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Coming back South to organise a Human Rights Conference

There are so many student organisations, student nations and communities in each university city in Sweden, sometimes it gets too hard to choose which one to get involved in. I had that dilemma upon my arrival, so I based my selection on the organisation that deals with the biggest amount of my interests and my […]

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It was a scene worthy of Mr. Bean. Classical music was permeating the fancy ballroom, everyone was classically (i.e. pompously) dressed, and the atmosphere bespoke opulence and sophistication. That was not the “fun” party my friend promised when she invited me. I was trying my best not to bump into someone with a drink on […]

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Just Keep Swimming…

Although it’s good to study, sometimes you need to follow other pursuits in order to prevent yourself from going insane. Last week, I volunteered to help in an event called TEDx Uppsala University.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with TED talks, you only have to type it into YouTube to understand what it’s […]

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How to dress for Winter and why Skinny jeans will save your life?!

When talking to new comers, 60% of the time they complain about the high price of goods, other 50% of the time they nag about the weather. (there is a 10% overlap). There’s a good ol’ Norwegian proverb: “there is no bad weather, just bad clothing”. I’m from Canada and the Swedish winter is a […]

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My 3rd visit to McKinsey

Most Swedish universities have a large variety of projects that students can get involved in. Whatever you are into, it’s pretty likely that you will find some interesting and exciting activities! As for me, I’m part of a project aimed to improve SASSE’s (my Student Association) revenue model, and today, we had our 3rd meeting […]

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Exams over? Bored at home? Just travel!

Studying in Sweden can be challenging. Though the structure of the academic curriculum is very dynamic, flexible and focus-oriented, there are actually a lot of work to do – group work, weekly submissions, assignments and of course, reading tons of academic publications. However, once you get used to the tune of this daily method of […]

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