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Deciding on universities to apply – Sweden

Few days back the early application round for studying in Sweden has opened. And like always, thousands of interested students will be applying to pursue their dream of getting a degree from one of the most innovation-focused nation on earth. And today, I am here to share some advices on how to optimize your search […]

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How hard-working are the Swedes?

%%  I’m chairing a Chalmers Formula Student team meeting today. Sponsors and alumni will be coming to listen to what our engineers have to say about next generation racecar development. What stresses me out more than the presentation itself is Fika! (It’s not a swear word, it’s Swedish for coffee break.) I’m in charge of […]

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Where to study? One simple rule to decide.

If you’re reading this blog, there’s a good chance you’re trying to make up your mind about studies abroad.  Which country to go to? Which University? Which Program?  It’d better be the right choice… After all, the opportunity cost is high, and you’re leaving behind the warmth of home and old friendships. I still remember […]

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12 Weeks Later…

In two days’ time, I will have been in Sweden for 3 months. They say that you’ve officially lived somewhere once the 3 month mark has passed, so there you go. I live in Sweden. I feel like I’ve been here forever, yet at the same time, it feels like no time has passed at […]

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Do not disturb, do not destroy

I love road trips. I love that spirit of wanderlust that makes you put on your sneakers, pack lunch, rent a car and leave at the crack of dawn. Well, you need not do much guessing: that is what happened. I am also quite determined to explore Sweden to the fullest extent during my stay […]

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Sweden Beckons, Will You Heed Its Call?

The Autumn 2015 admissions round is open from October 16th, 2014 to January 15th, 2015, have you submitted your application yet? 14 months ago, almost to the day, I found myself in a sad and sorry state- fresh out of school and completely disoriented. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I didn’t know what I […]

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