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The Study in Sweden Digital Ambassadors are international students studying at universities all around Sweden. Follow their blogs to get a firsthand look at what it's really like to study in Sweden, from group projects and guest lectures to city life and road trips.

Views expressed are the bloggers' own. Comments are moderated and will be removed if they contain sexist, racist or otherwise offensive content or foul language.

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A Polish student studying Interaction Design Master's at Malmö University. Contact me at agnieszka.studyinsweden(at)gmail.com

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Hej hej!

I’m Agnieszka and I came to Sweden to study Interaction Design Master Programme from beautiful, cheap and not so far away country – Poland.

I am a 23-year-old girl consisting mainly of tea, travel plans, to-do lists and crazy ideas. My life is pretty full of adventures from solo backpacking in Laos to unexpectedly hitchhiking to Mont Blanc – and I hope to write about some of the Scandinavian ones for you, guys!

 If I am not sketching or working on interactive designs, then I am probably trying to figure out this whole Swedish thing, while practicing extreme temperature biking and googling how to do stuff. Follow my digital ambassador’s blog  for a glimpse of my life in the north.

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Andaç Baran

A master student coming from Turkey and studying Digital Media and Society at Uppsala University. Email your questions to abcinsweden[at]gmail.com

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Hej people!

This is Andaç Baran. Born and raised in Turkey, lived in the Capital City, Ankara and the city of continents, Istanbul. Now, I am studying in Digital Media and Society Master Programme in a lovely, cosmopolitan city, Uppsala.

After almost 2 years of work experience in Istanbul, I felt like it is perfect time to study more in academia and moved to Sweden.

What do I like? It totally depends on my mood however I don’t need so many things to feel great. A day as in lyrics of “Perfect Day” is more than enough.

Just a perfect day

Drink Sangria in the park

And then later

When it gets dark, we go home

Just a perfect day

Feed animals in the zoo

Then later

A movie, too, and then home


Lastly, do not forget that "La beaute est dans la rue" or as people say in Swedish "Skönheten ligger på gatan"



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Mexican student doing a MSc in Automotive Engineering at Chalmers. I live in Gothenburg, Sweden. Email your questions, comments or requests to andres.studyinsweden@gmail.com

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My name is Andres, a 24 year old from Mexico City (kinda far from here I guess) based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Studying my Master Degree in Automotive Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology. Team member for Chalmers Formula Student 2017 (CFS17).

Assembling IKEA furniture might be one of my favourite things to do, I always end up with spare parts, who has time to read the instructions anyway? Passionate about technology, race cars, and travelling; photographer in process. Figuring the world one equation at a time.

I'll be here sharing my experience as an international student in Sweden in here and through Instagram, so make sure to follow me and my fellow bloggers, I'm sure that you will find interesting stories.



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A Kenyan student studying a Masters degree in Global Studies at the University of Gothenburg. If you have any questions about studying in Sweden or general feedback email me on anita.studyinsweden@gmail.com

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Hej! Habari. Bounjour. Sawubona. 

My name is Anita and I come from sunny Nairobi in Kenya. The 254 as we call it. I am currently studying a Masters degree in Global Studies at the University of Gothenburg in the South of Sweden.

I am also a Swedish Institute Study Scholarship holder for 2016. I am proud to be an ambassador for Sweden and Kenya.

I have a passion for all things social and digital media and with a background in environmental science and gender studies, my long term goal is to use social media for social good by empowering non profit grassroots brands.

My blogs will range from survival tips, recipes, DIYs and lots of travel and experiences throughout my time here in Sweden.

Here's to hoping you'll join me on this journey as I discover Sweden.



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A Latvian student studying Digital Media at Hyper Island. Contact me on edite.studyinsweden[at]gmail.com

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Hallå där! I'm a Stockholm-based wannabe satirist in journey to tell stories of Swedishness and being a human in  the digital world. 

In other words, I'm originally from Latvia and am studying to become a Digital Media Creative at Hyper Island, in Stockholm. My passions include analogue photography, live music, curent affairs and podcasts. I'm a scandi-freak, control-freak and tea-freak. But freaky is good, right? 

As the digital ambassador for Study In Sweden, I believe it's my duty to let you peek into the life of an international student without a layer of polish and masks. Most of my time as a digital ambassador is spent by producing and hosting a podcast called "Sweden And..." where I look at different aspects of life in Sweden from my perspective, with a help from an experti in the "field" and a pinch of humor (hopefully a good one).  Have a listen to Sweden And... on Soundcloud, iTunes or other podcast streaming services!

All the best,

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A Belgian student at Stockholm University, studying a Msc in Social-Ecological Resilience for Sustainable Development. Contact me at elke.studyinsweden(at)gmail.com

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Kanelelke [kah-nal al-kahnoun. (the; f)

  1. Student (procrastinator); attemptimg to obtain the Msc in 'Social-Ecological Resilience for Sustainable Development' at the Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University. 
  2. Fikafreak (cook, eater); mainly chocolate devourer.
  3. Sustainability geek; tiny house society member, researcher on sustainable food systems.
  4. Adventurer; bicycle rides, running (especially muddy obstacle races), escape games.
  5. Chaos champion; will provide you with all the life hacks you need to survive Sweden. If she has lived through it, anyone can!

