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Set Sail with Sweden’s Biggest Student Job Fair

There’s never  been a better time to pursue a post-graduation career in Sweden. New legislation rolled out in June 2014 makes it easier than ever to stay and work in Sweden once you’re done studying. Enter Armada- For the 33rd year running, the KTH student union works its magic- 10,000 students and 150 world-class employers in the […]

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Let’s SWAP!

Craving for more books/comics? Bored of your closet? On a budget? Look no further, let’s SWAP! At University of Borås, the Student Union has put up the Clothes & Books Swapping Day for students to swap preloved items. Wonderful opportunity to revamp your bookshelf & wardrobe sustainably and for free! So, how does it work? Leave your preloved books and/or clothes at […]

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L’Oreal and Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship!

So after couple of months, and after completion of 4 courses we have a live case in our program, which is basically a practical hands on way to integrate and apply theories on a real world problem proposed by a company. I don’t know if I can go into the details of the problem statement […]

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Göteborg// GO:SAFETY?

Så, there was an attempt to break in the Chalmers Formula Student trailer last week. Our lock got cut. Luckily we didn’t lose anything. This made me ponder about the safety of Sweden. (UPDATE, we also lost the jack stand swivel wheel on that trailer… I think we actually lost a trailer entirely a few years […]

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Going North for a Human Rights Conference

Confession: I am the restless type. I don’t like just studying. I like my time to be filled with different sorts of activities so I am always on the lookout for ways to engage into a community or attend conferences and workshops that can broaden my knowledge on certain things. So, some time ago I […]

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MSc of Finance at SSE, or why 13 is a lucky number

The first time I considered applying to a business school, SSE came up on top of my list. It was 3.5 years ago, and I was looking for a BSc program in Economics. My first impression after googling SSE? “It’s one of 20 best European business schools!” I have to admit, with Financial Times rankings, […]

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