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One semester in Sweden, a million stories

My first 4 months in Stockholm, Sweden. I came to Stockholm, Sweden on the 21st of August, dreams in my eyes, knots in my stomach. I left my Sunny and cozy hometown, Chennai, India and set out for an adventure, a new experience, a new country, a new continent, a new hemisphere, to build my […]

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Swedish Delicacies Part 7: Biskvi

I wanted to try something sweet again so I made biskvi! I guess they’re something very Swedish as I haven’t seen them anywhere else. The biskvies I’ve tried before were chocolate ones and awfully sweet, so I made a bit lighter version. They were rather difficult to make, I’d rate the difficulty level maybe 3/5, […]

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Did you know about the Swedish Christmas animal?

Christmas has just passed, okay, but Christmas is not only one day, rather we may say it’s about a longer period which is nestled in the cold European winter (even though in other parts of the globe, the season is the opposite). Anyway, let’s stay in Sweden and focus on the Swedish traditions. I had […]

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Things I’ve done in Sweden

The end of the year is for many a time of summaries. We look back at the last year, evalaute it and make plans for the next one. As a lists-freak I have already strated working on my New Year’s Resolutions. But before I present you a list of things I plan to do during […]

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How Food Save My Christmas

Everyone is either traveling for home or elsewhere to spend their Christmas. It is just how they roll, a nice tradition, but it does not mean that you have to do it. Look at me, the exhaustion from moving three times this year makes me want to stay at home and do nothing – well, not really. […]

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48 hrs Gothenburg on a budget

Gothenburg is the best city in Sweden. I am completely bias in saying this. But hey I love this city! The aim of this blog-post is to guide you on a tour of Gothenburg on a student budget. First, you need to: Purchase a Gothenburg City Card that for approx. SEK 335 during low season (October […]

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