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Summer in Mollösund

Summer is no longer here, at least in Stockholm now where the temperature reaches 11° Celsius at midnight. Why do all good things come to an end, we wonder. To a certain degree this change of weather is good since it brings fresh air, and I mean new students – välkommen! Three months of holiday sounds […]

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Images of Stockholm

Sooo, after living in the capital of Sweden for two months, I’ve managed to get some cool pictures to share! Stockholm consists of several islands, connected by bridges, so the sea is literally everywhere. It’s been really beautiful now when it’s summer, but I’m sure it’ll be as pretty during the fall and winter. And […]

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How to spend your summer in Sweden

The most beautiful time of the year in Sweden has arrived! We have all finally experienced the beautiful sunny days, swimming or kayaking at the lake, and making trips to new places in the sunshine. If you are moving to Sweden this fall for your studies you might deliberate when to come to Sweden. Since […]

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Summer in Stockholm

My 2 Favorite Season Card in Stockholm

Summer is my favorite time of the year. I guess most people think the same. I officially have preferred season since I live in Sweden. Back then in Indonesia, weather don’t really change. During this period, people are crazy either about holiday, vacation, going back home, summer sale, or like me, enjoying the benefit of […]

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Finding housing in Stockholm

So I recently relocated and left Umeå behind! I’m currently living in Stockholm. My biggest concern and one of the reasons why I didn’t even look into studying opportunities here was that I thought it would be very difficult to find housing. It turned out to be both, true and false. Note: this is based […]

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A love letter to Gothenburg

A Love letter to Gothenburg

Here’s to Gothenburg Choosing a university and city to call your home for the time you study in Sweden can be a daunting task. Especially when all you have is google to search for information about your potential new home. For me, I googled warmest city in Sweden and landed on Gothenburg. Gothenburg  University had […]

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