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Off to Copenhagen!

As I write this I am dozing off in my seat, with still a dark morning outside, on an Örestundståg and heading towards Copenhagen. Oh yes, that’s right – Denmark! This is the second time of me travelling to the capital city of Denmark and within a span of two weeks only. Why?! Well first […]

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You Guys :’)

3 months ago, I got the email to say I’d been chosen as a digital ambassador for the Swedish Institute. Obviously, I was gobsmacked because the competition had been tough but for some reason, they liked what I had to say. I very nearly didn’t send the application, I’d written a couple of documents as […]

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Swedish Christmas Essentials

It’s December and Christmas is dawning. Here are the essential flavours that without doubt will put you in the right Swedish holiday mood. Christmas in Sweden means the display of lots of lights, presumably in part to counter the ever-longer darkness. These flavours clearly evokes a certain sense of the overwhelming Christmas spirit. Image of […]

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UMEÅ 2014 in 35 Seconds

Så, the student ambassadors @ went away for a work-trip up north – Umeå, the European Capital of Culture 2014. The city has about 90,000 inhabitants… it’s not as small as I mentally pictured, but it is VERY cozy. We löv’d it!!! The Umeå Institute of Design greeted us and we are über impressed! […]

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The Hult Prize at SSE

The Hult Prize is the world’s largest student competition for social good. It is a kind og social entrepreneurship competition to tackle a pressing social issue, and the winning team gets 1.000.000$ to make their solution a reality. This year, the challenge was to provide early childhood education to 10 million kids living around slum […]

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How to find a room in Stockholm

Sooner or later you will hear that finding a room in Stockholm is a nightmare and everyone struggles with it. Finding a room before coming to Sweden is more challenging. Anyway, I’m here to help! I have been looking for housing the last month or so and have just found one. The best way to […]

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