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Anonymous Mice: The Cutest Townies of Malmö

Sweden is full of surprises… More often, they are cute, smart and charming surprises. I have stumbled upon an Instagram account which is proving that I am right about Sweden. Meet with @ AnonyMouse, one of the cutiest Instagram account I have ever seen. Malmö is a city where everybody may find his/her place without […]

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Why Strategic Communication in Lund University

The first semester of my master in Strategic Communication is over! I can’t believe how fast times goes when you’re doing what you love.  So, while I celebrate with fika (well more like a glass of wine), I’ve reflected upon why choosing this master in Lund University was one of the best decisions that I made in […]

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A day in the life of an engineering student

It’s no secret that a Master’s degree in Engineering is a demanding task. Let me take you through a typical day of my life: 6:00 am: Wake up, rush and get ready for that 8:00 am class. Eat a typical student type breakfast of bread, milk and such. Make a quick lunch. 7:00 am: Catch […]

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Things you want/need to know before moving to Sweden

By now, most of you have started your application process to apply for the fall intake. Some of you are on getting ready to come to Sweden for the Spring! Yaay! Anyhow, Recently I’ve been getting (a lot of!) questions about the general cost of living, how to cope with the climate and such. Here […]

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48 hrs Gothenburg on a budget

Gothenburg is the best city in Sweden. I am completely bias in saying this. But hey I love this city! The aim of this blog-post is to guide you on a tour of Gothenburg on a student budget. First, you need to: Purchase a Gothenburg City Card that for approx. SEK 335 during low season (October […]

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Blog posts you HAVE to read before coming to Sweden.

Here you will find not only my favorite blog posts for this semester but also the ones that I find more useful for the basic information you need before coming to Sweden! 2016 is almost over and I’m feeling a little bit nostalgic already. This year was just incredible! And one of the amazing things that […]

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