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Travel Journal: Lapland

Do you guys get goosebumps just by remembering an amazing landscape, or simple an amazing experience? Well, this is how I feel right now. I don’t even know where to begin. This year I went on a trip to Lapland with my friends, all the way across the arctic circle, and this is definitely the […]

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Christmas and New Year in Stockholm

Not sure about you, but I always think that holiday seasons are filled with crowded streets, laughter in the air and bright lights from the stores that entice you to shop some more. At least, that is how it goes in my home country, Indonesia. This thought leads me to a plan of spending Christmas […]

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Swedish Delicacies Part 7: Biskvi

I wanted to try something sweet again so I made biskvi! I guess they’re something very Swedish as I haven’t seen them anywhere else. The biskvies I’ve tried before were chocolate ones and awfully sweet, so I made a bit lighter version. They were rather difficult to make, I’d rate the difficulty level maybe 3/5, […]

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Did you know about the Swedish Christmas animal?

Christmas has just passed, okay, but Christmas is not only one day, rather we may say it’s about a longer period which is nestled in the cold European winter (even though in other parts of the globe, the season is the opposite). Anyway, let’s stay in Sweden and focus on the Swedish traditions. I had […]

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3 non-academic reasons to choose Sweden

When people look for a bachelor’s, master or a PhD abroad , Sweden is not always the first option. Australia, France, Germany, England, Japan, US, Canada, Switzerland (a lot of people asked me if I was studying in Sweden or in Switzerland HAHAHA! – both are pronounced in a similar way in spanish), and many […]

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Swedish Novels: Who Needs A Book Suggestion?

I don’t know where exactly you are living right now, but it is holiday season for almost every country. It is either a Christmas break or a New Year week, so you have time to spend your families, significant others and friends! However, do not forget to spare some time for yourself as well, especially […]

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