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Stockholm vs Lund vs Uppsala vs Göteborg

The definitive guide of student life in 4 major cities in Sweden! Hope this is useful for budgeting as well! Contributions from Gimmy, Dena and Francesca. Here is the link to the original document so you can click on the links :   Photo from here.  

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Red Card

I was set out to write about something entirely different. I followed my typical blogging routine: did my research about the topic I intended to discuss, wrote a draft, threw the draft out of the window and wondered, probably for the hundredth time, how a talentless hack like me could be a digital ambassador, then […]

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Participatory Design workshop at Linnaeus University

So we had our second event of the Local SI-NFGL chapter at Linnaeus University. There was a lot of fun, excitement and activities involving 9 enthusiastic SI scholars from different fields and 3 professors.  We would like to thank the Faculty of Design and the Faculty of Technology at Linnaeus University to come together and […]

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Welcome Distractions

Gosh I hate exams; I hate them with the burning rage of a thousand suns. They make me feel physically nauseous. You’d think after 17 years of taking tests, I’d be used to it, but it only gets worse as I get older. For obvious reasons, the exams are harder but also the format in […]

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Lund älskar Måns!

Lund loves Måns! And it seems that Måns loves Lund! The city of Lund organised an impromptu concert, to welcome the new Hero – Måns Zelmerlöv, winner of the Eurovision Song Contest  I wrote about yesterday.  Have you heard the song yet? Not even bad weather could stop citizens of Lund from showing up to honour the […]

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Giving Thanks…

Phew! Another period, another set of exams. The end of the old and the start of something new and all that. It’s been a wild year, exhilarating with its ups and downs. In a way, Sweden proved to be a dichotomy- mild and peaceful on one hand, with its kind and helpful inhabitants and its […]

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