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Gothenburg University

Sweden Application tips

Today marks the last day to submit your choices for the 1st admission round for Bachelor and Master applications for  Autumn 2017. I decided to quick write these application tips to give you a much needed pat on the shoulder to tell you that your almost through with the first step to coming to Study […]

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3 non-academic reasons to choose Sweden

When people look for a bachelor’s, master or a PhD abroad , Sweden is not always the first option. Australia, France, Germany, England, Japan, US, Canada, Switzerland (a lot of people asked me if I was studying in Sweden or in Switzerland HAHAHA! – both are pronounced in a similar way in spanish), and many […]

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What is she studying? Introducing Applied Ethics at Linköping University

The application period is still going on, and many of you might be wondering if and what to study here in Sweden. Sweden offers a lot of interdisciplinary programs, that are a mix of several things, or simply something you have never heard of. Just scroll through the list of us ambassadors: Environmental Engineering and […]

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The most beautiful cinemagraphs of Stockholm University Campus

Okay I do have a little something to admit… I took these about two months ago. Not that you need an magnifying glass to figure that out,  Autumn has clearly packed its leaves and flown to lower places, but the editing process of these cinemagraphs has been a little bit of a struggle. If you’re […]

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