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Coming to Sweden: African Edition

Coming to Sweden: African Edition Part I

I’ve been tackling how to best write about this topic. How it feels to a black African international student is Sweden. I have considered everything from doing a meme collage to a video story. However,to start with I thought it would be nice to share a few reflections and experiences. I get emails asking me […]

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A weekend trip to Stockholm

Stockholm is definitely the most popular, but also one of the most beautiful and scenic cities in Sweden. As an international student here it is almost obligatory to make a trip to Sweden’s capital. Even though I have been to Stockholm a couple of times, it was mostly just for a short time. So I decided to […]

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Living in the dorms

Dorms enthusiasts talk about new friendships, sense of belonging and busy social life. Their opponents complain about messy kitchen and constant noise. One thing they all agree on – living in the dorms is an experience itself. But how is it really like to live in a Swedish University housing?  What are the pros and […]

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“Believe in your damn self” – International Women’s Day 2017

Days such as today, the International Women’s Day, should come not only once per year. Or, the meaning carried by it, at least, should be a continuous and persistent engine capable of awakening men, women and other genders, and making them question the level of equality and justice reached by modern society. Sweden is a […]

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10 Essential Apps for International Students.

Smartphones are one of the things that I cannot imagine myself without. Nowadays it is possible literally to do everything with a smartphone, from buying groceries and have them delivered to your house, to teach yourself code to program a webpage. As an international student, a cellphone is probably one of the most useful tools, […]

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Accommodation and togetherness in Sweden: what is a kollektiv?

Human beings try to fulfil their needs, whatever they can be. When it comes to living under a safe roof, we may say that this can be one of the most important cases in which one particular need is satisfied. However, what if living safely is not the only requirement? According to some statistics, Sweden […]

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