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Scandinavian Automotive Supplier Association @ Chalmers

Photo: Motor Prince of Sweden, Prince Carl Philip, photographed with Chalmers Formula Student Engineers, (L to R) Nils Jansson, Project Manager Peter Eriksson, Prince Carl Philip, Håkan Richardson, Andreas Carlberger, Siddharth Kumaraswamy, and Yuvaraj Selvaraj   Chalmers Student Union is a great exhibition place. Earlier last month, the FKG, the Scandinavian Automotive Supplier Association, fair […]

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How to meet new people in Sweden

Sweden is a bit peculiar when it comes to meeting new people… In many other countries, you just need to go out on the street and start talking with strangers… But here, that doesn’t work very often! It’s just not really part of the culture to meet people that way. In fact, it is often perceived […]

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A little trip home…

I’m back! Apologies for the small hiatus but I’ve been busy you see. Since I haven’t posted in almost 10 days (yikes), I’ll update you on what’s happened. After the horror that was my exam, I went out to celebrate with my friends. Since Halloween festivities always begin early (just like Christmas), we decided to go […]

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Hospitality? Come to Sweden!

Yes, you heard that right! It’s amazing how the first experience of anything is probably the most distinct and unforgettable, despite the fact that you keep doing it for the rest of your life perhaps. Anyways, this experience of mine goes around three months back when I first stepped in Sweden or more precisely, my […]

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Would fifty switch to English for one? The story of one dancing lesson

Imagine this: you are at the rehearsal before a dance flashmob. Trying to understand the explanations – all in Swedish, you suddenly hear the lead dancer asking: “Does everyone understand Swedish here?” Would the instructor and fifty-something dancers switch to English for one person’s sake? If you are in Sweden, the answer is: YES! I […]

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SWEDISH COMICCON! BEST. WEEKEND. EVAR :’D Following the grueling exam week before, I felt the time time was ripe for some good ol’ fashioned nerdy R&R. So I did what any sensible fantasy-lover would do- I rallied friends from all fandoms and headed right into the thick of Comic Con-GAMEX which took place at the Kista exhibition center […]

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