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KTH Accommodation: Take It or Leave It?

Now that new students has been announced and some of our friend is accepted in KTH, it is now the time to think, talk, discuss and research about next big thing: the accommodation. I get lot of questions from the new students about this. Will it be easy to get a place inside the university? Which student complex is the cheapest? Can I choose the place? I think it is good to share my idea about this matter and maybe few friends can be helped.

KTH Accommodation will get you a place if you are tuition fee paying students. It works like a hotel reservation, you may write notes on special request field, but in the end they decide if you get your desired place or not.

The first step is, KTH admission office will send you email containing information about accommodation or you can directly visit KTH Accommodation Website and register yourself. You can write your desired location and preference about the accommodation but they may or may not get everything you wanted.

This might not be correct and just my opinion, but my guess is most student want an accommodation near the campus or city, therefore the competition will be tough. On the contrary, requesting a place with some distance off campus, will be easier to grant.

KTH Accommodation will later send you a contract with an accommodation that you got. Then the big question will be: Should I accept this or find a better place on my own?

I live in Björksätra, kind of far place. But I love it.

Bear in mind that every accommodation have their own plus minus. Björksätra is considerably far but I find a lot of cool things and felt grateful I got to live there. For example, fellow students in BJ Town (as we call it) have a facebook group and always help each other in there. Lending matrasses, vacuum cleaner, even giving out stuff. We go out for a football games, organize international dinner where everyone bring food from their country, really cool. We even create super awesome and most happening party in Stockholm!

coolest party ever!

coolest party ever!

We have cool forest with lakes just 400m from the complex, and last year’s September we saw the northern light in that forest. There is this big sports complex next to our area, with running tracks, outdoor gym and a hockey ring that ice-skate-able during winter. If you are a Moslem, there is this halal food groceries nearby.

I agree that the place is a bit expensive for 25m square studio. However getting a cheap place in Stockholm is kind of troublesome. At least for me. SSSB is always cheaper but the place is empty so we have to buy the whole thing and sell it again once we graduate. Like I said before, everything will have its good and bad.

Can we share the place we get by KTH Accommodation for two people to make it cheaper?

Considering the issue with limited accommodation, I think this should be allowed. However you would want to ask that to KTH Accommodation yourself. In Björksätra, I brought my wife along with me and KTH Accommodation allowed me to do so. Maybe they will do it too if it is with your friends.

Oh did I mention that getting a place in Stockholm is not easy?

studio in Björksätra

studio in Björksätra

Yes it is kind of a well-known issue. Students are lining up in SSSB for more than 100 credit days. Scams on advertisement of housing is increasing by year.

Accepting the offer or say no and try to find other place?

My honest opinion, you should take it. Give it a try and draw your conclusion after some months. I think KTH Accommodation let you move out if you give them 3 months’ notice. You can also get advantage of get used to finding the accommodation on your own. Facebook groups of some friends in the university will advertise some of the room, also in campus’ bulletin boards. You can scout the place yourself and avoid being scammed.

However, in case you still want to find the place on your own. Here is a few tips that might help. First, tell KTH that you will not take it, so they can give it to some other student that need it more. Then, if you have a friend in Stockholm, ask their help to scout the place from advertisement ( or other advertisement website).

So that’s my opinion on accommodation. My perspective might be different with some of you, obviously. I wish you all good luck with the housing.


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  • Oluchi • 27 May 2017 at 9.21 am Reply

    Hello, I am an international student that got admitted into KTH. Are you saying once I pay my first installment, KTH would have an accomodation ready for me. Am I going to pay for it? If yes, what’s the price range for acomodation monthly generally. Also, I would love if you can tell me the living expenses average rate so as to help my planning as I prepare for August.

    • Satu
      Satu • 27 May 2017 at 2.55 pm Reply

      Hi Oluchi, Thank you for reading my post. KTH Accommodation is a seperate department and they dont automatically assign a room for student, before the student apply to them. So you send them a letter and tell them you are new student and want to get an accommodation. Yes, you are going to pay for it. But once assigned, if you dont like it (the price, or location) you can decline their offer and they will give it to someone else. You then need to look for your own place. Living expenses is about SEK3000-5000 for housing, SEK1500 for food (always cook at home), and SEK550 for transportation. maybe SEK50 for phone’s credit.

      • Oluchi • 19 Jun 2017 at 4.05 pm Reply

        Thanks a lot! Is it possible to get an accommodation that is a walking distance from campus? I would be studying sustainable energy engineering. If yes, would love to hear your suggestions. This would help me in filling my request form for KTH Accommodation

        • Satu
          Satu • 19 Jun 2017 at 7.03 pm Reply

          Yes and no. KTH Accommodation have their own way to decide who get which apartment. There are 1 accommodation near to main campus called DKV (drottning kristina vagen). You can also send them a mail and request this matter, but they wont guarantee you will get what you requested. Other than DKV, there is only one SSSB (student housing company) building, but you have to wait a long time to be able to bid the place. So, it is a bit tricky. My suggestion is to accept whatever they give you, as accommodation is not easy to find. Distance always can be traveled. Like, go to the campus in the morning and stay until evening. Saving the time to go back and forth.


  • Stacy • 28 Nov 2016 at 4.11 pm Reply

    Hello Satu! Spring semester ends June 4th. Do you know if the landlords charge for the entire month of June? I am trying to plan return flight and thought if they charge all of June, might as well stay on a bit after school ends.

