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Summer Project: iGEM

Justine had told you about the ways to spend summer in Sweden, but there is one thing that she forgot to put on the list: doing a summer project. Well, it is also something that you can do in other countries but in here you can celebrate the fun midsummer tradition, go kayaking on the weekend […]

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First Year of Master’s: DONE!

It is incredible how time flies. I still remember the day I arrived to Sweden like it was yesterday, but it’s been 10 months already in here, that means that I’m halfway done! First year of my master’s degree has come to an end, this translates into two things; first of all SUMMER BREAK is […]

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One-year degree – what, how and why

I came to Sweden to study a one-year Master’s degree. Actually, I have just (barely) managed to survive the crazy period of finishing my thesis, presenting and moving out of the dorms. Surprisingly, I am going to come back to Sweden again after the summer. Why? Well, after I describe what a one-year degree is […]

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First Year Reflections on Master in Sustainable Development

Last week I finished my first-year study by submitting the online evaluation for Interdisciplinary Course which was taken in SLU. If you have not yet know about my study, it is called Master in Sustainable Development (MSD) which is a joint program between Uppsala University and Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. The last course was satisfying […]

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Graduating from Umeå school of business and economics

As you might have noticed, I finally graduated! I had two graduation ceremonies last week, one for the international master programs and one for the business school. As I wanted to make the most of my last days here in Umeå, I decided to attend both of them. So here are some pictures of the […]

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Study in Sweden – What next?

Your time in Sweden will go by faster than you think, and along with one thing ending always comes the questions of what to do next. I am writing this post a couple of days after I have handed in my master thesis, which also means that I am (unofficially) done with my master’s degree. […]

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