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Julmust try it! A typical Swedish Christmas drink

It’s a kind of magic drink. If you drink it, you immediately start speaking Swedish (that sounds good actually, if you want to learn it!). Do not hesitate when you’ll be offered Julmust – according to the principle which says that everybody should try at least once the local products, this drink doesn’t shun it […]

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How about Swedish Language?

Last time it was my turn to take over our Snapchat  I got a couple of questions regarding Swedish language. I’ve also gotten some questions via email asking whether it’s necessary to speak Swedish if you want to work and live here. so I got inspired to tell you a bit more about how Swedish […]

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Gimmy’s LIFE in Sweden Game

Hey folks, I came to this country two years ago to study Msc. Automotive Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology with a clear defined goal of finding a job in the cars industry in Göteborg. Today I am working as a fresh graduate at Volvo Cars, building next generation station wagons. It has been an amazing and […]

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Alternatives of learning Swedish in a FUN way

I have recently embarked on a different way of learning Swedish and it is absolutely FUN! No textbooks, no national exams, just a lot of talking and interesting conversations. There are many alternatives to learning Swedish. Dena has shared very interesting insights on SVA (svenska som andraspråk) and National Exams in Swedish. After completing the SFI (Swedish For […]

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National exam in Swedish, level B2: what you need to know

Nationella prov: what, why? The journey of learning Swedish is consisted of a couple of inevitable national exams (in Swedish: nationella prov) that assess your knowledge periodically and allow you to continue your education. The first nationella prov is NP C, which you might be able to skip (like I did), and the next one […]

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Do you know your Valborg terminology?

The awesome one-day student celebration called Valborg is approaching and FAST! This year will be my second Valborg and if you remember how things went last year… Yes, it will be epic. Now, Valborg is celebrated on the last day of April, or as they say in Skåne: siste april – a grammatically incorrect name […]

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