    • Satu
      Satu • 28 Nov 2016 at 6.11 pm Reply

      Hi Stacy! I think it depends on the building (if you are not with KTH Accommodation), but if you are with KTH Accommodation then our landlord will be them. And there are two possible term. I think all contract finished on June 4th. but if you plan to stay longer, you can make it until June 30th (pay for the full month). Hope that answers your question. Dont hesitate to ask again if you are still in doubt. /Satu

  • Alvina • 21 Jun 2016 at 11.11 am Reply

    Hello Satu, thankyou for your post about spouse living in Sweden. It really helps regarding my concern avout my husband.
    I am planning to take master degree either in Karolinska or Lund next 2017 and trying to get SI scholarship (wish me luck!)

    Do university offer accomodation to SI scholarship grantee?

    p.s I am Indonesian too, nice to know you

    thankyou very much for your answer
    Kind regards,

    • Satu
      Satu • 21 Jun 2016 at 11.07 pm Reply

      Hi Alvina,

      thank you for reading my post 🙂 good luck to you for the admission for next year. As far as I know, that depends on the university. for instance, my university guarantee accommodation for tuition fee paying student, regardless scholarship or not a scholarship student.


  • Alvina • 21 Jun 2016 at 11.05 am Reply

    Hello Satu! thankyou very much for posting about spouse and living in Sweden. This is the post that I really need, as I am coming with my husband.
    I am planning to taking Master degree in Sweden next 2017, either in Lund or Karolinska and planning to apply for SI scholarship.
    Do university also offer accommodation for SI scholarship grantee?

    p.s : I am Indonesian too, nice to know you

    thankyou very much for your answer,
    Kind regards

  • Esmaeil • 10 Jun 2016 at 8.06 am Reply

    Thanks for your information Satu. Yesyerday I recieved an offer for Björksätra. It seems a very cool place, but what is it’s difference with Skrapan? One of my friends recieved an offer for Skrapan for a similar flat.
    P.S: I’m comming with my wife but my friend is single.

    • Satu
      Satu • 10 Jun 2016 at 12.48 pm Reply

      Hi Esmaeil, thank you for reading my post. I don’t know much about Skrapan. I guess it’s very close to the city. The feature is quite similar, it is also a studio in Skrapan. I like being away from the city because it can be quite noisy too.

  • Libbis Sujessy • 27 Apr 2016 at 4.25 pm Reply

    Your article is everything! While wondering whether a student accommodation is good, I wonder whether I can get a housing off campus.
    I want to ask, how did you manage to find a housing? I tried looking at several webs and mostly written in svenska hence I cant really understand.

    • Satu
      Satu • 27 Apr 2016 at 11.39 pm Reply

      Hi Libbis! Thanks for reading the post 🙂 are you a tuition fee paying student in KTH? for few universities, like KTH, they help us to get accommodation. Usually they have a department taking care of accommodation for students. But for some other universities like Stockholm University for example, they dont really do that so we are on our own. Few place to start is SSSB website (student accommodation service) and (advertisement website). Some students facebook group also often advertise room to rent, for instance “Erasmus Student 2015/2016”.

      Bear in mind that if you got one or two advertisement that you like, make sure you dont pay upfront because that is usually a scam. What we do here in Sweden is to sign an agreement and pay when we get the keys.

      Hope that answers 🙂


  • Bolaji • 25 Apr 2016 at 11.33 pm Reply

    Thanks Satu for this. I wanna ask about moving with your wife to Sweden. Is the living cost double that of a single person. And how is it like having your wife around in school? By the way, I’m thinking of bringing my wife along to Sweden and I’m quite concerned about what she’ll be doing while I’m in school.

    • Satu
      Satu • 26 Apr 2016 at 4.00 am Reply

      Hi Bolaji! Thanks for visiting my post. So it is about 1.5 times the single living cost. Since they are staying with us, so not really an expense in housing, except you want bigger space. I and my wife is quite comfort with our 25m studio. Groceries dont take that much addition as well. So the only full price thing to spent is the transport card. Student get reduced price of SEK560, while non student pay SEK790.

      Thats actually a good topic. I will write something about things to do for wife or spouse of the students. There are quite a lot options actually. the SFI course (Swedish for Immigrants) are free, so that is one and I think the most common thing to do. If she get a resident permit and a personal number (if you are studying for at least 1 year), she get her right to do full time job. One of my friend’s wife work in a shop in a mall in Kista. She also do this small business of making Indonesian food and sells it. My wife take care of some babies while the parent go out on a date, every thursday. I even think they get the right to study in any university for free. Like taking short program, taking one or two course in one university, or even the whole one year program.

      I feel good bringing my wife here. She couldnt be happier as it is her dream to travel Europe. Haha

      Hope that answers your question, my friend 🙂


      • Bolaji • 26 Apr 2016 at 1.09 pm Reply

        Thanks very much for the insights, Satu. The programme I’m applying for is actually a 2-year programme.

  • Adama Samateh • 25 Apr 2016 at 5.47 pm Reply

    fine post but how someone in The Gambia get a house in Stockholm.

    • Satu
      Satu • 25 Apr 2016 at 6.07 pm Reply

      Hi Adama! Thanks for dropping by. So first of all, are you a tuition fee paying student in KTH or are you studying at other university? If it is other university, and if your university did not provide you with anything. You can try what other students try. Advertisement website, facebook students group, etc. Some of the examples are, SSSB , blocket .

      Bear in mind that we will never pay upfront until we get the contract or invoice. If the landlord ask you to, that is a strong sign of a scam.

      Hope that helps 🙂


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