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International Students Confessions on Swedes Behavior and Interest

Months passed, and seasons changed. Coming from different countries in the south, east, and west of Sweden, the international students at Uppsala University have to adjust to a new lifestyle, The Swedish Lifestyle. Without any signs, we have become more Swedish than before (the symptoms may vary from each individual). Yes, we eat köttbullar with lingonberry jam now. […]

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SI Network for Future Global Leaders – NFGL

NFGL In this post I will tackle questions like: What exactly is NFGL? How do you qualify to be part of NFGL? What does the NFGL do? Does membership last forever? What exactly is NFGL? The Network for Future Global Leaders (NFGL), is a network seeks to create a lifelong relationship with scholarship holders to Sweden […]

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Feminism in Sweden – the question of equality and progress. Podcast.

We often hear about studies showing Sweden excelling in this and that… Everything from freedom of speech to renewable energy are subjects that Swedes take great care of and therefore gain international recognition. Sweden’s effort to embrace feminism has been praised world-wide, but how good is Sweden with giving equal rights and opportunities to everyone really?

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My playlist for studying.

Music creates different emotions, and most importantly it creates different states of mind. Last month I wrote about one of the productivity techniques that I started using, and so far it is working perfectly. Today I’m writing about something related but somehow different, today I’m writing about my playlist for studying. Can music boost your […]

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Where to live in Malmö? – Students’ opinions

Where to live in Malmö? Finding accommodation in Malmö can be hard, especially when you don’t know the city. What is the best place to live in Malmö? What areas are unsafe? Where is the center of the citylife? Which neighbourhood is the most beautiful? Typically the most recommended places include: Västra hamnen, Old Town, […]

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