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CFS16 during endurance test in FSG 2016

THE ultimate engineering competition.

A few months ago, it never crossed my mind to be involved in a project as big as Formula Student, and if we go even further it never crossed my mind being in Sweden, and you know what, that is exactly what I like about decision making, ultimately every single decision will take you one […]

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Swedish stories: Raya from Bulgaria on birdwatching, learning Swedish and coming back to school after a career break

Swedish stories is a series of interviews with international students from Malmö University. Following up on the interview with Bianca from Italy, I managed to talk to Raya: a 27-year-old student from Bulgaria. Find out student’s opinion on studying in Sweden. A: Let’s start with the beginning of your journey to Sweden. What had been […]

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Master in Communication Series Part 3: What am I actually studying?

Months go by, and my Swedish academic adventure continues non stop. This time, I’d like you to find out more about another course I’ve been attending since January. First of all, do I really have to remind you once again what I’m actually studying? via GIPHY Seriously? Okay… just for this time, I promise myself […]

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A Late List Of My New Year Resolutions

During January, I sat down thinking: What was my life like the last year? What were I doing, what were my goals and my dreams, who were in my life? What did I want to be and what did I pray for? After the period of thinking, I have praised even the smallest things that […]

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EduCorner: Sweden’s focus on Research 

In this series, I’m going to tell you about the Education culture of Sweden. This first edition focuses on the importance of Research in Sweden. In the present day and age, there is a need to keep innovating. To innovate, we need to research. In most Master’s degree programmes, especially in the field of Engineering, […]

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MBA, MSc, MA, what is the difference?

Interested in studying a master’s degree in business? In general there are three different degrees available: MBA, MSc and MA. But are they different and what is the right one for you? The options might vary a bit between countries. Here in Sweden MSc is the most common option offered by universities, whereas in some […]

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