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Kindness Mission from Strangers to a Stranger

I left home from a party without my bag, phone and wallet.  My wallet contains my ID, bank cards, work ID and money – everything gone over an instant. The night couldn’t be more perfect. Dancing away and having a really good time. I was at a private event held at a rented function center. There were […]

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Swedish Delicacies Part 6: Kroppkakor

More Swedish cuisine experiments… I ran into a dish called “kroppkaka” on Facebook and I had no idea what it was. So I looked it up. Kroppkakor seem to be more common in southern Sweden, so maybe that’s why I had never heard of it. They are basically like dumplings, a dough made with potatoes, […]

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family by melker_dahlstrand

Bringing Spouse While Studying: 4 Things They Can Do to Spend Time

One of the big consideration to think for a married student before studying abroad is, whether we should bring our spouse. If we do, will there be activities he/she can do during our study? Will it be boring for her? Will she able to make friends? Will language be a problem? Sometimes I get that […]

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If you are coming to Uppsala, you should watch this show!

Do you want to have an insight into student life in Uppsala? If your answer is “YES!”, I invite you to new Online TV show in which SVT (Swedish Public TV Channel) follows a number of students throughout daily and nightlife to learn more about the craziest city of Scandinavia. The channel has broadcasted two […]

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Do you know your Valborg terminology?

The awesome one-day student celebration called Valborg is approaching and FAST! This year will be my second Valborg and if you remember how things went last year… Yes, it will be epic. Now, Valborg is celebrated on the last day of April, or as they say in Skåne: siste april – a grammatically incorrect name […]

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by cecilia larsson lantz

3 Cool Things About Swedish Bank

So I got pick-pocketed few days ago when I was traveling in Athens. Always thought that I am a skeptical person and will not be easily snatched by pickpocket. I was wrong. Don’t really feel a thing when that happened. Seeing the good side, it is only my wallet. My phone and passport is safe. […]

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