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Konstfack is Sweden’s largest university college of arts, crafts and designs with around 1000 students enrolled each year. Although the majority of these students are from Sweden, Konstfack does also receive about 70 international students who participate in programmes conducted in English.23588420825_7de7739908_zA few times a year the university holds markets enabling students to showcase their design works and offer them up for sale. A couple of weeks ago I attended the ‘julmarknad’ and in true Swedish fashion queued with hundreds of other people in an attempt to pick up some unique Christmas gifts…here are a few photos I took throughout the afternoon.23292814070_0f0003b544_zA range of posters, jewellery and aesthetically pleasing things lined the student’s tables.23296073310_299fc238ca_zI couldn’t believe how high the standards of quality and originality were from the students. Everyone was just so passionate about their designs it was clear hours and hours had been put into developing the final product.23479982612_491e19b4cc_zSeeing such cool artwork all around the university was really inspiring. I’d highly recommend anyone considering studying design to check out the Konstfack website and the available Bachelors and Masters programmes.23483155912_e00de19d5f_zPossibly my favourite poster from the market – a super simple bicycle.23480638332_51b0f0fa93_zThe next exhibition market is towards the end of the academic year where students showcase their final project designs and newly developed techniques.

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