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Days of Canoeing in Färnebofjärden

In the spirit of allemansrätten, I braced myself for a canoeing trip in Färnebofjärden, one out of twenty-nine national parks in Sweden. Unaware of what allemansrätten is? Sigh, you should have understood and remembered this term when you think about Sweden. Check the answer on Elke’s post and see how serious Swedes are regarding this law. For […]

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Episode cover in a Swedish summer theme with a boat and a person jumping in the water from it

The annual craze for relaxation – Swedish summer explained

Sweden has long had a very special relationship with summer. As if saluting us for keeping up with winter’s eternal coldness and dark, once the warmer winds kick in,  more relaxed crowds suddenly appear on the streets, beer gardens pop up in the places with least shadows, flip-flops are back in fashion and the working […]

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My biggest regrets in Sweden

It’s official. I finished my Masters and I’m done with two years of study in Sweden. In these two years, I did a lot. I did so many cool things and lived incredible experiences (as you can see here). However, thinking back, I do have some regrets. Things I should have and should have not […]

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Cycling in Sweden: The Essentials.

I got a bicycle! Recently I got my hands on a bicycle (thanks Baptiste for giving me your bicycle) which I had to fix first to be able to start cycling. Nothing too complicated, just changing the tube of the rear wheel and putting everything back together and voila! Once it was done, I decided […]

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One-year degree – what, how and why

I came to Sweden to study a one-year Master’s degree. Actually, I have just (barely) managed to survive the crazy period of finishing my thesis, presenting and moving out of the dorms. Surprisingly, I am going to come back to Sweden again after the summer. Why? Well, after I describe what a one-year degree is […]

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New beginnings: Destination Stockholm!

Do you know that feeling when you are right about to start something new? When you take a leap of faith and just trust the sparkles in your eyes that come from new beginnings. When you don’t have everything under control but you know it is time to make the move. Your heart starts beating […]

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