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Halloween Vs Diwali!

Diwali: dɪˈwɑːli/ (noun)  An Indian festival with lights, held in the period October to November. It is particularly associated with Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity, and marks the beginning of the financial year in India. Diwali 2016: October 29th and 30th.  Halloween haləʊˈiːn/ (noun) The night of 31 October, the eve of All Saints’ Day, […]

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SwEquality: justice and dignity in the world of disabilty in Sweden

I suppose that, during my activity as a blogger and digital ambassador, you’ll find out that I’ve so many interests. Before coming to Sweden, I read something about the importance given to human rights and everything concerned dignity and equality. Well, these are part of my interests. I’m aware that I’ve to deepen my knowledge […]

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50 shades of Swedish Autumn

Autumn is here…can you feel the weather changing? So gone are the days we used to get away with wearing a T-shirt and hoping for a few hours of sunshine . It’s Swedish Autumn and 6 degrees is here to stay and you can’t get away with wearing sneakers and ankle socks. Boot and jacket weather […]

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5 very Swedish Halloween costume ideas

Halloween is just around the corner! Still don’t have your costume ready? Don’t worry! With this Halloween costume ideas you will rock every Swedish party (and the non-Swedish too!). Swedes may not be as big with Halloween as Americans, but they sure love having reasons to celebrate. Let’s dive into Nordic fears, ghosts and legends… […]

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Come to Study in Sweden

A year ago, I was one of the wandering earthlings looking for a way to continue my study abroad. Right now, I succeeded in landing my spaceship called ‘Life’ in Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden. Quite many friends, when they knew that I am studying in Sweden, gave a response as such: “Wow, how can you […]

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Waking up in dark mornings – tips and tricks

You are in for a ride, my friend. It’s going downwards from here. You thought this was dark? Wait till you (not) see what’s happening soon! My sense of humor might be too dark even for this part of the year, but the reality is ruthless as well – on Sunday night we’ll adjust to […]

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