Moving part 2: Moving during your stay

In my my last post I wrote about some of the stress related to moving and equipped you with some tips and advice on how to best find accommodation here in Sweden. In this post I want to tell you about my experiences of having to move recently and the good and bad things related to it.

Before I moved to Sweden in August, the only accommodation I could find was a sublease corridor room from a girl who went on her semester abroad. The good thing is that it was furnished and really close to the university, the bad thing that it was only for one semester and I would thus have to find a new place for the remaining semester of my degree. But at first this fact did not worry me too much. I thought I would have a lot of time for apartment-hunting and the university also told us that it was a lot easier to find an accommodation during the spring semester.

When I started the search again it however turned out to be everything but easy. I emailed every person that offered an affordable room and mostly did not even get any replies. The couple of viewings I had ended up in rejections, miscommunication which led to rejections, or left me feeling uncomfortable with my options. Then the christmas break came, I left to go home and still did not have a new place to stay. I was very discouraged, already saw myself at the other end of the city in a bad area and a rudimentary place.

Then I got connected by a girl I met through the flat hunt, to a medicine student who was also going abroad and did not find anyone to sublet her place to yet. She was very nice and had a really beautiful and affordable 1.5 room apartment that I could rent. The only problem was that it was quite far away from everything and it would take me a long time to get to university. Because of time pressure and blank nerves, I nevertheless decided to take the place and agreed to rent it from her.

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My new home

This move made me discover Linköping all over again! I would have probably never found this beautiful area had I not moved here. I was so worried before but in the end everything turned out just fine and I am really happy about the new start into the semester and this year.

Nature at its finest 👌🏼 /Justine #studyinsweden #swedenjustine #nature #linköpinglive

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Even though moving can be quite nerve-wrecking, try to keep calm and just effectively search as much as you can. Be willing to put up with some non-perfect conditions and then be ready for an exciting new start in your soon-to-be home.



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  • Ben • 1 Apr 2017 at 8.08 pm Reply


    Thanks for sharing your precious experiences. I just got offered a place in LiU and started looking for a room. Which area of the city you think it’s the best to live in? My guess is that i should try to find something in Ryd. Thank you in advance!

    • Justine
      Justine • 2 Apr 2017 at 3.03 pm Reply

      Thank Ben!
      Ryd is the most popular and the closest to the University and with the best access to (corridor) parties, but I would not say it is the best. Skäggetorp is probably the cheapest area to live in, Valla and the city centre are also nice areas, and I live in Berga, which looks quite far away from Uni on the map but I actually like it better than Ryd and it does not take too long to Uni either 🙂
      Good luck!

  • Sabrina • 14 Mar 2017 at 7.37 pm Reply

    I am happy to read that. I thought I have a lot of time to find an apartment too, but maybe I have to search better. Your article is very helpful, thanks!
    Good luck for your semester!

    • Justine
      Justine • 15 Mar 2017 at 9.03 am Reply

      Thank you! I’m glad I could help a bit 🙂

  • Chittatosh Pal • 9 Feb 2017 at 1.28 pm Reply

    Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  • Management Consulting Company • 8 Feb 2017 at 9.36 am Reply

    Excellent Work in article it’s a very helpful for me thanks to share this info.

    • Justine
      Justine • 8 Feb 2017 at 5.16 pm Reply

      I am glad to hear that 🙂

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