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Mission Possible: How To Save The World

The issue of energy management and efficiency is being tried to be guaranteed in Europe with more stringent legislation than any other continents. In this sense, Europe is leading the fight against environmental ills and disasters. Uppsala, the city I live in, is also a part of this trend, and the city is transforming its […]

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a family enjoying coziness during Fredagsmys

Fredagsmys – how to exercise coziness in Sweden

Some might have heard of Danish ‘hygge’ and Swedish ‘mys’, but what does it actually mean? While the concepts of the “perfect coziness” might differ, the tradition to celebrate the end of a working week truly unites Swedes. An aspect worth exploring on the newest podcast episode – Sweden And Coziness.   It might sound boring […]

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So for those of you missed the story so far, on 18th Feb 2018 (Saturday night), Mr. Trump was giving a speech in Florida. And while taking about the global refugee crisis , he suddenly said ‘Look at what happened in Sweden last night’. Take a look at what he had to say: Well, as […]

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When technology helps humans to be more… human

Nowadays the world has to face diverse issues that are inevitably changing and affecting the lives of so many people. Wars, catastrophic phenomena, and the list goes on: people must leave their own hometowns, in most of the cases their countries. In the past years, but especially in the last one, a huge and massive […]

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An international student on tolerance, respect, diversity … and Trump

Since the inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United Stated at the latest, many of us are puzzled, if not outright scared. Racism, sexism, and discrimination seem not only to be tolerated, but actually encouraged and legally implemented under this presidency. And as a German I am sitting here and thinking […]

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12 mind-blowing photos of Sweden #InstaAmazing!

Love photos? Love travelling? So do we! Are you ready to have your mind blown? Check out some of my favourite photos from our Instagram account! 1.Northern lights! Bucket list goals right here!      2. Fika time! When in Sweden, drink up your coffee and devour those cinnamon-buns!      3. Come wander into […]

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