Follow me to the Archipelago!

Meet Radhika.


Radhika and me are good friends.
Good friends make fine trips.
Hop on a boat to the archipelago with us and go explore some!


This friendly vehicle sailed us far away from the usual city buzz
and into the beautiful patchwork of islands.
It left bright and early, but the last remains of dust in our eyes was swiftly swept away
by the most impressive sights (and sea winds).


The islands around Stockholm is where all Swedes (and their dogs) flee
whenever good weather draws the long straw.


(Squinting of the eyes is a typical phenomenon
when enjoying long missed rays of sunshine.)

Hopping off at the small harbour of Sandhamn,
some colourful Easter feathers greeted us as welcome guests.


The first thing to do was of course to enjoy the first spring weather in the most effective way.
Kick off your shoes on the pier
and let the sunlight shine bright on your not-entirely-matching socks.
(This is in fact an accident
and clearly a side-effect of sudden independency)


On the islands there are usually no cars, people only travel by bike
and excessive variations of lawn mowers.
But hey, it doesn’t kill your vibe with the ladies (or any significant others).


It’s a great place for contemplating anything that comes to your mind
and letting all worries fly high.


We wandered around to discover all the different corners of the island.
From the sandy and rocky beaches …


… to the forest patches …


and into the town.
Most of the houses are summer escape havens.
They are absolutely adorable.



Of course we just had to do a picknick in the woods.
The taste of pancakes with a hint of moss and sea breeze…
Ah, there’s nothing quite like it!

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Life on the islands seems easy and quiet.
(You can tell why many ABBA songs were written here)


But maybe a bit too quiet..
We thought we would spice things up, just a little bit.

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So we hopped it out on the deck..

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Meticulously tested the fluffiness of the Easter feathers..

Easter fluff

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Fluffiness index: 11/10 (C.F.E.F., 2016) (Council for the Fluffiness of Easter Feathers)

Defied the law of universal gravitation.

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And…. took a good rest from all that silly.
The chills announcing the end of the day made us hurry back inside a local bar
where we sipped on a big bowl of soup with vegetable crisps.


If you want to make a similar trip (obviously you should), here are some tips:

The Stockholm archipelago can be reached by many boat companies offering multiple trips per day. We took a boat of the biggest company, Waxholmsbolaget, paying 150 SEK for a round trip.
You can reach the different points of departure with buses leaving from Stockholm city center and a ticket for the boat is bought on board, after departure. (With creditcard, cash or SL-card)
You can find useful insights on which island to pick, where to stay, what to do and so on on the website of Visit Stockholm.
The archipelago can be visited throughout the whole year, every season makes for a different landscape anyway.
In winter you can even go (cross-country) skiing on some of the islands, and in summer you can enjoy water sports such as some large sailing races like the Round Ornö, or Round Gotland Race.

Thank you for reading!
Leave some love down below if you liked it 🙂

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