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Master in Communication Series Part 5: An important Conference

Few weeks ago there has been an important event organized by some of my Master in Communication classmates (so proud of them). Last 7th April, the third annual Communication Conference has been held in Kuggen, that is the library of Chalmers University in Lindholmen, Gothenburg. A location where colors and the sunlight perfectly matched such […]

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4 things Swedish spring consists of

Brace yourself, spring is coming! There is a few Swedish things you can’t miss in May: Credits: Aline Lessner/ VALBORG Valborg, also called Walpurgis Eve, is the event of the forthcoming spring! At the last day of April Swedes leave the safe quiet harbour of their homes to greet and celebrate Spring in the most […]

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What’s going on in my life?

Still here, in Umeå, the north of Sweden. It feels strange that almost two years has passed, time really flies. I wanted to share what’s happening at the moment and what I’m planning to do when I’m done with studies. I guess, for many these are big questions and when we’re done with studying we […]

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International Students Confessions on Swedes Behavior and Interest

Months passed, and seasons changed. Coming from different countries in the south, east, and west of Sweden, the international students at Uppsala University have to adjust to a new lifestyle, The Swedish Lifestyle. Without any signs, we have become more Swedish than before (the symptoms may vary from each individual). Yes, we eat köttbullar with lingonberry jam now. […]

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The Ultimate Recipe To Make Yourself Happy

” Chocolate provides serotonin hormone, and it makes you happy. ” I am not saying this, science experts say. Well, I do not oppose this basic fixation since I have numerous experiences approving this statement. When my mood fells down or any moment I am bored, a piece of chocolate makes me say: ” I […]

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Finding Old Tjikko: World’s Third Oldest Tree

First of all, allow me to say happy birthday to our beloved Earth. Happy birthday, Earth! I don’t really know how old he is, but I am happy that we declare April 22nd as Earth Day. Now to celebrate it, I will write about the best tree I’ve ever met. His name is Old Tjikko. […]

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