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9 Things to do in Fall 2017!

Hey there!! How’re you all doing? I’m back to Stockholm after my summer break! 😀  I hope you guys had a wonderful summer too! My classes have started and I’m back to blogging here as well! I had gone back home to Chennai, India this summer and had an amazing time there! And now, I’m ready […]

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5 things you get confused about after learning Swedish

1. Pronounciation This may apply when speaking English (or other foreign language) in any country. I’ve noticed that I adjust to the way Swedes pronounce when speaking English. As many Swedish words are close to English, but pronounced differently it often feels like you’re mixing the two even when you’re not. 2. Word order It […]

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7 ways to document your time in Sweden

Many things happen in a year, especially when you move to a new country, start a master, make new friends and, in short, when you step out of your comfort zone. So why not document it in a creative way! I’m sure you have already told many stories to your friends and family back home […]

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A year in Sweden in 15 photos.

It’s been a little bit over a year for me in Sweden. Tomorrow, a new beginning starts…the first day of my last year as a student in Sweden. After one year in this magnificent country I’ve been lucky enough to travel around, and experience a whole lot of new adventures. I compiled my favorite 20 […]

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Reindeer in Sarek

Must Visit in Sweden: Sarek National Park (Part 2 of 2)

part 1: About Sarek National Park, Getting there, Stay in Sarek part 2: Hiking Trails, Other notes, Links Hiking Trails in Sarek There are plenty of trails available, however I only research small part (that I visited this summer). Kungsleden trail from Saltuokta to Kvikkjokk is well marked and can be followed easily. I divide […]

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View of Rapadalen from Skierfe

Must Visit in Sweden: Sarek National Park (Part 1 of 2)

There are 29 national parks in Sweden. Though I want to go to every single one of them, I don’t think I can make it by the end of my study. I only been to 6 out of that 29. Not even close, I know. Each of those have their own specialty. Fulufjället has the […]

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