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TEDxUmeå 2017

You might remember how I volunteered at TEDxUmeå last year. As I really enjoyed the experience and had fun, I decided to do it again this year. It was a great opportunity for meeting new people and get to see some inspiring talks. The event took place in Väven, in the central Umeå and was sold […]

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4 things I did not like in Sweden

The last weeks of my Master’s program have come. I am in the process of writing my thesis and am already making plans for the summer and for my life after this year in Sweden. So I think it is about time to look back and evaluate my life over the last ten month. If […]

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It’s “Sprinter”☃

It’s almost mid May and it’s still snowing in a lot of places in Sweden. I live in Stockholm, we had a few bright and sunny days in the recent past, but it’s been snowing pretty heavily for the past couple of days here. So today, amidst the snowfall, I mustered all my will power […]

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Road trip along Sweden’s West Coast

The moment we were on that tiny boat around the archipelago, going from one island to another along the Sweden West Coast; I knew this trip was going to be even better than expected. But let’s go back to the beginning! Few weeks ago, me together with 3 friends decided to go on a road trip. Where? […]

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Valborg, Walpurgis, What?

The last day of April, or Valborg, is another reason why I am so content in choosing Uppsala as my place to study. Dena described the series of events for Valborg, in order to understand what usually happens during the week of Valborg (yes, it is not just a day), I suggest that you read it […]

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Göteborg Stadsbiblioteket a.k.a. Gothenburg’s Library

Lately, some of my blog posts have been about a studying technique, and the playlist I use for studying; but so far I haven’t mentioned where do I put this technique into practice or where do I listen to my music for studying. This is exactly why I want to write about Göteborg’s Stadsbiblioteket, better […]

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