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So recently I had completed with my normal courses for the Information systems degree. It has been a very educative experience I must say and as a result, opened a lot of avenues for me to think on the next and probably my last big assignment – the Master thesis.

Having studied a 2-year program, our thesis is more intensive in the form of 30 credits. Thus a whole semester is dedicated to it. It gives me a hint that a lot of work needs to be completed within a pretty limited time. Above that, there is always the added pressure of successfully passing it through the final examination. But given that, I have studied a wide range of courses during this degree, what could be a fitting topic to pursue a research on?

It is difficult to say actually. Information System, if you have followed my earlier posts, is a very wide field containing loads of specialized topic. Starting from descriptive courses like philosophy of science and technology, ethics it realm stretches to technical fields like human-computer interaction and big data analysis. Therefore, it can often be tricky to come up with a field that you specially like and would even like to know more about. If you also look at recent trends, there are lot of various channels that provide opportunities to research like internet and mobile. Given that businesses have gradually started to diversify their distribution base through these channels, a lot of interest is being generated around them to deserve attention.

As for me, I was thinking of a topic in the lines of innovation. But finding a precise question seems to be the hard part. As a result, I have started to read on the existing literatures out there so that I may find a gap that may deserve focus. Even though intensive reading has not been the most favorite thing but I am actually starting to enjoy it. The reason is that it gives you a lot of exposure about various authors and their topics. You know what has been done and what hasn’t been. In the similar lines, you can then brainstorm a topic that can be adjusted within the thesis time limit and of course, produce a quality work that you can be proud of in years to come. Have been trying to motivate myself that way! Hopefully, I shall soon find what I would love to pursue and find more about.


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  • Shalini Vaidhyam • 12 Apr 2016 at 11.02 am Reply

    Hi Redwan,
    I am a Information systems distance student in Linnaeus University. I wish to know, how did to manage to get your thesis project. Secondly, my IT skills are very nominal like in terms of coding etc. How is the market for people like me.

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 12 Apr 2016 at 11.56 am Reply

      Hello Shalini,

      The project depends completely on your interest and what you would want to research more on. So read more literature and read up on some topics of our courses. That can be a good starting point. Secondly, my IT skills are nominal too, so you aint alone! There are loads of opportunities and all you have to do is find the right one for you. Put in some effort, network and search. You will find many jobs around in Sweden.

      Good luck!

  • shaidul • 29 Feb 2016 at 11.04 am Reply

    Hi bro,
    I would like to know if I go to Sweden through the Erasmus programme, can i stay there and continue my studies? and can i apply for scholarship for both living and studying expenses?
    Looking forward to your reply.

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 12 Apr 2016 at 11.58 am Reply

      Hello Shaidul,

      Sorry for a late reply. I think I had missed your comment. It depends on the university you are going to. Scholarship options are very specific to the university you are going to and hence, you have to check their requirements and availability.

      Hope that helps!

  • cherif zaki • 15 Feb 2016 at 3.50 am Reply

    Hi my name is Cherif i am from Egypt, I am really interested to learn Swedish language and I’d like to know how can I apply to study it in Sweden, and is it possible to get a support programs for the fees of this study ?
    thanks and best regards

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 15 Feb 2016 at 2.27 pm Reply

      Hello Cherif,

      There are some universities providing Swedish language courses but its completely dependent on them. Hence I ca suggest to contact them personally and clarify your questions, as requirements and other formalities vary from institution to institution.

      Good luck!

  • monna • 2 Feb 2016 at 9.37 pm Reply

    hello brother,
    I want go to Sweden for my B.S.C. in computer engineering.I have completed my diploma in computer engineering. . .I am from how can i process in sweden visa? please brother reply me your suggestion………………….

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 2 Feb 2016 at 10.34 pm Reply

      Hello Monna,

      For visa inquiries, please check the Migration Board Sweden website. All information are provided in details. Moreover, you can also call Swedish Embassy in Dhaka for information.

      Good luck!

  • md. hridoy • 2 Feb 2016 at 7.31 am Reply

    hi… bro
    I wanna go to Sweden for my masters degree.I have completed my bachelor degree at textile engineering. could I survive there. can I run my study by earning money there.I am from it mendatory to know Swedish language for having a job (any job).pls bro reply me… I m waiting for your suggestion.

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 2 Feb 2016 at 11.14 am Reply

      Hello Hridoy,

      I suggest you apply for scholarships in Sweden for the next intake (September 2017). Remember that it is extremely difficult to work and finance your studies at the same time. And language barrier is always there in these contexts.

      Good luck!

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