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3 non-academic reasons to choose Sweden

When people look for a bachelor’s, master or a PhD abroad , Sweden is not always the first option. Australia, France, Germany, England, Japan, US, Canada, Switzerland (a lot of people asked me if I was studying in Sweden or in Switzerland HAHAHA! – both are pronounced in a similar way in spanish), and many […]

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Beautiful Gothenburg: meet Lindohlmen Science Park, a pearl of innovation

Today, I would like to talk about an area of Gothenburg where I’m used to go most of the time during the week. I’m currently studying a two-year Master Programme in Communication at the University of Gothenburg, but I attend my classes in buildings belonging to the other important university of the city, Chalmers University […]

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Gimmy’s LIFE in Sweden Game

Hey folks, I came to this country two years ago to study Msc. Automotive Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology with a clear defined goal of finding a job in the cars industry in Göteborg. Today I am working as a fresh graduate at Volvo Cars, building next generation station wagons. It has been an amazing and […]

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5 awesome reasons to be a Study in Sweden Digital Ambassador

Now that the new study year is starting, Study in Sweden has finally begun recruiting new digital ambassadors again. Now some people will have a few things in mind when reading the recruitment post. What do I get as a digital ambassador? Is it a paid job? Any other benefits? Since I have done this […]

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What About An Academic Position In Sweden?

Sweden: A country where top talents from every countries enjoy high life satisfaction and generous benefits. From very beginning, Sweden has always been one of perfect destinations for people in business world who dream big and have enough courage. However what about research or science? Is the country also a good destination for people who […]

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