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The thesis thinking

So recently I had completed with my normal courses for the Information systems degree. It has been a very educative experience I must say and as a result, opened a lot of avenues for me to think on the next and probably my last big assignment – the Master thesis. Having studied a 2-year program, […]

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5 Movies to Watch Before Coming to Sweden

When the winter is long and relatively dark, the things, you can do in outdoor, are somehow limited. However my friends and I created a great routine to keep us cheerful and in good mood: watching movies together. In the beginning, we were just watching ordinary or “blah” movies, later we have decided to choose […]

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Kappahl Sustainable Design Contest

Textile and fashion students out there… Kappahl is running a Sustainability Design Contest which runs from 25 January to 27 March 2016. This contest is open to textile and fashion students in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Poland. The winner gets the opportunity to realize his or her idea with Kappahl’s design team and a trip to […]

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Weighing in on the Swedish personal space bubble

Hej there! It’s been interesting to read your comments to my previous blog post (“This is how you use public transport in Sweden”). I was intrigued by the wide range of comments going from excitement to confusion. Keep them coming. I would like to push the topic further, and I hope you will join me on […]

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Snow-sliding in Stockholm

First of all, we all know that Sweden and Stockholm turns into winterland, or snowland, or white city, during winter. This year we have quite a cold winter. Two weeks ago we have two days of -18 degree celcius. Most people, even the Swede, will no be so happy in this kind of cold. But […]

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Swedish Delicacies Part 4: Semlor

The season of semlor has started again! They’re sold everywhere in Sweden during January and early February and are served especially on Shrove Tuesday. If you prefer making your own semlor here’s how to do it. You need:  1 tsp cardamom 3 dl milk 50 yeast 1 1/2 dl sugar 1/2 tsp salt 150 g butter […]

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