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An Italian student attending a Master in Communication at the University of Gothenburg. Email me at francescobarbati (at) gmail.com if you have any doubts or if you are simply curious about Swedish life for students.

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Hej! I am Francesco and, even though I was born in Taranto, I constantly say that I come from Lecce. Both cities are located in Puglia, an extraordinary place you should visit; however, Lecce has been so significant for my life in the last years: I left one piece of my heart there, but I keep on carrying the other one always with me.

I have been living in Gothenburg now, where I started studying Communication. Travelling, writing, meeting new people, sharing ideas and discovering new perspectives on the world: these are some of my interests but probably the iceberg tip. What I always tell myself is: life is a continuous learning and I feel I want to attend its class now and forever!

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A student from Dominican Republic doing a Master in Strategic Communication at Lund University, Campus Helsingborg. If you have any questions contact me at ivanna.studyinsweden@gmail.com

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My name is Ivanna, I’m from Dominican Republic, the land of merengue, colorful houses and paradisaical beaches.

I’ve always wanted to study abroad, take a step out of the comfort zone and dare to try new things. Therefore you can imagine how grateful and happy I was the morning I received the email saying that I was awarded with he Swedish Institute Scholarship to pursue a Master Science in Strategic Communication in Lund University. 

So here I am, living the dream. 5,000 miles away from my Caribbean home, way up north, loving it.

I’m curious about stuff that involve digital media, sustainable development and the study of communication as the thread that connects and shape society. I also enjoy spending time in nature, the feeling you get when walking into a library, road trips and the smell of morning coffee. I always carry a small notebook and a pen, ready to explore the world and write about it. 

Feel welcome to come along for this journey and let’s discover Sweden together! 


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A German student doing a Master's in Applied Ethics at Linköping University. If you have any questions, contact me at justine.studyinsweden(at)gmail.com

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Hej hej!

I am originally from Germany but have lived abroad ever since I finished high school. I volunteered in the USA, did my Bachelor's degree in Psychology in the Netherlands, went to Budapest for my Erasmus semester in between, and now I am here, in Linköping in Sweden. Sweden has been my utopia since my first Astrid Lindgren book so I decided to take the step to move here and study a new field in a new country once again. All my international experiences have been extremely valuable and formative to me and I want to encourage more people to be courageous, take the chance, and study abroad.

In the blog I want to show you what my life as a German girl in a cute little Swedish city is like, what I do, what I like, what I don't like, what I miss... I will be happy to answer any questions you might have, try to take your worries, or tell you about my experiences!

Stay tuned :)


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A Finnish student studying for a master's degree in marketing at Umeå University. Contact me at leonilla.studyinsweden(at)gmail.com

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My name is Leonilla and I come from Helsinki, Finland. I study a master’s degree in marketing at Umeå University in northern Sweden. I’ve lived before in the United States, France, South Korea and China and this time I chose to come to Sweden. 

Although Sweden is very close to Finland, I’m interested to learn about the cultural differences, that are small but still exist, I’m particularly interested in Swedish food and language. 
When I’m not at the library studying I go to gym, do handstands, take pictures and draw. Stay tuned for more!  

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A Brazilian student doing a Master in Digital Media and Society at Uppsala University. Want to talk or have some questions? Send an email to atmarinaamancio(at)gmail.com

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Hej hej everyone!

My name is Marina, a 23-year-old from Brazil studying Digital Media and Society at Uppsala University.

As soon as I finished my bachelor in Advertising, I decided to study abroad and in a blink of an eye I found myself doing a Master in Sweden. My programme choice was not by coincidence: I love social media and I use as many as I can to communicate. You can basically find me everywhere.

I'm known for being the one that is always smiling, if you let me I can spend hours talking and you can tell exactly what I'm feeling just by looking at my face, let's say I can definitely express myself. I hate coffee, being late and rude people. But I love pop culture, candy and I absolutely can't live without music.

Since I really like to talk, you bet I'm going to post all about the cool things I experience here in Sweden, I hope you like it! And of course, I can't wait to read your thoughts and questions in the comments. Let's talk!

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From Indonesia to Sweden. From a product designer to studying Master in Sustainable Development at Uppsala University and Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. Reach me through e-mail at sania.studyinsweden(at)gmail.com

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Dear Friend,

I recently moved here from Indonesia to Uppsala and it is an interesting change in terms of weather, food, and culture.

Previously, I was working as an industrial designer in Bali, Indonesia. Now, I am a master student who is starting to learn Swedish, going to Stadsbiblioteket and struggling to walk in the windy weather.

Walk with me in this new chapter of being a student in Sweden.



Made Sania Saraswati

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An Indian student studying Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Infrastructure at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden. Email : supritha.studyinsweden[at]gmail.com

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 Your  typical Swe-desi girl , who loves travelling, story-telling, eating, dancing, eating, reading, eating,exploring, photography and oh, did I mention...eating? :D 

I'm from a wonderful beach town in India called Chennai, and now I have come all the way to Stockholm, Sweden to pursue my Master's degree in Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Infrastructure.  

Join me and explore Sweden, its culture, the lifestyle here, the student life and lets embark on this wonderful journey with lots of stories, experiences and much more !