Seeing snow for the first time!

So when I woke up today and look through the window I had an amazing view! SNOW EVERYWHERE! For you that don’t know, I’m from the Amazon Region in Brazil and snow does not exist in the rainforest (hehe). So this is not only the first snow in Uppsala this year, but it is also the first time I see snow in my life! And since this might be a experience that you might go through (depending what country you’re from) I wanted to share with you.


My first thoughts about it were how pretty and white it is! Then, after the first steps I realized how slippery it is and forced myself to remember to be really careful when walking AND cykling. I also got the chance to experience the slush version of the snow. Since it is the first snow of the winter, it’s not a very thick snow and we also were lucky enough to have some sun today, so that means that the snow was melting very fast, mixing with the dirt in the ground and becoming a brownish slush. Not that cool, but the rest is so pretty that I didn’t even bother about it!





This is also going to be my first Christmas with snow and I’ll certainly go out in a snow day to play and will show everything for you guys! For now, I will just get ready for the cold that is about to come and try to have fun at the same time.

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  • Valdecy • 17 Dec 2015 at 12.55 am Reply

    Hi, very nice post!!!
    Hey, I intend to study there next year
    So, I´d like to know about accomodation: Is it expensive for student? is there accomodation at University?
    Good studies!

    • Marina
      Marina • 25 Jan 2016 at 5.24 pm Reply

      Thanks Valdecy! And when it comes too accomodation, the price will be different from place to place. But here, generally, international students live in a corridor, that is not that expensive.

  • Gustavo • 13 Dec 2015 at 3.46 am Reply

    Hey please, Could you tell me if brazillian grades was important when you applied for a master in Uppsala University ?

    • Marina
      Marina • 25 Jan 2016 at 5.22 pm Reply

      Hey Gustavo, yes the grades from my bachelor were important. But if you’re asking about school grades, no. They didn’t even asked for thigh school grades.

  • chukwuemeka • 2 Dec 2015 at 4.02 pm Reply

    Your comment …wow is really a sweet weather to spend holiday

    • Marina
      Marina • 12 Dec 2015 at 3.29 pm Reply

      It is, I’m super excited!

  • Kobinath • 2 Dec 2015 at 12.24 am Reply

    Super very cute place

    • Marina
      Marina • 12 Dec 2015 at 3.29 pm Reply

      yes it is! *-*

  • Adalgisa Duque-Svensson • 1 Dec 2015 at 8.40 pm Reply

    Hey! Going to be my first Christmas with snow in sweden too.. 🙂
    Jag ãr fran Brasil..
    Jag bor i Edsbyn och Jag ãr gift med Swedish man ….
    Luck for us 🙂

    • Marina
      Marina • 12 Dec 2015 at 3.30 pm Reply

      We are excited together then! Jag är fran Brasil ocksa 😀

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