3 effective ways to Deal with Deadlines and Exam Week

Its the second week of October, which means time to submit all your assignment, and start getting ready for exams!
Here’s how:

  1. Optimise your concentration

    There are many ways you can do this. Staying away from social media, planning and organising are some of the most efficient ways.
    Plan your week in advance. You can use apps like Evernote, or you can simply make a physical writing of your plan in your notebook. Sticky notes, markers, stickers, look really fun, but make sure you don’t end up spending more time on planning than on working!

    Staying away from social media has become such a struggle these days.  If we keep your phone away, we end up cheating by using all the same apps on your laptop.  So try to block your social media on  your phone, your laptop, your tablet etc.

    There are many softwares and applications that help you do this. Apps like Freedom can help you out with this. Elke made a post while doing her thesis last year, and you can get more apps like this from there!

  2. Schedule breaks and rewards

    When you make your plan, schedule breaks into it. This way, you’ll know when to take a break. Sometimes, when I don’t schedule breaks, I end up taking a “break” for hours together and find myself meandering. So make sure you pre-plan when to take breaks.
    During these breaks, move around or change the place you’re sitting in. This will also help in improving your concentration!

    Also, have a reward system for yourself. It could be anything!
    For example: 2 hours of studying = 1 chocolate bar or 1/2 hour of watching your favourite sitcom.
    This will motivate you to work harder.

  3. Places to study or work

    Studying in your own room can get a little mind-numbing sometimes. You might tend to take more naps, or watch a movie. So, try to work in your University or Public library. KTH has an amazing library where there are designated ‘silent’ rooms where you can study efficiently. Stockholm public library is also an amazing place to study.
    If you’re not a library kind of person, then you can try to head to a cafe and work there.

All the best! 😀
-For now, your Swe-Desi Seafarer signing off 🙂 

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