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Sweden in February: Fika, Friends and Falling on your Face

  When thinking about what to write for this blog, I try to think of what I would have personally wanted to know before I came to Sweden. In the midst of my final year at University, I hastily sent away my application at the end of 2013 with no real expectations but only a […]

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Waiting for the Sun

So this winter wasn’t really too cold. I don’t think the temperatures in Stockholm went down below -10C at all. It just hovered around 0C for most of the winter. It was gloomy and dark though. For a person who has spent most of his life above 30-35C, it came as quite a surprise that […]

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The Kista Sushi Crawl

Ah, Sushi. A taste that I (regretfully) only acquired later on in life. For years and years, I stubbornly adhered to the child-like sentiment of “but it’s raw fish! Ew!” It took my friends pinning me down a couple of years back and telling me “This is going to hurt us a lot more than it’s […]

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Ready for a Winter Hike?

Do you know that 97% of Sweden is uninhabited? Nature is well-preserved in Sweden with national parks and nature reserves cover a tenth of the country’s land area and more than 80% of Swedes live within 5km from a national park, nature reserve or a nature conservation site as of 2012. This is one of the main […]

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It seems Swedes figured out the secret to happiness…

Some time ago, I wrote down 13 reasons I love it here at SSE. If I was to come up with a 14th one, it would be one-month-long Christmas break. I haven’t had such luxury  for years… When I came back to Sweden, a fifteenth reason met me right at the doorsteps… So the story […]

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@ Linnaeus University – things that you will probably end up doing!

When you finally become a student at Linnaeus, in a city well known as the ‘greenest city in Europe’, apart from amazing sightseeing and travelling..the following includes a list of few things that you might actually fail to avoid. So here it goes – * Walk to ICA to buy grocery because Willy’s is a […]

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