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The story behind Dala horses

You’ve probably seen them on the internet in pictures related to Sweden. Or at every souvenir store when visiting Sweden. It’s the Dala horses! For some reason they have been one of the symbols of Sweden for a really long time.  I have been wondering this for a while and wanted to find out the story […]

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Ready, Get Packed, Go

Summer is halfway gone which means the autumn semester is (almost) around the corner. For those of you who are going to study here next semester, have you done your packing right? Cross check with Gimmy and Justine for tips on packing according to your need. A few days ago, I asked on Snapchat (studyinsweden) ‘what are […]

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We won the electric class of Formula Student Netherlands!

Best Electric Car in Formula Student Netherlands! After a magnificent performance from everyone in the team in all the dynamic and static events, we won first place in the electric car class in the first edition of Formula Student Netherlands, picking up 2nd place in design, acceleration, skidpad, autocross and endurance as well as 1st […]

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Lakes in Swedish forest

9 Differences of Forest in Sweden and Indonesia

This month is summer in Sweden and people go to the forest even more often. The lake is warm enough to swim and that is a good additional feature of the forest. Nature in Sweden is beautiful, but comparing it with Indonesian forest, there are quite a difference. Friends sometimes asked me about, so let’s […]

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What Sweden has taught me?

Moving to a foreign country changes many things in your life. You make new friends, find your way to new places and  experience things you never have before. But most importantly you learn a lot. So this is what Sweden has taught me. Language The most obvious one. Although I had studied Swedish before moving […]

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Am I becoming a Swede?!

Few days ago a co-worker brought candies to the office and left them on a table so everyone could take some. Several hours later I passed by the bag wanting to take one more but when I realised there was only one left I automatically walked by and made it to my desk without taking the last piece. […]

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