Göteborg rains so much… someone stole my rain coat.


I have written in the past about how to stay warm, and I’ve also discussed underwear choices. My job wouldn’t be complete unless I shine some light on “staying dry“.

I went to a pub one Friday evening for “Afterwork(beer and buffet style delicious healthy food for 140SEK!!!). But when I was about to leave, I realized someone has taken my storm-proof jacket. I guess really know how to stay dry in wet weather… someone even stole my raincoat to prove my point.


Rainy days are terrific opportunity for advertising. Companies would kindly put a seat cover on your bike. How thoughtful!

In short, I think umbrellas are not as useful and are nuisance to haul around. The weather is so unpredictable along the coast. You will stay dry by investing in a naiiiice GoreTex shell (thin enough to keep the rain out, and not too hot either)….

Old school fisherman’s rubber raincoat is making a come back in the fashion industry. I think they are extremely practical. My friend recently became owner of one, and she is very content about it (in fact, she wished Göteborg would rain even more often)!


I enjoy wandering inside outdoor adventure stores… and wasting all my money there. Since I was planning for a camping trip, I found a few stores. Expensive as usual, but they sell everything from tents to fisherman’s hats.

Unfortunately, I don’t think the Fisherman’s hat is making a comeback anytime soon though…





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  • Mitchell • 6 Oct 2016 at 10.48 am Reply

    I want to send you an award for most helpful inteenrt writer.

  • Jessica • 28 Sep 2016 at 1.41 pm Reply

    Named of the stores maybe? Please 🙂

    • Gimmy • 30 Sep 2016 at 9.07 am Reply


  • Angelina
    Angelina • 15 Nov 2015 at 1.38 pm Reply

    Sorry to hear about your stolen jacket! I totally agree on the impracticality of umbrella. I’ve been looking around at these fisherman’s raincoat, most are quite ex. Did you chance upon some brands that are more reasonably priced?

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