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A trip to the ice hockey.

Ice hockey is one of the most popular spectator sports in Sweden attracting nearly 2 million fans a year and last weekend I became one of them! Hockey season in the SHL (the top league in Sweden) starts in late September and runs until April time with playoffs and the finals rounding things up for […]

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Universities & rankings – Part 2

Hej hej alla! I hope all of you are having a great week. As the application period is running, many of you must be busy with researching your degrees and finding the appropriate universities to apply to. I also hope that my previous post about ranking and universities assisted you in various ways. Thus, as […]

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Swedish delicacies part 3: surströmming

One of the most famous Swedish delicacies is of course surströmming. Surströmming is fermented Baltic Sea herring and is especially eaten in the Northern part of Sweden. I’ve always been curious to try new, weird foods and surströmming had been on my bucket list for a couple of years. Youtube is full of videos of […]

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Seeing snow for the first time!

So when I woke up today and look through the window I had an amazing view! SNOW EVERYWHERE! For you that don’t know, I’m from the Amazon Region in Brazil and snow does not exist in the rainforest (hehe). So this is not only the first snow in Uppsala this year, but it is also […]

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Making friends outside of school is really rewarding

University can be a great source of energy and having interesting and fun things to do all day with school friends is probably the best thing about studying.  The first year in Sweden, I didn’t really put in any effort to make friends outside of school. That changed in summer. A lot of my friends went out […]

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”Oh, you study Journalism in Sweden? How come!?”

Of course as an Asian looking student, one of the most frequent questions that I got from others was “What do you study here?” during these 3 months except ” Where are you from?” etc… When I replied:” Jag studerar journalistik! (I’m studying journalism in Swedish)” Normally, I would get two reactions. One is “oh […]

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