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Borås – Where Fashion is Happening

It all started during the last two centuries where many wealthy peasants came to Borås for the trading of textile products, making this vibrant textile city one of Sweden’s fastest growing cities in the middle of the 20th century.  The textile legacy remains today, most notably for textile innovations. In Borås, Fashion also integrates with Street Art. Over 300 new students in The […]

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And so the adventure begins…

Welcome to Uppsala – a quaint little city with plenty of charm and hundreds of bicycles . I arrived here at the beginning of August with three huge suitcases, no knowledge of the Swedish language and no friends (boohoo). I moved into an unfurnished empty room located in the well-known location of ‘flogsta’ (I’ll talk […]

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Oops, cultural clash!

Ever thought of actually experiencing a theory that you might have learnt in lectures, amid partially dozing off? Let’s face it – we study a course, give exam and move on only to never look back! And I did the same too during my undergrad class in Ethics. Yes, shoulder surfing is bad and so […]

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Why don’t you go to ____ ? Why Sweden…

“Why don’t you go to Germany if you are studying Automotive Engineering…?” I get asked this question asked a lot back in Canada. “I like Sweden…Volvo, IKEA, and Swedish Meatballs” and I can say it with a straight face. Perhaps my motivation is more personal. I got a set of Matchbox cars on my sixth […]

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The Thriving Nerd Sub-Culture of Stockholm

Let’s not beat around the bush- I’m a nerd. I’ll debate furiously to prove that Ozymandias was right to do what he did to Dr. Manhattan or that Lelouch actually did survive at the end of Code Geass R2. Fantastical fiction is imagination fuel, and without an imagination, you’re pretty much dead in the water as […]

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My First Swim in a lake!

Anyone who knows me knows how excited I have been over the summer to finally be able to swim in a lake. Coming from a densely populated city in India, I had never had a chance to swim in a lake before. In fact, swimming in a lake is on my ‘bucket list’ of things […]

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