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Olof Palme and why you should know him

During a lecture about Case Study Methodology at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, I learned about Olof Palme for the first time.  It was not an unfamiliar name for me at that moment, as the streets in Sweden are often named after famous people here. When my lecturer mentioned Palme, it was with passion – I […]

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My playlist for studying.

Music creates different emotions, and most importantly it creates different states of mind. Last month I wrote about one of the productivity techniques that I started using, and so far it is working perfectly. Today I’m writing about something related but somehow different, today I’m writing about my playlist for studying. Can music boost your […]

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Where to live in Malmö? – Students’ opinions

Where to live in Malmö? Finding accommodation in Malmö can be hard, especially when you don’t know the city. What is the best place to live in Malmö? What areas are unsafe? Where is the center of the citylife? Which neighbourhood is the most beautiful? Typically the most recommended places include: Västra hamnen, Old Town, […]

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Master in Communication Series Part 4: What am I actually studying?

Spring is here, as Supritha would say (by the way, check out her last post)! However, sun and flowers go along with something else, too. Another period of courses and lectures has started. To be precise, new courses. At least regarding my Master’s Programme in Communication at the University of Gothenburg. Still don’t remember what […]

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Spring is Coming!

Spring is coming! Woohoo! I have been in Stockholm for almost 8 months now, and as much as I was excited about my first winter experience in Sweden, I am now eagerly looking forward to not wearing big winter jackets, and am looking forward to those long hours of sunshine, greenery and colours! That’s right, […]

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What I learned during my first winter in Scandinavia

Since the moment I decided to move to Sweden there was one-thing friends, family and I were concern about: winter in Scandinavia! *Insert dramatic soundtrack*. Especially coming from the Caribbean where when the temperature drops to 14C (very rare) everybody is talking about a “polar cold”. Off course I have heard about the darkness, walking on ice […]

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