A day as an Intern at IKEA

This is the final week of my two month internship. It’s been a really fascinating journey and a pleasure to meet and work with so many wonderful people, including hosting visitors and media from all over the world. There’s never a dull moment. I know I’m not the only one who’s having a blast. My coursemates have also ventured into US, Bangladesh, Spain and cities from all over the world for their internships. From our school’s internship blog, you can see what my friends have been up to, and their interesting experiences at work. I know we would have lots to catch up when we get back together for the final seminar in school.

Flatpacks, Fashion and infinite Novelty. Who would have thought a furniture company could be so upbeat, dynamic and inspiring. Oh yes, we party too! Find out about my day as an intern in IKEA and what brings media from around the world to Älmhult, the heart of IKEA, in this video.

I feel quite emotional about my last week here. There are so many things which I will miss at IKEA of Sweden – free daily breakfast, fresh daily supply of free fruits, biscuits and crisp bread, the fika station/coffee machines which are everywhere in the office, free bicycle rental and most of all, I’m very thankful to my supervisor, Johanna, and all the people whom I met and worked with from around the world. Beyond words, it’s such an incredibly amazing experience but the best part is experiencing the Swedish work culture.


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  • Aphrodite, Greece • 26 Nov 2016 at 1.16 pm Reply

    Hello Angelina,
    i really want to have an internship in IKEA, in product design department, it’s a dream of mine!
    Do you have any tips & ideas so to be prefered, cause i’ve read about only 3 interns for Design? Any programs must learn.. or something else..
    Another question i have, is if intership is paid and i’ve they have any other facilities for the interns?
    Also your intern was for 2 months, i’ve read about 5-6 months intern too.. Do you know if there are any start dates for the interships? e.g. here in Greece all the companies start interships in September & March..
    Thanks in advance!

    • Angelina
      Angelina • 1 Dec 2016 at 2.44 pm Reply


      The number of interns varies. This time we have about 6 design interns from the design schools in Sweden. Earlier, we had a design intern from India as IKEA had a recent collaboration (SVÄRTAN collection) with the National Institute of Fashion Technology in New Delhi. All the internship openings can be found on IKEA job site and you can apply there directly. Of course, you need to have a strong background in product design/development and my guess is that knowledge/experiences in Swedish or Scandinavian design can be a bonus as IKEA has a strong Scandinavian heritage which is also reflected in the designs.

      There isn’t a specific period for applications as there may be openings pop out every now and then. However, do keep a lookout for the spring intake (internship commence after summer) and the winter intake (internship commence during spring).

      The period of internship varies, depending on the school program and/or internship offer. My master’s program requires only 2 months of internship while internships last 6 months. So, it can vary quite a lot depending on the course of your studies.

      Hope this helps!


  • Thrivikram gajula • 15 Nov 2016 at 12.17 pm Reply

    May i know that how can we get an summer internship in IKEA

    • Angelina
      Angelina • 1 Dec 2016 at 2.46 pm Reply


      All the internship openings can be found on IKEA job site and you can apply there directly. If you would like a summer internship, try to keep a lookout in the early spring. The intake process can take sometime. All the best!


  • Riyath Mamdoh Alkawlany • 12 Aug 2015 at 8.07 am Reply

    I looking for work in your cuontry

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