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TEDX Goteborg

TEDX Gotebörg Salon: Availability vs. Sustainability

On the 28th of March 2017,  Happy M Vegan kitchen hosted the first TEDX Gotebörg Salon event 2017. The topic was Sustainability vs. Availability. The event set out to inspire conversations around the topic of Food Sustainability. I have always been an avid fan of Ted Talks. I even have my own Ted Monday ritual in which I […]

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3 non-academic reasons to choose Sweden

When people look for a bachelor’s, master or a PhD abroad , Sweden is not always the first option. Australia, France, Germany, England, Japan, US, Canada, Switzerland (a lot of people asked me if I was studying in Sweden or in Switzerland HAHAHA! – both are pronounced in a similar way in spanish), and many […]

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Beautiful Gothenburg: meet Lindohlmen Science Park, a pearl of innovation

Today, I would like to talk about an area of Gothenburg where I’m used to go most of the time during the week. I’m currently studying a two-year Master Programme in Communication at the University of Gothenburg, but I attend my classes in buildings belonging to the other important university of the city, Chalmers University […]

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Gimmy’s LIFE in Sweden Game

Hey folks, I came to this country two years ago to study Msc. Automotive Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology with a clear defined goal of finding a job in the cars industry in Göteborg. Today I am working as a fresh graduate at Volvo Cars, building next generation station wagons. It has been an amazing and […]

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Blog for Study in Sweden

5 awesome reasons to be a Study in Sweden Digital Ambassador

Now that the new study year is starting, Study in Sweden has finally begun recruiting new digital ambassadors again. Now some people will have a few things in mind when reading the recruitment post. What do I get as a digital ambassador? Is it a paid job? Any other benefits? Since I have done this […]

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