Robot and Human. Credit: Melker Dahlstrand

Master Program to make Terminators: Robotics

What is the word robotics mean to you? First things any person will think about is Terminator. A human-like robot with the cool metal skeleton, who kills people. Is that what really a robot is today? Robotics is one of the fields were a lot of innovations and research is taking place. It is a field which is rocketing high in opportunities. I would like to talk some things I know and things that got me amused to chose robotics as my master’s program.

Who am I? Why Robotics?

Small industrial Robot of 6 axis. Credit: Gabriel Sebastian

I am Gabriel Sebastian. Doing my Masters in Robotics and Automation, in University West in Trollhattan. I did my bachelor’s in Electrical And Electronics Engineering from India.

Every time I tell someone I am doing Masters in Robotics and Automation, the first question is, why did you choose robotics?  My answer is, I love it. I love robots, and technology. That’s the main reason. Other reason includes the market for a robotics engineer today. It’s a known fact that all industries and business is trying to add more robots and automation in their facilities. So, I can be a part of this.

Why University West?

University West, Trollhattan. Credit:Gabriel Sebastian

University West is in Trollhattan which is around 45 min away in the train from the second largest city of Sweden, Gothenburg. I choose University West mainly because of the course material and the combination of robotics and Automation in the course material. Robotics and automation is the perfect blend in Master’s program I can get for future when I love robotics.

What do you need to know before you jump into Robotics?

Is robotics all about programming, is it all about mechanical, or is it all about electronics and electrical. What do you think?

For me, robotics is the mix of all of it. It has programming, it got mechanical and electrical and electronics. So, if you want to study robotics, it would be advised that you are from a background (I mean your bachelor program) is related to some of the above.

Day 1: let’s go get some robots!

My first day to university, I was so excited. After long days of waiting, I started my program on Robotics and Automation. And the best part of the day, we were taken to our robotics lab for giving a demonstration on robots, and each was given a robot to work with, for one hour. It was on the best experience I had with robots.

Robot is Killer Machines!! Or are they?

Heavy Industrial Robot. Credit: Simon Paulin

I have been hearing this comment for a very long time. Mostly inspired by Hollywood movies. The movies will become good if there is a robot in it. Especially if the robot is trying to kill people and destroy buildings.

But a robot is not a killer machine. It never intentionally rises and kill someone. All the accidents that happen around or by a robot are mainly because of not following the safety rules imposed before working near a robot. The first lecture before robot practice is about the robot safety. What all we should keep in mind before we go near a robot.

A robot does not have a mind of its own. It performs the task or program given to it. So, if you cross the work area (the area where the robot works) then your safety will your own responsibility.

What do I do in my program?

Online Programming of ABB Robots. Credit: Gabriel Sebastian

My studies deal with design, construction, operations and usage of the robot and industrial automation. Some of the courses I have in my programs are Robot Modelling, Robot Simulation, Sensor technology, Industrial automation etc.

Where can I find robots?

COBOT. Credit: Gabriel Sebastian

The answer is, Literally everywhere. Robots are used widely in the world today. From Large industrial robot which will be as big as a building to Nanosized robots that are used in the medical and industrial application. One of the main markets of robotics usage is in the Automation industries. Famous Swedish automobile company Volvo have number of cutting-edge robotics technologies that are used in their production factories. Robots are used in daily life, such as grass mover robots used to cut the lawn, robot vacuum clears that cleans the house, friendly talking robot like Gibo, toy robots, drones etc. Other areas of application of robotics are in the military, food industry, agricultural, medical, and household. The manufacturing and sales of robots have been skyrocketed in the past years, which make Robotics to be one of the best fields you can invest your studies on.

Long way to go!… Future of Robotics.

VR (Virtual Reality) used to manipulate robot and environment. Credit: Anusha Kodamala

Future of robots is like a vast ocean, there are many unexplored territories where the robotics engineers are putting up their robots. Main future applications are complete autonomous driving, robotic pets, Walking and step climbing robots, exoskeletons.

Another main field of research in robotics is collaborative robotics. These are robots that can work near or in a place with humans, without causing any harm to them. The application of these robots is bounded only by our imagination. These kinds of robots understand the humans around using advanced sensors and touch senilities.

As given in the above image VR or Virtual Reality is another field which is growing with robotics. Factories, machines, robots are built in a Virtual interactive environment to make it easy to understand, learn and adapt.


What I explained is my thought about robotics, and my master’s program, Robotics and Automation.

Do you have any interesting ideas about the future of robotics, mention in the comments below.



Hej! I`m Gabriel Sebastian. I`m from India and doing my Masters in Robotics and Automation in University West in Trollhattan. I love technology and love working with new technologies. I`m an innovator and a creative thinker. On free time, I will get my camera and start travelling. Love long walks and taking pictures. I concentrate on Macro and Landscape Photography.
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