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71 Days until Christmas…

We’re half way through October already, the sun sets around 6pm and I’m wearing all the winter clothes I have. It seems, almost, as though autumn never happened since the trees are already beginning to look bare. I’ve heard the snow will begin in 4 weeks and although I’m excited, I’ve been told to prepare. […]

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First Encounters

Getting off of an airplane in a foreign country that I’ve never been to before is an experience that never fails to take my breath away. It’s like you’ve been literally spirited away- one moment you’re in one place and then BAM! Your world gets rocked down to its very core. The thrilling possibility of new friends […]

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Last few days of Autumn

To be honest, we are lucky to have a prolonged autumn this time around. At least in the city of Växjö, we are still enjoying the bright and sunny afternoons in conjunction with cold breeze, making it a majestically beautiful place to enjoy nature. However some previous students, while having a friendly chat, were exclaimed […]

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Swedish School Structure – reflections after Week 6

Ok, let me run through a list of things (Sweden vs. Canada) that struck my mind: Please note, although this list is comparing two specific engineering programs, the motivation is to capture the general trends. School terms are really short Sweden: each year is divided into two semesters, and each semester has two quarters (ie. […]

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Have you met the Älg or Lynx?

Moose (Älg in Swedish) can be found all over Sweden and is actually believed to be one of the world’s most densely populated country with moose. Wild animals like wolves, bears, arctic foxes, wolverines, lynx, wild boar, otters are common in Sweden. Coming from Asia, these animals are rather exotic to me. For the introduction […]

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How I celebrated my B-day Kayaking around the Archipelago

There is a student association at my university which organizes adventure get-aways from the city, and it’s called SASSE Get Out. Last year, they organized a kayaking trip around the archipelago, but due to the trip being so popular, I didn’t get a spot. I was so disappointed because it looked like an awesome trip! […]

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