Archives: August 2017

From me to you: A letter for the new students

Dear student, You’re arriving to Sweden today, finally the day you waited for so long has come! I hope you’re looking forward to one of the best times of your life. One year ago I was right were you’re now and let me tell you a secret (not so secret) you’re living the dream. Yes, the first days […]

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Swedish for Indonesian

Reading Andrés’ post makes me nostalgic. It takes me back to the time when I was very eager to study Swedish (I did some SFI classes) before the dark winter came and took all my spirit. Coming from a country that is ten thousand kilometers far away from this beautiful country in the north, you […]

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How to learn Swedish with todays available media.

Swedish is not the easiest language to learn, and to be honest I haven’t spent a lot of time studying the language over the past 11 months. Formula Student is coming to an end, meaning more time to do other stuff (no more sleepless nights or early morning shifts – YAY!). A new semester starts […]

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