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How to write your thesis and stay sane in the process

I have embarked on a Master thesis journey in mid-January and I have roughly two more months to go. The Master thesis, the nightmare dreaded by all master procrastinators (read: all post-grads), the burden on thy back, the crown jewel of your education to date. Writing your Master thesis begins (and I assume ends) with […]

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Sophiahemmet, the University of Nursing Science

Talking about universities in Stockholm, people always get into discussion about this “Big Four” university list:KTH, Karolinska, Stockholm University and Stockholm School of Economics. But I always like to see things that is missing from common point of view, and I always curious about many other universities other than the four. Do they have similar […]

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“After School” Life

Adult-talk time… Congratulations to everyone that received Master’s study acceptance! I don’t remember where I got this spreadsheet, but here it is anyways. How is the “After School” Life? (ie. once you graduated, found a job, and started a life in Sweden) §1. Career Job market in Göteborg is generally positive. Despite never ending talk about “Sweden’s negative […]

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Studying Marketing at Umeå University

The first year of my studies is almost over, one more year to go and I should be ready to start working. I wanted to share with you what it has been like to study marketing at Umeå University. Before coming here, I did my bachelor’s degree in international business at a university of applied […]

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Road trip to Sigtuna!

After Elke and Satu showing you their trip, I also have some photos to show you! This Easter holiday, I decided to go on a road trip to Sigtuna with my friend Emelie and it was the best decision I ever made. The road was awesome, we played some good music and talked about every […]

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Daytrip to Norrköping

I have a friend living in city of Jönköping, 324 km away from Stockholm. During my first month in Sweden, I plan to visit her. But knowing that the place is kind of far, and the first month studying is a little too busy to leave the city for some days, she deliberately offer to […]

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