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The story behind Dala horses

You’ve probably seen them on the internet in pictures related to Sweden. Or at every souvenir store when visiting Sweden. It’s the Dala horses! For some reason they have been one of the symbols of Sweden for a really long time.  I have been wondering this for a while and wanted to find out the story […]

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Am I becoming a Swede?!

Few days ago a co-worker brought candies to the office and left them on a table so everyone could take some. Several hours later I passed by the bag wanting to take one more but when I realised there was only one left I automatically walked by and made it to my desk without taking the last piece. […]

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Episode cover in a Swedish summer theme with a boat and a person jumping in the water from it

The annual craze for relaxation – Swedish summer explained

Sweden has long had a very special relationship with summer. As if saluting us for keeping up with winter’s eternal coldness and dark, once the warmer winds kick in,  more relaxed crowds suddenly appear on the streets, beer gardens pop up in the places with least shadows, flip-flops are back in fashion and the working […]

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Visiting James Bond’s data centre in a nuclear bunker

Back in March, I had the honour of visiting Pionen, a data centre set in a former nuclear bunker. Yes… you heard that right! You would never imagine what’s hiding in the rocks when you’re standing outside on a random street in Södermalm… No problem if you’re a total nitwit when it comes to these things, so […]

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Kayaking the Stockholm archipelago

I booked this trip one year ago, so you can imagine I had been excited about this for over 365 days, talking about a build up! Back then I already knew that writing a thesis would demand the better half of my body and soul, and that I would need a big fat energiser to recover from […]

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