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Best of Sweden 2015

Since a new year will begin tomorrow I wanted to make a small recap of 2015 and the things I found most important and memorable. I had a good year and hope 2016 will be at least as good as this year. I also wanted to wish happy new year for all of you! 🙂 […]

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So Swedish…

I have been out of Sweden for a while now, just to remind my family and friends back home of my existence and of course for all the good food that comes with the celebrations! Taking a step back makes you rethink all the stuff that already became normal when rushing through every day of a […]

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Farewell to 2015: Music of Sweden

“Music, like an ocean, often carries me away! Through the ether far, Or under a canopy of mist, I set sail For my pale star.” Charles Baudelaire, the great French poet and a controversial thinker, portrayed music as an unprecedented way of escaping and sailing away. After 148 years of his death, music, which takes […]

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Studying Swedish and finishing SFI (Swedish For Immigrants)

I have been studying Swedish since late October 2014. Throughout the year, I have posted about starting to learn Swedish, and my impressions after I decided to finish the evening SFI courses, as well as the summer school I attended. I was always very intent on learning Swedish with the ultimate goal being fluency. In […]

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Swedish Winter Wonderland

I feel like the only thing I post about is snow. But I can’t help it, it is still something so new and different for me, that I still check everyday the weather forecast to see if there’s a little bit of chance to snow. So here I am again, with a selection of photos […]

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Writing Thesis: Return Home or Stay in Sweden

When it comes to writing thesis, many students have the option of writing from home or anywhere, thanks to online resources and virtual meetings. This means students do not need to be in the university or in Sweden. Although I’m writing my thesis in Sweden, I’m not anywhere near the campus and I have difficulties accessing the library books at my […]

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