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Pomodoro Technique. What is it, and why you should use it!

If you are like me, then you struggle A LOT to focus on one thing at a time. This is exactly why the Pomodoro Technique will be perfect for you. I don’t consider myself the best student, not even in the top of my class but I also don’t believe in comparing people, I’m more […]

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Ethics Book Suggestions

In one of my previous blog posts I tried to give you an overview of what my Master’s program is all about. Ethics is such a broad term that it might be quite difficult to grasp what we actually discuss in class. At least I remember it was for me. Before and during my studies […]

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Looking for a Home

What is it that you need to consider when you’re looking for a home, far away from home? It depends on the preferences and priorities of a person. You might think the distance to the city as the most important thing, while your best friend considers that having a supermarket around the corner is the […]

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Living in the dorms

Dorms enthusiasts talk about new friendships, sense of belonging and busy social life. Their opponents complain about messy kitchen and constant noise. One thing they all agree on – living in the dorms is an experience itself. But how is it really like to live in a Swedish University housing?  What are the pros and […]

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Meet Gorda Surjadi The Unofficial Ambassador of Indonesia in Sweden

There will be no Indonesian who live in Sweden that does not know (or at least heard of) Gorda Surjadi. Currently, he holds the title of unofficial ambassador of Indonesia in Sweden – well, at least I would think he suits the title. He left his family in Bali and friends in Yogyakarta to study […]

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5 tips to live cheap in Sweden

Here are my 5 tips to live cheap in Sweden. Being a student isn’t the cheapest profession on the planet. Especially not in Sweden. However, we still have to eat, live in accommodation, watch a movie and attend the occasional party and afterwork. That being said, I thought I would share some insider information for […]

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