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Summer in Stockholm

My 2 Favorite Season Card in Stockholm

Summer is my favorite time of the year. I guess most people think the same. I officially have preferred season since I live in Sweden. Back then in Indonesia, weather don’t really change. During this period, people are crazy either about holiday, vacation, going back home, summer sale, or like me, enjoying the benefit of […]

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First Year of Master’s: DONE!

It is incredible how time flies. I still remember the day I arrived to Sweden like it was yesterday, but it’s been 10 months already in here, that means that I’m halfway done! First year of my master’s degree has come to an end, this translates into two things; first of all SUMMER BREAK is […]

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Finding housing in Stockholm

So I recently relocated and left Umeå behind! I’m currently living in Stockholm. My biggest concern and one of the reasons why I didn’t even look into studying opportunities here was that I thought it would be very difficult to find housing. It turned out to be both, true and false. Note: this is based […]

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Summer internships

The temperature is getting higher, the sky has the loveliest shade of blue and everybody is having fun. It goes without saying that to many student the perfect thing to do during summer is… an internship. source: GIPHY Well, maybe it is not THAT obvious. But if you care about your career and would like […]

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Days of Canoeing in Färnebofjärden

In the spirit of allemansrätten, I braced myself for a canoeing trip in Färnebofjärden, one out of twenty-nine national parks in Sweden. Unaware of what allemansrätten is? Sigh, you should have understood and remembered this term when you think about Sweden. Check the answer on Elke’s post and see how serious Swedes are regarding this law. For […]

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