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My biggest regrets in Sweden

It’s official. I finished my Masters and I’m done with two years of study in Sweden. In these two years, I did a lot. I did so many cool things and lived incredible experiences (as you can see here). However, thinking back, I do have some regrets. Things I should have and should have not […]

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Cycling in Sweden: The Essentials.

I got a bicycle! Recently I got my hands on a bicycle (thanks Baptiste for giving me your bicycle) which I had to fix first to be able to start cycling. Nothing too complicated, just changing the tube of the rear wheel and putting everything back together and voila! Once it was done, I decided […]

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Moving to study in Umeå Q&A

During the time I’ve written this blog I’ve received a number of emails and comments with questions on how is it like to study in Sweden and often more precisely, Umeå. So as many of you might have similar questions in mind when planning your future studies and life in Sweden, I decided to gather […]

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First 5 Things to Do When you Arrive to Sweden – A toolkit

It has been a lot not writing a blog post to share what essential steps you may want to follow once you arrive to Sweden to study. Since this blog aims to help you by accompanying your application process for Swedish universities as well as guiding you throughout pre-departure for your studies, I thought you […]

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My top 5 favorite cafés in Linköping

As you probably already know, fika is every Swede’s (and international student’s) favorite thing to do! As Linköping is a rather small city, activities are somewhat limited, and thus fika becomes even more essential. In this blog post I want to reveal to you the top 5 best fika places in Linköping.    Babettes Babettes is […]

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4 things I did not like in Sweden

The last weeks of my Master’s program have come. I am in the process of writing my thesis and am already making plans for the summer and for my life after this year in Sweden. So I think it is about time to look back and evaluate my life over the last ten month. If […]

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