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TEDX Gotebörg Salon: Availability vs. Sustainability

TEDX Goteborg

On the 28th of March 2017,  Happy M Vegan kitchen hosted the first TEDX Gotebörg Salon event 2017. The topic was Sustainability vs. Availability. The event set out to inspire conversations around the topic of Food Sustainability.

TEDX Goteborg

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I have always been an avid fan of Ted Talks. I even have my own Ted Monday ritual in which I seek to empower myself by watching various talks. It could be anything from antibiotic resistance, the creation of robotic limbs to dream interpretation and understanding death. Ted Talks have always been an avenue in which my creativity flows and my mind travels.

TEDX Goteborg

Attending the event with Ekin and Livia

This salon event was a little different than the usual Ted Talk structure. Two Ted talks were screened linking to the overarching theme of sustainability then a panel discussion was held in which the audience interacted with the panel on the video and questions on food sustainability in general.

TedX Goteborg

Discussion Panel: Åsa (moderator), Gianluca Tognon, Carina Sundqvist and Marie Butler


The first was a talk by Caleb Harper on Digital Farming. His initiative seeks to create a world of ‘digital farmers’ who will help to feed the estimated 9 Billion souls by 2050. With a decrease in farmers worldwide he seeks to digitize food using ‘food computers’ which aid the connection between plants and us as ‘digital farmers’. The lab can be housed in small spaces thus aids in saving space.


The Second talk screened was by Megan Miller on insects as the new future food. Her project Bitty Foods involves the use of crickets as an alternative nutrient source to beef and other sources such as flour and soy. This I found very interesting. In some cultures around the world and tribes in Kenya eat rain flies and other insects as a delicacy. However, faces around the room were comical with some saying they wouldn’t imagine eating ‘bugs’.

TEDX Goteborg

source: bittyfoods.com

The most interesting part of the talk was that she used crickets in dried flour form to make everything from pastries to pizza. Her talk was powerful in that it questioined the norm and presented an alternative source of protein that would help to address the current challenges of the meat industry.

The panel discussion comprised of Gianluca Tognon, Carina Sundqvist and Marie Butler. Who are a professor in Nutrition, green growth expert and founder of Happy M Kitchen respectively. The discussion included members of the audience who asked questions from how energy efficient food labs and vertical farming initiatives are?. How to get children more involved in learning about good nutrition?. To how feasible cricket flour is as a large-scale alternative to wheat flour for the population at large?.

Panel discussion

It was a great panel discussion and event to which I can say that I learnt a great deal. I also learnt that the choices I make when I go shopping for groceries affect the way in which food is grown, harvested and even wasted at home and around the world. Here are 5 great take away tips from the event.

TEDX Goteborg

I am happy to say that I will now make a conscious effort to buy more local food to support farmers as well as incorporate more fresh food in my diet. Sweden has really opened my eyes to the world of food and thinking about the impact of what I buy and eat on the environment.

Take Away

An interesting blogger Hanna who has a blog in which she does recipes and a shopping list for only SEK 300 which can feed a family of four for a week. I am definitely going to try some recipes out and those cricket flour cookies looked really good I must say!

The next TedX Salon will be on May 30th and the TedX talk will be on October 30th.

TEDX Goteborg

TedX Goteborg Salon

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