • 29 Sep 2015 at 12.25 pm Reply

        Hello,am currently in uganda but i have plans of travelling to sweden to work and then after wards i study adegree in accounting and finance.what could be the cost and how long could it take me to complete my bachelor.?

        • Redwan
          Redwan • 4 Oct 2015 at 10.01 am Reply

          Hello Nkalubo,

          Please visit the website where you will get listing of the programs available in Bachelors. Once you have found them, check their respective university websites for further details on requirement, duration and cost.

          Good luck.

  • durga • 8 Sep 2015 at 11.18 pm Reply

    Hi, i am doing my masters in Stockholm university . at present i am looking for part time job, could you please suggest some blogs or site , where can i find part time jobs.

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 8 Sep 2015 at 11.26 pm Reply

      Hello Durga,

      I am not aware of any central site that has part-time job listing. However, the university’s career department might be able to help you.

  • nasirul haque sujon • 4 Sep 2015 at 5.54 pm Reply

    Hi Redwan,
    I am Sujon from Bangladesh. Thank you for your letter. I have applied the program but I have a problem to pay application fee. I have no foreign credit card or debit card. Please suggest me about this

    • Redwan
      Redwan Hasan • 4 Sep 2015 at 8.15 pm Reply


      Well unfortunately I can not be of much help in this regard. Either you have to talk to someone who does have it or let know about your situation. It could be possible that they might accept some other form of payment.

      Good luck!

  • md. joaul rana • 25 Jul 2015 at 1.43 pm Reply

    Dear, redwan Hasan brother i have completed Bachelor of Pharmacy from Southeast university bangladesh.Now i want to complete my masterse program in biotechnology in sweden. but i have no idea how can i complete all the admision process although i have all documents even IELTS. plz give me some potent information from what i should star and how can i do this admission process.

    • Redwan
      Redwan Hasan • 25 Jul 2015 at 2.15 pm Reply

      Hello Joaul,

      Good to know that you wish to pursue Masters in Sweden. The admission process is very easy. Just go to and you can find the desired degree and check their respective websites. Shortlist the ones you want and then follow instructions on the website. It is quite easy.

      Good luck and feel free to email me if you need further information.

  • Looking for the part time job ! • 18 Jun 2015 at 2.07 pm Reply

    I have a experience hotel and restaurant. As a FOOD and BEVERAGE department during 12 years. So am i looking for the any kind of part time job in SWEDEN. Please i need your help. Thank’s.. Have a great day !!

    • Redwan
      Redwan Hasan • 25 Jun 2015 at 5.47 pm Reply

      Hello Ifran,

      As I have earlier mentioned in the blog post, it might be difficult due to language barriers. However, you can always try and I wish you best of luck!

  • Nasirul Haque Sujon • 1 May 2015 at 8.31 pm Reply

    Hi Redwan,
    I am Sujon from Bangladesh. I am doing a job in a bank during 3 years. I havr graduated Hons(Economics, 4 years) and Masters(Economics) from the university of Dhaka. Now I want to do masters program on economics from Sweden. Plz help me about this . I have all papers– my academic certificates, markssheets, testimonial, National ID card, Passport.

    I visit but I can’t create an account in this website for technical problem. When fill up the user account form, the captcha create problem, I input the right number but it shows an error occur and again & again show me captcha number. in this way I can’t submit the form. Plz help me about this.

    Best of luck


    • Redwan
      Redwan Hasan • 6 May 2015 at 9.43 am Reply

      Hello Sujon,

      First of all, I would suggest you wait for the next application round to begin. It will be in October 15th and then you can access the portal and make account and apply for your desired programs. The application for the current semester has already ended and just could be a reason why it is not working. But do feel free to contact the technical team at University Admission.

      Good luck.

      • Paul Mergin • 5 May 2016 at 3.45 pm Reply

        Hey, I have got admitted into lund university for logistics and supply chain management!! I want to know whether the course is worth taking in lund university ? Does it has good scope in Sweden? Thanks in advance

        • Redwan
          Redwan • 5 May 2016 at 4.36 pm Reply

          Hello Paul,

          Why not! Lund is a great place and pretty sure if you use your skill the right way, you will do good in your career!

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