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Justine had told you about the ways to spend summer in Sweden, but there is one thing that she forgot to put on the list: doing a summer project. Well, it is also something that you can do in other countries but in here you can celebrate the fun midsummer tradition, go kayaking on the weekend and being productive during the weekdays with the project. The nice balance of laboratory isolation and wilderness experience. Did I say laboratory? I mean iGEM.

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If you had followed our Snapchat (@studyinsweden), then you know already how my days this summer go. Going to campus, working on my personal summer goals (which has 15% of progress so far), and enjoying the beautiful nature that Sweden offers in this season. I LOVE IT! Despite not having any experience in laboratory works nor biology/engineering knowledge, I become a part of iGEM Uppsala team this year. You might wonder what iGEM is because this international competition for students had just started in early 2000. I simply joined the team because I have an interest in synthetic biology and believe in the spirit of knowledge is meant to be shared. In this competition, the teams are encouraged to collaborate with each other where usually this type of knowledge is protected by law for to compensate the high cost of lab work done during the research.

Actually, this project had been started early in the spring since the team has to decide on the research focus before summer starts. That was a fun! I felt like I was just throwing sci-fi scenarios to the real scientists without the ability to reason out those ideas. I would like to remind you again that my background is in product design and I’m studying sustainable development here (so I have the permission to be imaginatively naive – is that even a word?). After discussions, voting, presentations, and research done, the team finally come with Crafting Crocin – which purpose is to be the first in synthesizing crocin. This video explains better about the project rather if I have to describe it:

What do you think about the project? Also, how would you like to spend your summer in Sweden?

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  • Judith • 10 Jul 2017 at 11.14 am Reply

    That looks like an interesting projet! I have a question though, as a product designer and sustainable development student, what role are you taking in the Crafting Crocin project? Are you applying your knowledge in these fields, or are you learning new skills? In any case, have fun with it, and I wish you and the team lots of success!

    • Sania
      Sania • 10 Jul 2017 at 3.30 pm Reply

      Hej Judith,
      Thank you for the wishes! In this project, I’m contributing in the subgroup called ‘Graphic Design’ with two other students which basically take care of the print and digital promotional media, wiki website design, and social media. Also, I’m doing research analysis on Crafting Crocin based on sustainable development perspective. It’s both applying my knowledge and learning new skills, I would say 🙂

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