What about my course? Doing a Master in Social Sciences in Sweden.

So today I realized that I’ve never told you about my academic life, how I managed to get here in Sweden, how the Master works and it is going so far. So I want to dedicate this post to my beloved Master programme, so you can understand a little bit more.

Let’s start from the beginning. I did my bachelor in Brazil in Social Communication focusing in Advertising, in a private University (fun fact: in Brazil the public universities are better than the private, with more qualified professors for example). So starting from there, I already thought that my chances to get a spot on a Master were low. When I decided that I wanted to do a Master, I started searching by my favorite topic to study: the internet. That is when I found the Master here in Uppsala University and it was exactly how I wanted; full of new theories and a little bit of practice. This was in 2013; I still had two years of study before I could apply. Therefore, I decided to focus my Bachelor Thesis in the Master programme and did it all about internet and its impacts on society (very smart move I must say).

Done that, I decided to apply. Sent all the required documents, rushed to get everything right and stressed out a lot about this (what do you think about a post giving you tips on how to deal with the stress of the application? Let me know in the comments!). The results came and after a little while of more documents and visa things, I found myself in Sweden doing a master in Social Sciences, focused in Digital Media and Society.

About the Master? In this case, I could choose between a one-year or two-years Master. For reasons like “I want to travel more”, “I want to have the full experience” and  of course “I want to have more time to write my Master Thesis”, I decided to do the two-years Master. That being said, we just finished the first semester, where we had two classes for each trimester, this means that now I finished four core courses from the programme. Must say that the classes were amazing, inspiring and besides “Quantitative Methods” (because I hate math), I enjoyed all of them, learned many different things and could do it all over again. Now we are going to the second semester, with two core courses and two elective courses that we chose, which is pretty exciting so we can decide to learn something cool like a new language or a different course.

This Master is definetly better than I expected, I have cool classes and chalenging papers and seminars without being something impossible, but that for sure test my knowledge and habilities. Also I am very excited to start the new classes and the classes that I chose. When I’m finished with this semester I will let you know how everything went, sounds good?

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  • Simone Johnsson • 28 Jan 2016 at 6.25 am Reply

    Hello Marina,
    My name is Simone, live in Curitiba. I am Gabriela’s mother. My daug is 14 yo, she studies in a Swiss School over here and able to get the IB bacharelat when finish the high school till then 5 years more she has ahead. But, as you know when we see the time is knocking the door!!! lol!!!!
    By now, we just want to get informed to see what will have um next near future for her studies! I will search yours fb!!! Congrats and lucky!!!

  • Tamires • 20 Jan 2016 at 8.49 pm Reply

    Dear Marina, hi!

    I’m Tamires from Brazil as well, but I’m writing in English so that everyone can read this.
    Please, do write a post about the application process! Also, I’m dying to talk to you because I’m applying to master’s in Sweden right now and I’m in the Communication field as well – just got a degree in PR 😉 I can’t see any contact info for you right here, so would you please please write to my e-mail? (You can see it, right?) The axiety is killing me hahahaha

    Thanks a lot! I love your blog, it’s highly inspirational to me.


    • Marina
      Marina • 25 Jan 2016 at 5.31 pm Reply

      Hellooo Tamires! I will answer to you in english too then hehe Yes, I can see your email and will talk to you, so no wooorries! And yes, a post about the application proccess and a few tips will be awesome. Thank you so much for the support! <3

  • Samantha • 20 Jan 2016 at 1.48 pm Reply

    Hi Marina, é tão bom ver que uma brasileira está no blog para representar e ajudar outros alunos! Gostaria de ter um maior contato contigo para possíveis dúvidas, se você tiver tempo e disponibilidade (: Estou me planejando para estudar em Lund em agosto, e já sinto o estresse do application. By the way, to adorando ler suas postagens e o blog tá muito bom!
    Abraços 😉

    • Marina
      Marina • 25 Jan 2016 at 5.29 pm Reply

      Ooooi Samantha! Muito legal estar por aqui mesmo e ajudar todo mundo hehe Cara, pode me procurar nas redes sociais, facebook tô sempre respondendo e tal. Sou bem fácil de encontrar hehehe Mas qualquer coisa me manda um email! E obrigaaada, muito bom saber que você gosta de ler!

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