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Right in the middle of Sweden | Campus Tour 5/7

One more day on the Campus Tour! You already read about day one and two in Kiruna, about Luleå and Umeå, but today is all about Östersund, a very special city with a very curious location. Östersund is the most centrally located city in Sweden, BUT it is also located in the middle of Scandinavia, […]

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Coming to Sweden: African Edition

Coming to Sweden: African Edition Part I

I’ve been tackling how to best write about this topic. How it feels to a black African international student is Sweden. I have considered everything from doing a meme collage to a video story. However,to start with I thought it would be nice to share a few reflections and experiences. I get emails asking me […]

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A day in Umeå | Campus Tour 4/7

The Campus Tour series is still rolling, now it is time for… Umeå one of the biggest cities in the Northern part of Sweden! The sun shining over the frozen lake was the perfect start to our day in the city of bridges and once European’s Capital of Culture. We did many things from visiting the […]

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Stockholm: A Burger Paradise

Who serves Stockholm’s best burgers? I have tested four hot spots for you! Are you ready for drooling over? Generally speaking, burgers are just fantastic. Yet if you are like me and you are really in search of Stockholm’s best burgers, this is an irreplaceable guide. I am trying to have a healthy routine when […]

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Destination: Gränna and Omberg!

I grew up in a big city in India. I came to Sweden to study and I currently live in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. So as someone who spent all her life living in big cities, I recently discovered the beauty of small towns. We digital ambassadors, recently had the opportunity to go to […]

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