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Fun Facts About Vikings

Are you interested in history? What about Scandinavian history? If you are coming to Sweden to visit or to study, it is impossible not to see some cultural references or silly souvenirs referring to Vikings! Even though, today’s Denmark was the first land Vikings created their culture and community, all of Scandinavia has had experienced […]

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Lessons learned: How I lost my laptop and never saw it again

You might have seen our posts from the meet trip to Jönköping a couple of weeks ago on Snapchat and Instagram. The trip to Jönköping was awesome, despite me losing my computer on the first night. This is the reason why I didn’t post here for a couple of weeks. Although, we do have PC’s […]

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Exploring Sweden – Part 1.

Sweden is one of the largest countries in Europe, meaning that there are A LOT of places to explore! Exploring Sweden has become my favorite extreme sport, not only because of Sweden offers a lot of beautiful landscapes but also urban exploration, you might wonder why do I call it an “extreme sport”? According to […]

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TEDX Goteborg

TEDX Gotebörg Salon: Availability vs. Sustainability

On the 28th of March 2017,  Happy M Vegan kitchen hosted the first TEDX Gotebörg Salon event 2017. The topic was Sustainability vs. Availability. The event set out to inspire conversations around the topic of Food Sustainability. I have always been an avid fan of Ted Talks. I even have my own Ted Monday ritual in which I […]

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Studies in Sweden as an international student – what is there to know.

There’s a chance that as you read this, an email of acceptance lays in your inbox that offers congratulations on being admitted as an international student in a university in Sweden. The newest episode of podcast “Sweden And…” talks about what happens after the pink glasses of excitement fall and some serious planning and moving […]

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5 tips for writing an academic paper

How to write an academic paper and not die out of panic in the process? It’s the middle of night and the panic slowly overtakes you as you struggle to write the next sentence of your first academic paper. For a non-native speaker writing an academic paper can be a nightmare – but it’s also […]

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