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Chalmers Formula Student 2017

Over the past 9 months I’ve experienced a lot of new adventures (I’ve written about a few of them in here), and I’ve faced a lot of new challenges. But no challenge is as big as Chalmers Formula Student; designing, building and testing a car in only 11 months is very ambitious and demanding. A […]

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Public Libraries of Stockholm, Göteborg and Uppsala

If you are coming to Sweden to study for your master, you should be definitely aware about places you can dig yourselves into books, papers and articles. All of universities, of course, offer you plenty of study areas, groups rooms, study halls and libraries, yet sometimes you need to change your scenery in order not […]

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A project for the United Nations

When your teacher walks in and says – for this class put aside all the theories you have learned so far. This is about to get more complex because you will be working with a real client on a challenging task – you already know it will be a good course. But, when he takes […]

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4 things I did not like in Sweden

The last weeks of my Master’s program have come. I am in the process of writing my thesis and am already making plans for the summer and for my life after this year in Sweden. So I think it is about time to look back and evaluate my life over the last ten month. If […]

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Göteborg Stadsbiblioteket a.k.a. Gothenburg’s Library

Lately, some of my blog posts have been about a studying technique, and the playlist I use for studying; but so far I haven’t mentioned where do I put this technique into practice or where do I listen to my music for studying. This is exactly why I want to write about Göteborg’s Stadsbiblioteket, better […]

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Master in Communication Series Part 5: An important Conference

Few weeks ago there has been an important event organized by some of my Master in Communication classmates (so proud of them). Last 7th April, the third annual Communication Conference has been held in Kuggen, that is the library of Chalmers University in Lindholmen, Gothenburg. A location where colors and the sunlight perfectly matched such […]

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