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Coming to Sweden: African Edition Part II

From North to South we have (Top left to right): Mahmoud Hanafy from Egypt studying Systems, Control and Mechatronics at Chalmers. Tebkew Shibabaw from Ethiopia studying Environmental Science at GU. Sussy from Cameroon studying Social Anthropology at social work and human right at the GU. Ronald Byaruhanga from Uganda studying Social work and human right at GU. Blessing Kabasa from […]

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Time to prepare to move to Sweden- Part 2: Shopping for Sweden

So now that you’ve got your admits and have done all the post-admission process, it’s time to go shopping! Moving to a different country,  as exciting it is, it’s quite a scary process as well. I remember this time last year, I was so anxious about shopping and packing. What should I take? What will […]

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Five thesis writing tips for procrastinators

Whatever they say, writing a thesis is hard nut to crack. And if you’re a procrastinator, lots of things are left to finish in minimal time. So here’s a list of five things that work great for me to get things done faster, maybe they will for you too? 1. Get your social media under control […]

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What I learned during my first winter in Scandinavia

Since the moment I decided to move to Sweden there was one-thing friends, family and I were concern about: winter in Scandinavia! *Insert dramatic soundtrack*. Especially coming from the Caribbean where when the temperature drops to 14C (very rare) everybody is talking about a “polar cold”. Off course I have heard about the darkness, walking on ice […]

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Studies in Sweden as an international student – what is there to know.

There’s a chance that as you read this, an email of acceptance lays in your inbox that offers congratulations on being admitted as an international student in a university in Sweden. The newest episode of podcast “Sweden And…” talks about what happens after the pink glasses of excitement fall and some serious planning and moving […]

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