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A Beginner’s Guide to Ice Hockey

If you are like me probably you have absolutely no idea of how to play ice hockey, so for now let’s assume that you’ve heard or at least watched a picture/video of someone playing ice hockey, if you haven’t my guess is that you are 200 years old. Ice hockey is a very complex game […]

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5 national Swedish sports you haven’t heard of

Go Sports! Swedes love healthy lifestyle and being active. However, with the temperature dropping down and more and more people hiding in the safe harbour of their own homes, I’ve spotted a few less conventional sports on the streets of Malmö. Check out this list of national Swedish sports that you haven’t ever heard of […]

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5 Ways to Avoid Winter Workout Excuses

Even for the fittest people out there, training during winters is a constant challenge, especially if you are living in a Nordic country (!). This is the time of year you may easily drop doing sports outdoor, create the excuses to sit-and-eat. I totally get it that the most people just don’t have the drive […]

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Why improvised plans are THE BEST plans.

Today I went to Slottsskogen (the big park in the middle of Gothenburg) with some friends with the idea of playing mini golf, we did not plan ahead this but we thought it would be fun to go there. As soon as we arrived we found out it was closed…what a bummer. But we didn’t […]

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Strömbäck-Kont Nature Reserve

One of the best activities in Umeå (or pretty much anywhere in Sweden) is going out to the nature! I went on another walk in the forest last weekend and this time brought my camera with me. We drove to a nature reserve called Strömbäck-Kont, you can also get there by bike but the ride […]

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Gimmy’s LIFE in Sweden Game

Hey folks, I came to this country two years ago to study Msc. Automotive Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology with a clear defined goal of finding a job in the cars industry in Göteborg. Today I am working as a fresh graduate at Volvo Cars, building next generation station wagons. It has been an amazing and […]

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