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From me to you: A letter for the new students

Dear student, You’re arriving to Sweden today, finally the day you waited for so long has come! I hope you’re looking forward to one of the best times of your life. One year ago I was right were you’re now and let me tell you a secret (not so secret) you’re living the dream. Yes, the first days […]

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What Sweden has taught me?

Moving to a foreign country changes many things in your life. You make new friends, find your way to new places and  experience things you never have before. But most importantly you learn a lot. So this is what Sweden has taught me. Language The most obvious one. Although I had studied Swedish before moving […]

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The annual craze for relaxation – Swedish summer explained

Sweden has long had a very special relationship with summer. As if saluting us for keeping up with winter’s eternal coldness and dark, once the warmer winds kick in,  more relaxed crowds suddenly appear on the streets, beer gardens pop up in the places with least shadows, flip-flops are back in fashion and the working […]

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Cycling in Sweden: The Essentials.

I got a bicycle! Recently I got my hands on a bicycle (thanks Baptiste for giving me your bicycle) which I had to fix first to be able to start cycling. Nothing too complicated, just changing the tube of the rear wheel and putting everything back together and voila! Once it was done, I decided […]

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Visiting James Bond’s data centre in a nuclear bunker

Back in March, I had the honour of visiting Pionen, a data centre set in a former nuclear bunker. Yes… you heard that right! You would never imagine what’s hiding in the rocks when you’re standing outside on a random street in Södermalm… No problem if you’re a total nitwit when it comes to these things, so […]

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Coming to Sweden: African Edition Part III

Coming to Sweden: African Edition Part III

From North to South we have (Top left to right): Mahmoud Hanafy from Egypt studying Systems, Control and Mechatronics at Chalmers. Tebkew Shibabaw from Ethiopia studying Environmental Science at GU. Sussy from Cameroon studying Social Anthropology at social work and human right at the GU. Ronald Byaruhanga from Uganda studying Social work and human right at GU. Blessing Kabasa from Zimbabwe studying […]

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