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Do You Wanna Build a Bro-Man?

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of relief that follows a long and grueling day of mental acrobatics. With finals looming ever closer, I felt a meltdown was imminent if I didn’t find some way to vent, pronto. Last week, Stockholm had a miniature ice age, with temperatures dipping into minus double-digits territory and snow falling in […]

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Why Swedes wear Boxer Briefs? and you should too.

When you take off your pants (in a changing room or any other occasion), it is quite a solemn act (or at least it shouldn’t be a stand up comedy). [Disclaimer: this blog is written for those with a great sense of humour. Reader discretion advised. Please take these advise seriously when you move here […]

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It’s the little things that mean the most

“So, how is Stockholm? Tell us everything. Like, seriously, EVERYTHING. Spare no details” You probably know what it feels like to travel to a country none of your friends have visited before. You come back, and you’re suddenly the center of attention. They surround you, their eyes shining with excitement and an insatiable thirst for […]

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My Internship Search Begins

Hej 2015! I hope everyone had a great festive celebration and a wonderful new year. Now it’s time for me to sink back into reality with assignments due in less than two weeks. I have also started on my  internship search which is mandatory for the two year management program. The 8-week internship can be held in Sweden or anywhere else over the […]

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Alone in Warsaw, or a tale of my Christmas trip home

– So what do you think is the basic human freedom? – Well, freedom of speech I guess… – Ahh, you’ve been living in the developed world long enough to forget that the basic human right is the right to shelter, safety and food. That was the start of a very interesting conversation at Google […]

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Applying to study in Sweden: a concise guide

Alright everyone, give your julbord a short break and hear me out: the application deadline for studying in Sweden is coming soon. The online application deadline is 15th January 2015 so let’s get down to business. I have compiled a short list for you to check during the application process and make sure to do everything […]

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