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Feminism in Sweden – the question of equality and progress. Podcast.

We often hear about studies showing Sweden excelling in this and that… Everything from freedom of speech to renewable energy are subjects that Swedes take great care of and therefore gain international recognition. Sweden’s effort to embrace feminism has been praised world-wide, but how good is Sweden with giving equal rights and opportunities to everyone really?

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Museums in Umeå Part 2: Västerbottens Museum

As the library wasn’t open during Easter I decided to continue my museum visits. So, I took a visit to Västerbottens Museum in the Gammlia area in Umeå. It’s near by the university and just three bus stops from the city center so it’s easy to visit. The entry is always free and it’s open around […]

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Spring is Coming!

Spring is coming! Woohoo! I have been in Stockholm for almost 8 months now, and as much as I was excited about my first winter experience in Sweden, I am now eagerly looking forward to not wearing big winter jackets, and am looking forward to those long hours of sunshine, greenery and colours! That’s right, […]

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Fun Facts About Vikings

Are you interested in history? What about Scandinavian history? If you are coming to Sweden to visit or to study, it is impossible not to see some cultural references or silly souvenirs referring to Vikings! Even though, today’s Denmark was the first land Vikings created their culture and community, all of Scandinavia has had experienced […]

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